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12014The Characteristics of Dip-Slope Landslides Induced by The Groundwater in Free-End Experiments陳樹群; 陳冠翰; 吳俊鋐; Su-Chin Chen; Kuan-Han Chen; Chun-Hung Wu
32006Functional role of catalytic triad and oxyanion hole-forming residues on enzyme activity of Escherichia coli thioesterase I/protease I/phospholipase L-1Lee, L.C.; 蕭介夫; Lee, Y.L.; Leu, R.J.; Shaw, J.F.-
42013建立流域影像分類之規則集與其應用之可行性評估林承翰; 莊心凱; 林銘郎; Cheng-Han Lin; Hsin-Kai Chuang; Ming-Lang Lin
52013Improvement of LiDAR Data Accuracy Using 12 Parameter Affine TransformationChien-Ting Wu; Cheng-Yang Hsiao; Chun-Sung Chen
62014Influence of Rainfall on Landslide Susceptibility along the 50 to 110K Section of the Southern Cross Island Highway, TaiwanHsun-Chuan Chan; Chia-Chun Cho; Chia-Chi Chang; Yu-Jou Hung; 詹勳全; 卓佳駿|張嘉琪; 洪雨柔
72014Annual Rainfall Erosivity Index Estimation Based on Daily, Monthly and Annual Precipitation李明熹; 林煥軒; 詹于婷; Ming-Hsi Lee; Huan-Hsuan Lin; Yu-Ting Chan
82014Deformation Characteristics of Consequent Slate Slopes through a Physical Model TestChia-Ming Lo; Meng-Chia Weng; Yu-Hsuan Lin; Pei-Juan Lin; 羅佳明; 翁孟嘉; 林雨璇; 劉珮絹
92014A Study on Seepage Erosion Behavior within Two Lay-ers using Permeability Tests and FDM蘇郁婷; 林銘郎; Yu-Ting Su; Ming-Lang Lin
102014Spatiotemporal Landslide Activity Derived from Tree-rings: The Tieliku Mingsui Landslide, Northern TaiwanJeff Keck; Cheng-Yang Hsiao; Bor-Shiun Lin; Ming-Hsun Chan; William Wright
112010Site-directed mutagenesis improves the thermostability of a recombinant Picrophilus torridus trehalose synthase and efficiency for the production of trehalose from sweet potato starchChou, H.H.; 蕭介夫; Chang, S.W.; Lee, G.C.; Chen, Y.S.; Yeh, T.N.; Akoh, C.C.; Shaw, J.F.-
122014Geomorphic Evolution of The Dong-Ao Peak Landslide, North Eastern TaiwanChing-Fang Lee; Hsien-Ter Chou; Lung-Wei Wei; Wei-Kai Huang; Shu-Yeong Chi; Su-Chin Chen; Wen-Chao Huang; 李璟芳; 周憲德; 魏倫瑋; 黃韋凱; 冀樹勇; 陳樹群; 黃文昭
132014Assessment of The Location of Potential Shallow Slope Failure with Soil Depth and Vertical Soil Structure Data詹孟浚; 梁偉立; Meng-Chun Chan; Wei-Li Liang
142014The Study of Rockfall Mechanism at 68K on Provincial Highway No.2Wei-Kai Huang; Lun-Wei Wei; Ching-Fang Lee; Chung-Chi Chi; Hsi-Hung Lin; Horng-Yue Chen; Ming-Lang Lin; 黃韋凱; 魏倫瑋|李璟芳; 紀宗吉; 林錫宏; 陳宏宇; 林銘郎
152014Scanning Near-shore Intertidal Terrain Using Ground LiDARChien-Ting Wu; Ming-Cheng Chen; Cheng-Yang Hsiao
162014Combining GBIF and MaxEnt to Predict the Suitable Habitat of Alnus formosanaChing-An Chiu; Hsien-Sheng Hsu; Shin-Hwei Lin; 邱清安; 徐憲生; 林信輝
172014Study on The Mechanical Behavior of Gravel Formations Using Numerical Methods張光宗; 陳宥序; 鄭敏杰; Kuang-Tsung Chang; You-Hsu Chen; Min-Chieh Cheng
182010Curcumin Inhibits Human Lung Large Cell Carcinoma Cancer Tumour Growth in a Murine Xenograft ModelSu, C.C.; Yang, J.S.; Lu, C.C.; Chiang, J.H.; Wu, C.L.; Lin, J.J.; Lai, K.C.; Hsia, T.C.; Lu, H.F.; Fan, M.J.; Chung, J.G.-
192005Optimal lipase-catalyzed formation of hexyl laurateChang, S.W.; 蕭介夫; Shaw, J.F.; Yang, K.H.; Shih, I.L.; Hsieh, C.H.; Shieh, C.J.-
20Jun-1989共同經營與休閒農業之發展:苗栗縣南庄鄉三角湖農業生產組織之實例邱泰穎; 鄭詩華; 國立中興大學應用經濟學系
212006Clinical evaluation of the Chinese herbal medicine formula STA-1 in the treatment of allergic asthmaChang, T.T.; Huang, C.C.; Hsu, C.H.-
222010Quercetin Inhibited Murine Leukemia WEHI-3 Cells In Vivo and Promoted Immune ResponseYu, C.S.; Lai, K.C.; Yang, J.S.; Chiang, J.H.; Lu, C.C.; Wu, C.L.; Lin, J.P.; Liao, C.L.; Tang, N.Y.; Wood, W.G.; Chung, J.G.-
23Dec-2005從永續理念探討老樹保護之立法黃昭通; 羅紹麟; 國立中興大學農學院實驗林管理處
24Aug-2001Technology, Postmodernism, and Don DeLillo's White NoiseJiann-guang Lin
252008Biocatalysis for the Production of Industrial Products and Functional Foods from Rice and Other Agricultural ProduceAkoh, C.C.; 蕭介夫; Chang, S.W.; Lee, G.C.; Shaw, J.F.-
262005Multiple mutagenesis of the Candida rugosa LIP1 gene and optimum production of recombinant LIP1 expressed in Pichia pastorisChang, S.W.; 蕭介夫; Shieh, C.J.; Lee, G.C.; Shaw, J.F.-
27Jun-1989臺灣農業結構之變化及其原因:與日本比較鄭詩華; 國立中興大學應用經濟學系
282011Identification and Exploration of Pollen Tube Small Proteins Encoded by Pollination-Induced TranscriptsHuang, J.C.; Chang, L.C.; Wang, M.L.; Guo, C.L.; Chung, M.C.; Jauh, G.Y.-
31Dec-1989理性預期供給管理之動態分析與控制:美國東南區生鮮蕃茄運銷秩序策略可行性之實證黃萬傳; 國立中興大學應用經濟學系
322004Application of decolourised hsian-tsao leaf gum to low-fat salad dressing model emulsions: a rheological studyLai, L.S.; 賴麗旭; Lin, P.H.-
332002Measurement of gas exchange rates in plant tissue culture vesselsChen, C.C.; Chen, J.N.J.-
342014Evaluation of Priority Order for The Landslide Treatment Using Biodiversity Index in A Watershed陳添水; 林政侑; 何世華; 林昭遠; 楊耀隆; Tien-Shui Chen; Cheng-Yu Lin; Shih-Hua Ho; Chao-Yuan Lin; Yaw-Long Yang
352014新開村山崩災害肇生因素之探討張鴻成; 陳春盛; 宋國城; Hung-Cheng Chang; Chun-Sung Chen; Quo-Cheng Sung
362014地面光達應用於露頭不連續面調查與岩體工程特性評估探討楊濟豪; 曹孟真; 詹尚書; 李亮瑩; 王泰典; 許宗傑; 柯承宏; 陳怡頻; Ji-Hao Yang; Meng-Chen Tsa; Shang-Shu Zhan; Liang-Ying Li; Tai-Tien Wang; Chung-Chieh Hsu; Cheng-Hung Ko; Yi-Pin Chen
372014降雨參數對堰塞壩穩定之影響分析蔡佩勳; 馮正一; 林建翰; 游繁結; Pei-Hsun Tsai; Zheng-Yi Feng; Jian-Han Lin; Fan-Chieh Yu
382014影像感測技術於邊坡運動監測之適用性初探胡舒閔; 陳明源; 羅佳明; Shu-Min Hu; Ming-Yuan Chen; Chia-Ming Lo
392014用過核燃料深層地下處置場之震後開裂影響分析張瑞宏; 黃偉慶; 廖久智; 盧建宏; 鄭博昇; Jui-Hung Chang; Wei-Hsing Huang; Jou-Jih Liao; Jen-Hung Lu; Bo-Sheng Jeng
402009Effect of salts on the rheology of hydrocolloids from mulberry (Morus alba L.) leaves in concentrated domainLin, H.Y.; 賴麗旭; Tsai, J.C.; Lai, L.S.-
412003Pro-oxidative properties of flavonoids in human lymphocytesYen, G.C.; 顏國欽; Duh, P.D.; Tsai, H.L.; Huang, S.L.-
422012First Report of a 16SrII-A Subgroup Phytoplasma Associated with Purple Coneflower (Echinacea purpurea) Witches'-Broom Disease in TaiwanTseng, Y.W.; Deng, W.L.; Chang, C.J.; Su, C.C.; Chen, C.L.; Jan, F.J.-
432007Low-power eight-bit SCSDL CLA with a novel split-level charge-sharing differential logic (SCSDL)Chang, R.C.; 張振豪; Lin, H.L.; Wang, I.H.-
442005A low-voltage low-power CMOS phase-locked loopChang, R.C.; 張振豪; Kuo, L.C.; Chen, H.M.-
452004Field evaluation of transgenic papaya lines carrying the coat protein gene of Papaya ringspot virus in TaiwanBau, H.J.; Cheng, Y.H.; Yu, T.A.; Yang, J.S.; Hsiao, C.H.; Lin, C.Y.; Yeh, S.D.-
462012Chemopreventive effects of dietary phytochemicals against cancer invasion and metastasis: Phenolic acids, monophenol, polyphenol, and their derivativesWeng, C.J.; 顏國欽; Yen, G.C.-
472000The promoter for the maize C-4 pyruvate,orthophosphate dikinase gene directs cell- and tissue-specific transcription in transgenic maize plantsTaniguchi, M.; Izawa, K.; Ku, M.S.B.; Lin, J.H.; Saito, H.; Ishida, Y.; Ohta, S.; Komari, T.; Matsuoka, M.; Sugiyama, T.-
482006Efficient production of active recombinant Candida rugosa LIP3 lipase in Pichia pastoris and biochemical characterization of the purified enzymeChang, S.W.; 蕭介夫; Lee, G.C.; Shaw, J.F.-
492007Pruning fast Fourier transform algorithm design using group-based methodFan, C.P.; 范志鵬; Su, G.A.-
502011Exogenous catechin increases antioxidant enzyme activity and promotes flooding tolerance in tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.)Yiu, J.C.; Tseng, M.J.; Liu, C.W.-
Results 101-150 of 21025 (Search time: 0.006 seconds).