第 19251 到 19300 筆結果,共 19450 筆。
1二月-2016Profiling of differential gene expression in the hypothalamus of broiler-type Taiwan country chickens in response to acute heat stressTu, Wei-Lin; Cheng, Chuen-Yu; Wang, Shih-Han; Tang, Pin-Chi; Chen, Chih-Feng; Chen, Hsin-Hsin; Lee, Yen-Pai; Chen, Shuen-Ei; Huang, San-Yuan; 黃三元
2四月-2016Demography and Consumption of Spodoptera litura (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) Reared on Cabbage and TaroTuan, Shu-Jen; Yeh, Chih-Chun; Atlihan, Remzi; Chi, Hsin; Tang, Li-Cheng
3六月-2016漢言津梁─馬禮遜的中文教學著作及其影響游博清; Yu, Po-ching
42016A new species of alpine Apenetretus Kurnakov from Taiwan: evidences from DNA barcodes and morphological characteristics (Coleoptera, Carabidae, Patrobini)Weng, Yi-Ming; Yeh, Wen-Bin; Yang, Man-Miao
5十一月-2016Effects of Lactobacillus formosensis S215(T) and Lactobacillus buchneri on quality and in vitro ruminal biological activity of condensed tannins in sweet potato vines silageMangwe, M C; Rangubhet, K T; Mlambo, V; Yu, B; Chiang, H I; 江信毅
62016Revision of Mandarella Duvivier from Taiwan, with a new species, new synonymies and identities of highly variable species (Insecta, Chrysomelidae, Galerucinae, Alticini)Lee, Chi-Feng; Tsai, Cheng-Lung; Konstantinov, Alexander; Yeh, Wen-Bin
72016Subspecific Differentiation Events of Montane Stag Beetles (Coleoptera, Lucanidae) Endemic to Formosa IslandTsai, Cheng-Lung; Yeh, Wen-Bin
8七月-2016Distinct contributions of A314S and novel R667Q substitutions of acetylcholinesterase 1 to carbofuran resistance of Chilo suppressalis WalkerDai, Shu-Mei; Chang, Cheng; Huang, Xin-Yi
918-十二月-2015Predatory efficacy of Orius strigicollis (Hemiptera: Anthocoridae) against Tetranychus urticae (Acarina: Tetranychidae) on strawberryShu-Jen Tuan; Yung-Hsiang Lin; Shu-Chen Peng; Wei-Han Lai; 段淑人-
10十二月-2016評介陳文松,《殖民統治與「青年」─ 臺灣總督府的「青年」教化政策》李鎧揚
11十一月-2016Investigations into the reactivity of lithium indenyl with alpha diimines with chlorinated backbones and formation of related functional ligands and metal complexesChi-Tien Chen; Mark E. Fischer; Caroline Windsor; Ino C. Vei; David G Calatayud; Malcolm L. H. Green; Sofia I Pascu; 陳繼添
122016Comparison of Standing Posture Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis with DXA for Body Composition in a Large, Healthy Chinese PopulationChen, Kuen-Tsann; Chen, Yu-Yawn; Wang, Chia-Wei; Chuang, Chih-Lin; Chiang, Li-Ming; Lai, Chung-Liang; Lu, Hsueh-Kuan; Dwyer, Gregory B; Chao, Shu-Ping; Shih, Ming-Kuei; Hsieh, Kuen-Chang; 陳焜燦
131-六月-2016《老子》三十二章「始制有名」重詮蕭振聲; Siu Chun-Sing; 國立中興大學中國文學系
141-六月-2016《老子》三十二章「始制有名」重詮Siu Chun-Sing; 蕭振聲; 國立中興大學中國文學系
15六月-2016Investigation on critical structural motifs of ligands for triggering glucocorticoid receptor nuclear migration through molecular docking simulationsLiu, Ya-Lin; Jang, Soonmin; Wang, Shih-Min; Chen, Chiu-Hao; Li, Feng-Yin; 李豐穎-
161-六月-2016無患子「地府皇家聯誼會」系列小說的後現代主義手法Chao Hsiu-Pay; 趙修霈; 國立中興大學中國文學系
171-六月-2016從飲食類動詞新詞新義看中古詞彙南北異同Chou Wen-Hui; 周玟慧; 國立中興大學中國文學系
181-四月-2016Asymmetric addition of phenylacetylene to aldehydes catalyzed by complex of O-sulfonyl camphor derivatives and titaniumDong-Sheng Lee; Chang-Weu Gau; Yu-Yang Chen; Ta-Jung Lu; 李東昇-
1928-十一月-2016Metal complexes containing nitrogen-heterocycle based aryloxide or arylamido derivatives as discrete catalysts for ring-opening polymerization of cyclic estersHuang, Bor-Hunn; Tsai, Chen-Yen; Chen, Chi-Tien; Ko, Bao-Tsan; 陳繼添
2026-九月-2015The existence of traveling wave solutions for a bistable three-component lattice dynamical systemJong-ShenqGuo; Chin-ChinWu; 吳菁菁
2111-九月-2015An Anisotropic Convection-Diffusion Model Using Tailored Finite Point Method for Image Denoising and CompressionYu-Tuan Lin; Yin-Tzer Shih; Chih-Ching Tsai; 施因澤
2228-十一月-2016Scattering of nanowire surface plasmons coupled to quantum dots with azimuthal angle differenceKuo, Po-Chen; Chen, Guang-Yin; Chen, Yueh-Nan; 陳光胤-
2310-二月-2016Probing the spectral density of the surface electromagnetic fields through scattering of waveguide photonsGuang-Yin Chen; 陳光胤-
2525-十一月-2016Dressed Photons Induced Resistance Oscillation and Zero Resistance in Arrayed Simple Harmonic Oscillators with No ImpurityChang, Chih-Chun; Chen, Guang-Yin; Lin, Lee; 張志軍
2625-八月-2016The inverse of band preserving and disjointness preserving operatorsDenny H. Leung; Lei Li; 王雅書; Ya-Shu Wang
2719-九月-2015On cyclic twists of elliptic curves of period two or three and the determination of their relative Brauer groupsJung-MiaoKuo; 郭容妙
2828-十一月-2016Metal complexes containing nitrogen-heterocycle based aryloxide or arylamido derivatives as discrete catalysts for ring-opening polymerization of cyclic estersHuang, Bor-Hunn; Tsai, Chen-Yen; Chen, Chi-Tien; Ko, Bao-Tsan; 陳繼添
2916-十一月-2016An oxidation layer for regulating galvanically grown silver nanoparticles on silicon crystal for highly sensitive surface-enhanced Raman scattering measurementsVairaperumal Tharmaraj; Jyisy Yang; 沙馬拉
3022-二月-2016Fabrication of Hexagonal Boron Nitride Nanosheets by Using a Simple Thermal Exfoliation ProcessWen-Yin Ko; Cheng-Yu Chen; Wei-Hung Chen; Kuan-Jiuh Lin; 柯玟吟-
31一月-2016Enantioselective Addition of Diethylzinc to Aldehydes Catalyzed by Chiral O,N,O-tridentate Phenol Ligands Derived From CamphorLee, Dong-Sheng; Chang, Shu-Ming; Ho, Chun-Ying; Lu, Ta-Jung; 李東昇
321-六月-2017臺灣民間傳統喪禮斬衰首服摭拾Han Bi-Chyn; 韓碧琴; 國立中興大學中國文學系
331-六月-2016《纂異記》所表述「自我實現」中之文人意識黃東陽; Huang Tung-Yang; 國立中興大學中國文學系
341-六月-2016《纂異記》所表述「自我實現」中之文人意識Huang Tung-Yang; 黃東陽; 國立中興大學中國文學系
351-六月-2017敦煌寫本雜字系蒙書與明清雜字之關聯探究Chou An-Pang; 周安邦; 國立中興大學中國文學系
361-六月-2017明清話本小說序跋的比較研究Chou Ying-Hsiu; 周盈秀; 國立中興大學中國文學系
371-六月-2016論跨界「異←→同」互動的雙螺旋層次系統──以「0 一二多」為主軸切入作考察陳滿銘; Chen Man-Ming; 國立中興大學中國文學系
381-六月-2016論跨界「異←→同」互動的雙螺旋層次系統──以「0 一二多」為主軸切入作考察Chen Man-Ming; 陳滿銘; 國立中興大學中國文學系
391-六月-2016無患子「地府皇家聯誼會」系列小說的後現代主義手法趙修霈; Chao Hsiu-Pay; 國立中興大學中國文學系
401-六月-2016從飲食類動詞新詞新義看中古詞彙南北異同周玟慧; Chou Wen-Hui; 國立中興大學中國文學系
4110-二月-2016Influence of Phenylethynylene of Push-Pull Zinc Porphyrins on the Photovoltaic PerformanceChou, Hsien-Hsin; Reddy, Kamani Sudhir K; Wu, Hui-Ping; Guo, Bo-Cheng; Lee, Hsuan-Wei; Diau, Eric Wei-Guang; Hsu, Chao-Ping; Yeh, Chen-Yu; 周憲辛
4217-八月-2016Design, Synthesis, and Biological Evaluation of Ganglioside Hp-s1 Analogues Varying at Glucosyl MoietyHung, Jung-Tung; Yeh, Chun-Hong; Yang, Shih-An; Lin, Chiu-Ya; Tai, Hung-Ju; Shelke, Ganesh B; Reddy, Daggula Mallikarjuna; Yu, Alice L; Luo, Shun-Yuan; 羅順原
434-一月-2016Porous honeycomb structures formed from interconnected MnO2 sheets on CNT-coated substrates for flexible all-solid-state supercapacitorsKo, Wen-Yin; Chen, You-Feng; Lu, Ke-Ming; Lin, Kuan-Jiuh; 柯玟吟
4413-十月-2016Zinc Porphyrin–Ethynylaniline Conjugates as Novel Hole-Transporting Materials for Perovskite Solar Cells with Power Conversion Efficiency of 16.6%Hsien-Hsin Chou; Yu-Hsien Chiang; Ming-Hsien Li; Po-Shen Shen; Hsiang-Jung Wei; Chi-Lun Mai; Peter Chen; Chen-Yu Yeh; 周憲辛
4521-六月-2016A feasible scalable porphyrin dye for dye-sensitized solar cells under one sun and dim light environmentsYu-Chieh Liu; Hsien-Hsin Chou; Feng-Yi Ho; Hsiang-Jung Wei; Tzu-Chien Wei; Chen-Yu Yeh; 周憲辛
462-十月-2015Bose-Einstein condensation in a frustrated triangular optical latticePeter Janzen; Wen-Min Huang; Ludwig Mathey; 黃文敏
4723-九月-2016Dilute manganese-doped ZnO nanowires for high photoelectrical performanceWei-Hao Chen; Chih-Chuan Su; Hui-Huang Hsieh; Meng-Fan Chang; Mon-Shu Ho; 何孟書-
4824-四月-2016Investigation on morphology of polymer structure in polymer-stabilized blue phaseChia-Sheng Chen; Fang-Chi Chen; Che-Kai Wu; Hui-Yu Chen; 陳惠玉-
4930-四月-2016Analysis of exopolysaccharide production patterns of Cordyceps militaris under various light-emitting diodesChung-Hua Kho; Shu-Chen Kan; Chih-Yuan Chang; Heng-Yi Cheng; Chia-Chi Lin; Pin-Chiuan Chiou; Chwen-Jen Shieh; Yung-Chuan Liu; 劉永銓
5021-五月-2016Detecting debonding flaws at the epoxy–concrete interfaces in near-surface mounted CFRP strengthening beams using the impact–echo methodChia-Tsung Hsieh; Yiching Lin; 林宜清
第 19251 到 19300 筆結果,共 19450 筆。