第 19351 到 19400 筆結果,共 19483 筆。
120-六月-2016On Multi-Scale Entropy Analysis of Order-Tracking Measurement for Bearing Fault Diagnosis under Variable SpeedTian-Yau Wu; Chang-Ling Yu; Da-Chun Liu; 吳天堯
29-九月-2016Design and verification of diffractive optical elements for speckle generation of 3-D range sensorsPei-Qin Du; Hsi-Fu Shih; Jenq-Shyong Chen; Yi-Shiang Wang; 施錫富-
327-十月-2016Paper Sludge Reuse in Lightweight Aggregates ManufacturingChen, How-Ji; Hsueh, Ying-Chih; Peng, Ching-Fang; Tang, Chao-Wei; 陳豪吉
4一月-2016Hyperspectral Image Classification Using Fast and Adaptive Bidimensional Empirical Mode Decomposition With Minimum Noise FractionMing-Der Yang; Kai-Shiang Huang; Yeh-Fen Yang; Liang-You Lu; Zheng-Yi Feng; Hui Ping Tsai; 蔡慧萍
56-七月-2013Extending mixtures of factor models using the restricted multivariate skew-normal distributionTsung-I Lin; Geoffrey J. McLachlan; Sharon X. Lee; 林宗儀
63-四月-2016A general model for predicting the earthquake-induced displacements of shallow and deep slope failuresChi-Chin Tsai; Yu-Chun Chien; 蔡祁欽
72016Blind source separation with adaptive learning rates for image encryptionHuang, Meng-Tze; Lee, Ching-Hung; Lin, Chih-Min; 李慶鴻-
831-五月-2016A real-time surface inspection system for precision steel balls based on machine visionYi-Ji Chen; Jhy-Cherng Tsai; Ya-Chen Hsu; 蔡志成
9五月-2016Comparison Study of One-Dimensional Site Response Analysis MethodsChi-Chin Tsai; Chun-Way Chen; 蔡祁欽-
101-七月-2016Depth measurement using structured light and spatial frequencyChan, Shih-Yu; Shih, Hsi-Fu; Chen, Jenq-Shyong; 施錫富
11八月-2016A Stenohaline Medaka, Oryzias woworae, Increases Expression of Gill Na(+), K(+)-ATPase and Na(+), K(+), 2Cl(-) Cotransporter 1 to Tolerate Osmotic StressJuo, Jiun-Jang; Kang, Chao-Kai; Yang, Wen-Kai; Yang, Shu-Yuan; Lee, Tsung-Han; 楊文凱
122016Microtubule-dependent changes in morphology and localization of chloride transport proteins in gill mitochondria-rich cells of the tilapia, Oreochromis mossambicusYang, Wen-Kai; Wu, Yu-Ching; Tang, Cheng-Hao; Lee, Tsung-Han; 楊文凱
1331-八月-2016Suppression of breast cancer cell growth by Her2-reduced AR serine 81 phosphorylationHuang, Pao-Hsuan; Wang, Hsin-Yi; Huang, Chen-Chuan; Lee, Yueh-Tsung; Yue, Chia-Herng; Chen, Mei-Chih; Lin, Ho; 林 赫
14十二月-2016Different expression patterns of renal Na+/K+-ATPase α-isoform-like proteins between tilapia and milkfish following salinity challengesYang, Wen-Kai; Chung, Chang-Hung; Cheng, Hui Chen; Tang, Cheng-Hao; Lee, Tsung-Han; 楊文凱
151-十二月-2016A Comparative Study of Disaggregate Input Efficiency of Banks in Taiwan and Mainland China: A Stochastic Metafrontier Analysis Application張子溥; 胡均立; 邱齡慧; Tzu-Pu Chang; Jin-Li Hu; Ling-Huei Chiou
161-六月-2016Extreme Dependence Behavior between US and International Equity Markets: Application of Extreme Linkage TheoryTzu-Chuan Kao; Chu-Hsiung Lin; Wei-Shun Kao; 高子荃; 林楚雄; 高偉舜
171-六月-2017The Asymmetric Effect of Informed Trading Activity on Stock Return VolatilityChing-Liang Chang; Alex Yi-Hou Huang; Siou-Yi Lin; Chia-Ying Chan; 張慶良; 黃宜侯; 林秀怡; 詹佳縈
181-十二月-2016Change in Time, Change through Adjustments, and Change as History - On the Conception of “Change” in the Records of the Grand Historian陳詠琳; Chen Yong-Lin; 國立中興大學中國文學系
191-六月-2017The Ticket Price Decision of Cultural Heritage : The Evaluation of Willingness to Pay for TouristsSzu-Ling Lin; Der-Tzon Hsieh; Hui-Lin Lin; 林思玲; 謝德宗; 林惠玲
201-六月-2017Optimal Counterfeit-captured Rate and Tariff Rate for Southern Flaunting MerchandiseWei-Chuan Yang; Deng-Yang Chou; Hui-Wen Cheng; 楊維娟; 周登陽; 鄭惠文
211-六月-2017A Cross-Country Comparison of Responsibility Sharing in International Carbon EmissionsShih-Mo Lin; Hau-Chiuan Yang; Jin-Xu Lin; 林師模; 楊皓荃; 林晉勗
221-十二月-2016The Interpretation of JiuGong: The case of Dun Jia and Geomancy許仲南; Hsu Chung-Nan; 國立中興大學中國文學系
231-十二月-2016Chou Haimen on Confucianism and Buddhism葉守桓; Ye Shou-Huan; 國立中興大學中國文學系
241-六月-2017Information Search, Belief Formation and Feedback EffectTzu-Min Kao; 高慈敏
2521-十二月-2016A 14.7% Organic/Silicon Nanoholes Hybrid Solar Cell via Interfacial Engineering by Solution-Processed Inorganic Conformal LayerLee, Yu-Tsu; Lin, Fang-Ru; Chen, Chien-Hsun; Pei, Zingway; 裴靜偉
2621-八月-2015Percutaneous fiber-optic biosensor for immediate evaluation of chemotherapy efficacy in vivo (Part II): In vitro and in vivo characterizationShu-Yu Fan; Han-Sheng Chiu; Ding-Yi Lin; Alexandra Liao; Kuo-Chih Liao; 廖國智
2725-五月-2016Low-Temperature, Chemically Grown Titanium Oxide Thin Films with a High Hole Tunneling Rate for Si Solar CellsYu-Tsu Lee; Fang-Ru Lin; Ting-Chun Lin; Chien-Hsun Chen; Zingway Pei; 裴靜偉
2817-五月-2016Characterization of a murine xenograft model for contrast agent development in breast lesion malignancy assessmentYen, Tsung-Hsien; Lee, Gi-Da; Chai, Jyn-Wen; Liao, Jiunn-Wang; Lau, Jia-Yu; Hu, Li-Che; Liao, Kuo-Chih; 廖國智
2915-四月-2016An Oriented-Dependence-Microlens Visual Alignment and Packaging for Lasers Coupling to PMFsChun-Nien Liu; Ying-Chien Tsai; Wen-Hsuan Hsieh; Yi-Cheng Hsu; Che-Hsin Lin; Wood-Hi Cheng; 劉浚年
3028-六月-2016Gain Enhancement of Single-Mode Cr-Doped Core Fibers by Online Growth SystemChun-Nien Liu; Gia-Ling Cheng; Nan-Kuang Chen; Pi-Ling Huang; Sheng-Lung Huang; Wood-Hi Cheng; 劉浚年
3122-十一月-2016Aluminum–Titanium Alloy Back Contact Reducing Production Cost of Silicon Thin-Film Solar CellsHsin-Yu Wu; Chia-Hsun Hsu; Shui-Yang Lien; Yeu-Long Jiang; 江雨龍
3228-六月-2016Nano-textured polysilicon solar absorption filmsShih, Hsiao-Ku; Jiang, Yeu-Long; 江雨龍-
3323-十二月-2015Toward bandgap tunable graphene oxide nanoribbons by plasma-assisted reduction and defect restoration at low temperatureWei-Hung Chiang; Ting-Chun Lin; Yan-Sheng Li; Yu-Jhe Yang; Zingway Pei
341-六月-2017敦煌寫本雜字系蒙書與明清雜字之關聯探究Chou An-Pang; 周安邦; 國立中興大學中國文學系
351-六月-2017明清話本小說序跋的比較研究Chou Ying-Hsiu; 周盈秀; 國立中興大學中國文學系
361-六月-2017《永樂大典》纂修人新考Weng Min-Hsiu; 翁敏修; 國立中興大學中國文學系
371-六月-2017析論東坡詞之承繼與創新──以〈江城子〉為例Hsu Shu-Hui; 許淑惠; 國立中興大學中國文學系
381-六月-2017「外事以剛日」——《春秋》經傳戰爭日期統計考論Huang Sheng-Sung; 黃聖松; 國立中興大學中國文學系
39十一月-2016The Feasibility of Thermophilic Caldimonas manganoxidans as a Platform for Efficient PHB ProductionHsiao, Li-Jung; Lin, Ji-Hong; Sankatumvong, Pantitra; Wu, Tzong-Ming; Li, Si-Yu; 李思禹-
402015The coupling of glycolysis and the Rubisco-based pathway through the non-oxidative pentose phosphate pathway to achieve low carbon dioxide emission fermentationLi, Ya-Han; Ou-Yang, Fan-Yu; Yang, Cheng-Han; Li, Si-Yu; 李思禹-
411-十二月-2016The Effects of Government Employment Programs and Self-Migration Decisions on Economic Well-Being of Aborigines in Taiwan蘇怡如; 張宏浩; Yi-Ju Su; Hung-Hao Chang
421-六月-2016Probing the International Spillover Effects through the Experiences of OECD CountriesWun-Ji Jiang; Szu-Chi Huang; Yir-Hueih Luh; 江文基; 黃思齊; 陸怡蕙
431-十二月-2016Efficiency Performance of Colleges of Business in Taiwan - An Application of Stochastic Metafrontier Approach盧迺園; 傅祖壇; Ni-Young Lu; Tsu-Tan Fu
441-十二月-2016Incorporating Industrial’s Early Action Incentive into Allowance Allocation Rule李堅明; 張明如; Chien-Ming Lee; Mingru Zhang
451-十二月-2016Factors Affecting Enterprises’ Attitudes on Mobile Commerce and Their Economic Implications廖盈琦; 王建富; Ying-Chi Liao; Jian-Fu Wang
461-六月-2016The Analysis of Relative Deprivation in Income and HealthYen-Ju Lin; 林晏如
47十一月-2016Self-assembled dual-sided hemispherical nano-dimple-structured broadband antireflection coatingsCheng-Yen Lin; Kun-Yi Lin; Hui-Ping Tsai; Yi-Xuan He; Hongta Yang; 楊宏達
48十二月-2016Electric Eel-Skin-Inspired Mechanically Durable and Super-Stretchable Nanogenerator for Deformable Power Source and Fully Autonomous Conformable Electronic-Skin ApplicationsLai, Ying-Chih; Deng, Jianan; Niu, Simiao; Peng, Wenbo; Wu, Changsheng; Liu, Ruiyuan; Wen, Zhen; Wang, Zhong Lin; 賴盈至
494-七月-2016Porous Ni/ZrO2 Cermet from Highly Concentrated Composite ColloidWenjea J. Tseng; Chir-Jang Tsai; 曾文甲-
5024-十一月-2015Macroporous ZrO2/Ti composite foams by aqueous gelcasting of particle-stabilized emulsionsWenjea J.Tseng; Kai-TingHsu; 曾文甲
第 19351 到 19400 筆結果,共 19483 筆。