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18-Aug-2017Automated learning of t factor analysis models with complete and incomplete data林宗儀; Tsung-I Lin; Luis M. Castro; Wan-Lun Wang
222-Sep-2017Tip Pressure on Semicircular Specimens in Tapping Mode Atomic Force Microscopy in Viscous Fluid EnvironmentsShih, Hua-Ju; 戴慶良; Dai, Ching-Liang; Shih, Po-Jen
318-Mar-2017Nonlinear regression models based on the normal mean–variance mixture of Birnbaum–Saunders distribution林宗儀; Tsung-I Lin; Mehrdad Naderi; Alireza Arabpour; Ahad Jamalizadeh
42-Nov-2016Flexible clustering via extended mixtures of common t-factor analyzersTsung-I Lin; Wan-Lun Wang
51-Feb-2017Optimal split‐plot orthogonal arrays林長鋆; Chang-Yun Lin; Po Yang
614-Sep-2017Isoproterenol exacerbates hyperglycemia and modulates chromium distribution in mice fed with a high fat dietChang, Geng-Ruei; Chen, Wen-Kai; Hou, Po-Hsun; 毛嘉洪; Mao, Frank Chiahung
730-Jun-2017Development of Achievement Inventory on High Rope Courses林楷; Kai Lin; 余宗龍; Chung-Long Yu
8Mar-2017Recent Changes in Groundwater Storage in Jhuoshuei River Basin, TaiwanChia-Chi Huang; Kun-Ta Lin; Hsin-Fu Yeh; 黃嘉琦; 林琨達; 葉信富
9Mar-2017A Rainfall-based Warning Model for Predicting Landslides Using QPESUMS Rainfall DataChen-Yu Chen; Wei-Ze Liou; Chia-Hsiang Hsu; 陳振宇; 劉維則; 許家祥
10May-2017Sediment Trap Quantization Efficiency for Sabo Dams in the Torrents– The Case Studies in Southwest TaiwanI-Ta Tsai; Hui-Bang Lien; Zhong-Qiang Lee; Chun-Hung Wu; 蔡易達; 連惠邦; 李仲強; 吳俊鋐
11Mar-2017Establishment and Application of Evaluation Procedure of Dam Removal for Decision Support in TaiwanHsiao-Wen Wang; Wei-Cheng Kuo; Shang-Lin Kuo; 王筱雯; 郭偉丞; 郭上琳
12Mar-2017Characteristics of the Development of Erosion and the Dynamics of Gravelly Debris Flow in the HouyenshanYan-Xin Zhong; Chia-Ming Lo; 鍾言鑫; 羅佳明*
13Nov-2016Adenylyl cyclase is required for cAMP production, growth, conidial germination, and virulence in the citrus green mold pathogen Penicillium digitatumWang, Weili; Wang, Mingshuang; Wang, Jiye; Zhu, Congyi; Chung, Kuang-Ren; Li, Hongye; 鍾光仁
142016How the Pathogenic Fungus Alternaria alternata Copes with Stress via the Response Regulators SSK1 and SHO1Yu, Pei-Ling; Chen, Li-Hung; Chung, Kuang-Ren
15May-2016Effects of rater bias and assessment method on disease severity estimation with regard to hypothesis testingK. S. Chiang; M. El Jarroudi; C. H. Bock; P. Delfosse; I. H. Lee; H. I. Liu
1610-Aug-2016Effects of Single and Blended Coating Pigments on the Inkjet Image Quality of Dye Sublimation Transfer Printed Paper: SiO2, CaCO3, Talc, and SericiteChi-Ching Lin; Fu-Ling Chang; Yuan-Shing Perng; SHIH-TSUNG YU; 彭元興
171-Apr-2016Assessing the Effect of Wood Acetylation on Mechanical Properties and Extended Creep Behavior of Wood/recycled-Polypropylene CompositesKe-Chang Hung; Tung-Lin Wu; Yong-Long Chen; Jyh-Horng Wu; 吳志鴻
18Dec-2016Effect of Titanium Dioxide Particles on the Surface Morphology and the Mechanical Properties of PVC Composites During QUV Accelerated WeatheringTeng-Chun Yang; Takafumi Noguchi; Minoru Isshiki; Jyh-Horng Wu; 吳志鴻
1925-Jan-2016Physiological Responses and Expression Profile of NADPH Oxidase in Rice (Oryza Sativa) Seedlings under Different Levels of SubmergenceYu-Sian Wu; Chin-Ying Yang; 楊靜瑩
2017-May-2016Effects of different thermal modification media on physical and mechanical properties of moso bambooTe-Hsin Yang; Chih-Hsuan Lee; Chia-Ju Lee; Ya-Wen Cheng; 楊德新
2130-Dec-2016柳杉木醋液之抗木材腐朽菌活性盧崑宗; Kun-Tsung Lu; 莊純琍; Chun-Li Chung
2219-Aug-2015Scalable Multi-Match Packet Classification Using TCAM and SRAMYu-Chieh Cheng; Pi-Chung Wang; 王丕中
2310-May-2016Hybrid 3D structures of ZnO nanoflowers and PdO nanoparticles as a highly selective methanol sensorAcharyya, D; Huang, K Y; Chattopadhyay, P P; Ho, M S; Fecht, H-J; Bhattacharyya, P; 何孟書
2420-Aug-2016Multi-scale landslide susceptibility analysis along a mountain highway in Central TaiwanKeh-Jian Shou; Jia-Fei Lin; 壽克堅
2520-Jan-2016Ultrashort broadband polarization beam splitter based on a combined hybrid plasmonic waveguideChang, Ken-Wei; Huang, Chia-Chien; 黃家健
261-Jun-2017Evaluation of the Effectiveness of a Subsidy Policy with Externality Consideration and the Flood Control Program in the Da-Cheng CountyChao-Ning Liao; Bin-Hung Chen; 廖肇寧; 陳秉宏
271-Jun-2017The Asymmetric Effect of Informed Trading Activity on Stock Return VolatilityChing-Liang Chang; Alex Yi-Hou Huang; Siou-Yi Lin; Chia-Ying Chan; 張慶良; 黃宜侯; 林秀怡; 詹佳縈
281-Jun-2017The Ticket Price Decision of Cultural Heritage : The Evaluation of Willingness to Pay for TouristsSzu-Ling Lin; Der-Tzon Hsieh; Hui-Lin Lin; 林思玲; 謝德宗; 林惠玲
291-Dec-2016Efficiency Performance of Colleges of Business in Taiwan - An Application of Stochastic Metafrontier Approach盧迺園; 傅祖壇; Ni-Young Lu; Tsu-Tan Fu
302017Nicotiana benthamiana Elicitor-Inducible Leucine-Rich Repeat Receptor-Like Protein Assists Bamboo Mosaic Virus Cell-to-Cell MovementChen, I-Hsuan; Huang, Ying-Ping; Tseng, Ching-Han; Ni, Jian-Tang; Tsai, Chung-Han; Hsu, Yau-Heiu; Tsai, Ching-Hsiu
3112-Mar-2017Effects of the NCO/OH molar ratio and the silica contained on the properties of waterborne polyurethane resinsWen-Jau Lee; Wei-Ting Lin; 李文昭
322001數學規劃法於森林經營上之應用:從林木經營到生態系經營馮豐隆; 林妏嬪; 國立中興大學森林學系
332002地景格局之代表性分析:以關刀溪長期生態試驗地為例簡炯欣; 馮豐隆; 國立中興大學森林學系
342001運用「細胞自動化」概念在森林生態系模擬李宣德; 馮豐隆; 國立中興大學森林學系
352001森林生育地因子之空間推估與生育地分類高堅泰; 馮豐隆; 國立中興大學森林學系
362002棲息地適宜度指標模式王駿穠; 馮豐隆; 國立中興大學森林學系
372002森林生長模式之發展及應用馮豐隆; 吳昶清; 國立中興大學森林學系
381988環境影響評估與森林經營馮豐隆; 國立中興大學森林學系
391999State-of-the-art Technologies of Forest Inventory and Monitoring in Taiwan.Fong-Long Feng; 國立中興大學森林學系
402000準則和指標:談加拿大的永續經營的量測高義盛; 馮豐隆; 國立中興大學森林學系
411987地面照片估算樹冠鬱閉度之方法及應用林子玉; 馮豐隆; 陳道正; 國立中興大學森林學系
421999森林資源經營管理所需資訊之取得儲存與運用楊榮啟; 馮豐隆; 國立中興大學森林學系
431999應用克立金推估模式於降雨製圖馮豐隆; 高堅泰; 國立中興大學森林學系
441999中國大陸長期生態觀測站馮豐隆; 簡炯欣; 國立中興大學森林學系
452000森林與氣候變遷馮豐隆; 國立中興大學森林學系
461999中國大陸林業馮豐隆; 國立中興大學森林學系
4712-Jul-2016Using Taguchi method to obtain the optimal design of heat dissipation mechanism for electronic component packagingDe-Shau Huang; Wen-Bin Tu; Xiu-Ming Zhang; Liang-Te Tsai; Ti-Yuan Wu; Ming-Tzer Lin; 林明澤
482-Mar-2017Synergetic effect of Bi2Te3 alloys and electrodeposition of Ni for interfacial reactions at solder/Ni/Bi2Te3 jointsChih-Fan Lin; Nga Yu Hau; Yu-Ting Huang; Ya-Huei Chang; Shien-Ping Feng; 陳志銘; Chih-Ming Chen
499-Nov-2016Physical properties of TiO2-doped zinc oxide thin films: Influence of plasma treatment in H2 and/or Ar gas ambient汪芳興; Fang-Hsing Wang; Jen-Chi Chao; Han-Wen Liu; Feng-Jia Liu
5028-Aug-2017A Long-Term Vegetation Recovery Estimation for Mt. Jou-Jou Using Multi-Date SPOT 1, 2, and 4 ImagesMing-Der Yang; Su-Chin Chen; 蔡慧萍; Hui Ping Tsai
Results 19501-19550 of 20301 (Search time: 0.026 seconds).