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12008Study on the effect of sand-fixed hedge黃隆明; 邱盈達; Ying-Da Qiu; 水土保持學系所
22014The Effectiveness of Debris Flow Disaster Prevention Volunteer TrainingLi-Ling Lin; 林俐玲; 陳巧涓; Chiao-Chuan Chen; 水土保持學系所
32014Adaptive strategies of soil and water conservation for the watershed vulnerability to sediment disaster in response to climate change林昭遠; 何世華; Shih-Hua Ho; 水土保持學系所
42014Drainage induced slope failure along the mountain road at the Xiaolin Village林昭遠; 藍欣茹; Hsin-Ju Lan; 水土保持學系所
52015Experiments and Simulations of Live-Bed Pier Scour under Steady and Unsteady Flow Conditions詹勳全; 楊超傑; Chao-Chieh Yang; 水土保持學系所
62014Study of Feasibility of Estimate Soil Erodibility Factor by Using Soil Properties林俐玲; 李文櫻; Wen-Ying Lee; 水土保持學系所
72015Impacts of Alien Plant Species on Plant Succession of Re-vegetating Landslide AreaShin-Hwei Lin; 林信輝; 張瑜芳; Yu-Fang Chang; 水土保持學系所
82014Study on the Issues of Over Land Use Treatment-Shihmen Reservoir Watershed as an Example鄭皆達; 秋維書; Wei-Shu Ciou; 水土保持學系所
92014Factors affecting concentration of suspended particulate matter (PM10) at air quality monitoring stations in traffic and industrial areas林昭遠; 張立農; Li-Nong Zhang; 水土保持學系所
102015Detection of Ground Surface Deformation from Temporarily Coherent Point SAR Interferometry: A case study in Chiayi and Tainan蕭宇伸; 季強昇; Chiang-Sheng Chi; 水土保持學系所
112015Application of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle with Large-Scale Particle Image Velocimetry for Measuring Water Surface Velocities詹勳全; 吳子佳; Tzu-Chia Wu; 水土保持學系所
122014Application of disaster prevention maps in the evacuation routes planning林昭遠; 賴懋頡; Mao-Chieh Lai; 水土保持學系所
132014Field Experiments on Discharge Coefficient of Floodgate詹勳全; 黃錦邦; Chin – Pang Huang; 水土保持學系所
142015Application of landscape indices and carbon storage to explore landuse changes at Datu terrace林昭遠; 葉洸雄; Kuang-Hsiung Yeh; 水土保持學系所
152015Relationship between rainfall return period and landslide characteristics in a watershed林昭遠; 陳垣榮; Yuan-Jung Chen; 水土保持學系所
162015Affecting Factors of Vegetation Recovery at the Post-Fired Sites in a Watershed林昭遠; 詹杭勳; Hang-Hsun Chan; 水土保持學系所
172014The Analysis of Landslide Using Digital Photogrammetry and Numerical MethodsKuang-Tsung Chang; 張光宗; 林峻德; Chun-Te Lin; 水土保持學系所
182014Influences of the Social and Enviromental Factors on the Vegetation Index of the Great Taichung Area.Zheng-Yi Feng; 馮正一; 劉月媚; Yueh-Mei Liu; 水土保持學系所
192015Landslide Susceptibility and Conservation Benefit Assessment for Chi-Sun watershed詹勳全; 蔡培珊; Pei-Shan Tsai; 水土保持學系所
202014Study of Vegetation Trends in Large-scale Landslide Watersheds Using the Long-term Vegetation Index馮正一; 林洋丞; Yang-Cheng Lin; 水土保持學系所
212014A Study on the Relationship between NDVI and Weather Factors in Xindian Watershed, TaiwanZheng-Yi Feng; 馮正一; 林郁媚; Yu-Mei Lin; 水土保持學系所
222014Study on the Net Corrosion and Roxburgh Sumac Growth Assessment in Hydroseeding AreasShin-Hwei Lin; 林信輝; 黃保嚴; Pao-Yen Hwang; 水土保持學系所
232014Placement strategies of vegetated buffer strips in the Rural Community林昭遠; 陳明賢; Ming-Hsien Chen; 水土保持學系所
242014Seepage and Stability Analyses of Unsaturated Natural Slope subjected to Rainfall and EarthquakeDer-Guey Lin; 林德貴; 莊欣蓉; Shih-Rung Juang; 水土保持學系所
252014Integrated Assessment of Revetment Type and Vegetation Association in River Remediation AreaShin-Hwei Lin; 林信輝; 劉佳勝; Jia-Sheng Liou; 水土保持學系所
262015Effects of interference resistance by chloride and total basicity capacity of surface on aqueous Hg(II) adsorption by multi-walled carbon nanotubesParis Honglay Chen; 陳鴻烈; 許振峯 Cheng-Feng Hsu; 水土保持學系所
272014Suitability analysis for the dredging in the upstream creeks林昭遠 教授; 周湘儀; Shiang-Yi Choou; 水土保持學系所
282015Study on Administration and Maintenance System for Rural Rejuvenation Constructions Facilities黃隆明; 林芸暄; Yun-Shen Lin; 水土保持學系所
292015A study of landslide risk analysis for Laonong Creek Watershed using environmental index林昭遠; 陳正德; Cheng-Te Chen; 水土保持學系所
302015Estimation of Sediment Variation by Gravimetry estimation:A case study in Tseng Wen ReservoirYu-Shen Hsiao; 蕭宇伸; 向雲謙; Yun-Chen Shiang; 水土保持學系所
312014Investigation the Benefits of Rural Rejuvenation Project Execution Case Study of Sanwan Tongjing Community and Sanyi Liyu in Community Miaoli County林俐玲; 盧增明; Tsfng-Ming Lu; 水土保持學系所
322014Interaction of Gravel Content between Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity and Macropore in SandLi-Ling Lin; 林俐玲; 王琮元; Tsung-Yuan Wang; 水土保持學系所
332015A Study on the Signals of Vibration and Electrical Field of Landslide Induced by Seepage馮正一; 林柏辰; Po-Chen Lin; 水土保持學系所
342014Study on the Effect of Continuous Sand-fixed Hedge黃隆明; 周廷韋; Ting-Wei Chou; 水土保持學系所
352015Strategy study on conservation drainage planning at upstream hillside of Shih-San-Liao Drainage Systemin Taichung City林俐玲; 陳保安; Pao-An Chen; 水土保持學系所
362015The Survey and Evaluation of Spatial Distribution and Soil Properties in Habitat of Cover Plants for Orchard Area.林信輝; 陳煦屏; Xu-Ping Chen; 水土保持學系所
372015Promotion of Teaching Efficiency in Website Resources of Soil and Water Conservation Outdoor Classroom Using Weighted Analysis林昭遠; 謝宗儒; Tsung-Ju Hsieh; 水土保持學系所
382015A Study on the Visual Preference of Pavement Material for Revetment PathShin-Hwei Lin; 林信輝; 楊佩書; Pei-Shu Yang; 水土保持學系所
392014Three Dimensional Numerical Analysis of Mechanical Stability of Steel Sabo DamDer-Guey Lin; 林德貴; 黃雅各; Ya-Ge Huang; 水土保持學系所
402015Application of Grid Rational Algorithm for Predicting Hydrograph (GRAPH) Model in Suspended Load Estimation for a WatershedChao-Yuan Lin; 林昭遠; 張力文; Li-Wen Zhang; 水土保持學系所
412015Change of groundwater table for different soils in coastal area under the tide waves and rainfall events謝平城; 黃靖倫; Jing-Lun Huang; 水土保持學系所
422015Discussion on the issue of police and Soil Conservation affairs陳文福; 林信華; Hsin-Hua Lin; 水土保持學系所
432015Effects of the Polyacrylamide on the Sand Fixation黃隆明; 黃律迪; Lu-Di Huang; 水土保持學系所
442015Investigation of Rural Rejuvenation Projects Construction Defect Reasons and Their Preventive MeasuresLi-Ling Lin; 林俐玲; 張哲嘉; Che-Chia Chang; 水土保持學系所
452015Self-Potential Variations After Loading on Physical Model SlopesZheng - Yi Feng; 馮正一; 宋偉銓; Wei - Chuan Song; 水土保持學系所
462015Experimental Study on Flows Induced Scour around Vegetation Patch with Different Densities詹勳全; 黃泰然; Tai-Jan Huang; 水土保持學系所
472015Three-Dimensional Numerical Analysis for the Effects of Geological Properties on Groundwater of Slopes張光宗; 陸弘哲; Hung-Che Lu; 水土保持學系所
482015A Study of Characteristics for Wildfire Potential Sites Using Drought Indices林昭遠; 謝巧柔; Chiao-Jou Hsieh; 水土保持學系所
492014Shipborne gravity estimation from the combination of inertial measurement unit(IMU) and global positioning system (GPS)蕭宇伸; 王偉龍; Wei-Lung Wang; 水土保持學系所
502014Fast Estimation of Scour Depths near A Pier using Hydrodynamic Model詹勳全; 卓佳駿; Chia-Chun Cho; 水土保持學系所
Results 51-100 of 213 (Search time: 0.004 seconds).