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32011Fabrication of Flexible Amorphous-Si Thin-Film Solar Cells on a Parylene Template Using a Direct Separation ProcessLo, S.Y.; 洪瑞華; Wuu, D.S.; Chang, C.H.; Wang, C.C.; Lien, S.Y.; Horng, R.H.; 武東星-
42011Enhancing Light Output Power of InGaN-Based Light-Emitting Diodes with an Embedded Self-Textured Oxide Mask StructureLin, W.Y.; 洪瑞華; Shen, K.C.; Horng, R.H.; Wuu, D.S.; 武東星-
52010Performance of Flip-Chip Thin-Film GaN Light-Emitting Diodes With and Without Patterned SapphiresHorng, R.H.; 洪瑞華; Hu, H.L.; Chu, M.T.; Tsai, Y.L.; Tsai, Y.J.; Hsu, C.P.; Wuu, D.S.; 武東星-
62011Transferring Thin Film GaN LED Epi-Structure to the Cu Substrate by Chemical Lift-Off TechnologyHorng, R.H.; 洪瑞華; Pan, C.T.; Tsai, T.Y.; Wuu, D.S.; 武東星-
72011Chemical-Mechanical Lift-Off Process for InGaN Epitaxial LayersLin, M.S.; 張守一; Lin, C.F.; Huang, W.C.; Wang, G.M.; Shieh, B.C.; Dai, J.J.; Chang, S.Y.; Wuu, D.S.; Liu, P.L.; Horng, R.H.; 洪瑞華; 武東星; 林佳鋒-
82011Enhanced Output Power of Near-Ultraviolet InGaN/AlGaN LEDs With Patterned Distributed Bragg ReflectorsLin, W.Y.; 洪瑞華; Wuu, D.S.; Huang, S.C.; Horng, R.H.; 武東星-
92011Permeation barrier coatings by inductively coupled plasma CVD on polycarbonate substrates for flexible electronic applicationsLay, E.; 洪瑞華; Wuu, D.S.; Lo, S.Y.; Horng, R.H.; Wei, H.F.; Jiang, L.Y.; Lee, H.U.; Chang, Y.Y.; 武東星-
102011Study of 375 nm ultraviolet InGaN/AlGaN light-emitting diodes with heavily Si-doped GaN transition layer in growth mode, internal quantum efficiency, and device performanceHuang, S.C.; 洪瑞華; Shen, K.C.; Wuu, D.S.; Tu, P.M.; Kuo, H.C.; Tu, C.C.; Horng, R.H.; 武東星-
112011Demonstration of InGaN Light-Emitting Diodes by Incorporating a Self-Textured Oxide Mask StructureLin, W.Y.; 洪瑞華; Wuu, D.S.; Huang, S.C.; Lo, S.Y.; Liu, C.M.; Horng, R.H.; 武東星-
122010Realization and Manipulation of ZnO Nanorod Arrays on Sapphire Substrates Using a Catalyst-Free Metalorganic Chemical Vapor Deposition TechniqueWu, C.C.; 洪瑞華; Wuu, D.S.; Lin, P.R.; Chen, T.N.; Horng, R.H.; 武東星-
132010Improved Conversion Efficiency of Textured InGaN Solar Cells With Interdigitated Imbedded ElectrodesHorng, R.H.; 洪瑞華; Chu, M.T.; Chen, H.R.; Liao, W.Y.; Wu, M.H.; Chen, K.F.; Wuu, D.S.; 武東星-
142011Light Extraction Investigation for Thin-Film GaN Light-Emitting Diodes With Imbedded ElectrodesHorng, R.H.; 洪瑞華; Lu, Y.A.; Wuu, D.S.; 武東星-
152010Influence of hydrogen implantation concentration on the characteristics of GaN-based resonant-cavity LEDsHuang, S.Y.; 洪瑞華; Horng, R.H.; Tsai, Y.J.; Lin, P.R.; Wang, W.K.; Feng, Z.C.; Wuu, D.S.; 武東星-
162010Deposition and characterization of ultra-high barrier coatings for flexible electronic applicationsChen, T.N.; 洪瑞華; Wuu, D.S.; Wu, C.C.; Horng, R.H.; Wei, H.F.; Jiang, L.Y.; Lee, H.U.; Chang, Y.Y.; 武東星-
172012Epitaxial Growth of High-Indium and High-Aluminum-Content Gan-Based Semiconductors for Energy Optoelectronic Device Applications武東星; 馮哲川; 國立中興大學材料科學與工程學系(所); 行政院國家科學委員會-
182013Design and Process Development of Back-Contacted Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cells武東星; 國立中興大學材料科學與工程學系(所); 行政院國家科學委員會-
192012高銦與高鋁含量氮化鎵系列材料之開發與光電能源元件整合研究-子計畫一:高銦含量氮化銦鎵材料之磊晶成長與光電能源元件開發武東星; 國立中興大學材料科學與工程學系(所); 行政院國家科學委員會-
202012高功率發光二極體之智慧型模板技術開發計畫﹝I﹞武東星; 國立中興大學材料科學與工程學系(所); 行政院國家科學委員會-
212013建構於氮化鎵模板之高功率發光二極體技術開發(II)武東星; 洪瑞華; 劉柏良; 林佳鋒; 馮哲川; 國立中興大學材料科學與工程學系(所); 行政院國家科學委員會-
222012建構於氮化鎵模板之高功率發光二極體技術開發( I )武東星; 劉柏良; 馮哲川; 洪瑞華; 林佳鋒; 行政院國家科學委員會; 國立中興大學材料科學與工程學系(所)-
232011Optimization of Recombination Layer in the Tunnel Junction of Amorphous Silicon Thin-Film Tandem Solar CellsLin, Y.S.; 武東星; Lien, S.Y.; Wang, C.C.; Hsu, C.H.; Yang, C.H.; Nautiyal, A.; Wuu, D.S.; Tsai, P.C.; Lee, S.J.-
242010Effects of Substrate Orientation on the Photovoltaic Performance of InGaAs Solar CellsTseng, M.C.; 洪瑞華; Horng, R.H.; Lin, S.N.; Wuu, D.S.; Wu, C.H.; Chao, C.K.; Yu, H.H.; 武東星-
252011Power Enhancement of 410-nm InGaN-Based Light-Emitting Diodes on Selectively Etched GaN/Sapphire Templates洪瑞華; Tsai, T.Y.; 武東星; Wuu, D.S.; Hung, M.T.; Tu, J.H.; Huang, S.C.; Horng, R.H.; Chiang, W.Y.; Tu, L.W.-
262010Study on Hydrogen Ion-Implanted Characteristic of Thin-Film Green Resonant-Cavity Light-Emitting DiodesHuang, S.Y.; 武東星; Horng, R.H.; Tseng, P.H.; Tu, J.H.; Tu, L.W.; Wuu, D.S.-
272010Study of the Corrosion Behavior of Nanocrystalline Ni-P Electrodeposited CoatingLee, H.B.; 武東星; Wuu, D.S.; Lee, C.Y.; Lin, C.S.-
282011Investigation of efficiency droop for InGaN-based UV light-emitting diodes with InAlGaN barrierTu, P.M.; 武東星; Chang, C.Y.; Huang, S.C.; Chiu, C.H.; Chang, J.R.; Chang, W.T.; Wuu, D.S.; Zan, H.W.; Lin, C.C.; Kuo, H.C.; Hsu, C.P.-
292010Transparent Barrier Coatings on High Temperature Resisting Polymer Substrates for Flexible Electronic ApplicationsWuu, D.S.; 武東星; Chen, T.N.; Lay, E.; Liu, C.H.; Chang, C.H.; Wei, H.F.; Jiang, L.Y.; Lee, H.U.; Chang, Y.Y.-
302011Synergy between corrosion and wear of electrodeposited Ni-P coating in NaCl solutionLee, H.B.; 武東星; Wuu, D.S.; Lee, C.V.; Lin, C.S.-
312010Wear and immersion corrosion of Ni-P electrodeposit in NaCl solutionLee, H.B.; 武東星; Wuu, D.S.; Lee, C.Y.; Lin, C.S.-
322010Light Extraction Study on Thin-Film GaN Light-Emitting Diodes With Electrodes Covering by Wafer Bonding and Textured SurfacesHorng, R.H.; 洪瑞華; Lu, Y.A.; Wuu, D.S.; 武東星-
332010Optimized Thermal Management From a Chip to a Heat Sink for High-Power GaN-Based Light-Emitting DiodesHorng, R.H.; 洪瑞華; Hong, J.S.; Tsai, Y.L.; Wuu, D.S.; Chen, C.M.; Chen, C.J.; 武東星; 陳志銘-
342010Thermal Management and Interfacial Properties in High-Power GaN-Based Light-Emitting Diodes Employing Diamond-Added Sn-3 wt.%Ag-0.5 wt.%Cu Solder as a Die-Attach MaterialChen, C.J.; 洪瑞華; Chen, C.M.; Horng, R.H.; Wuu, D.S.; Hong, J.S.; 武東星; 陳志銘-
35Jun-2010具有異質磊晶之奈米尺度結構的發光二極體惲軼群; 陳文郎; 洪瑞華; 武東星; 吳嘉城-
3611-Oct-2011可撓捲收折之面型光模組及其製造方法武東星; 洪瑞華; 蔣承忠; 陳文雋; 國立中興大學材料工程學系; National Chung Hsing University,Department of Materials Engineering; Miao-zhen Luo
37Dec-2011固晶組成物、其製法及應用其製得的發光二極體元件高玉駿; 楊祺雄; 陳志銘; 陳佳汝; 武東星; 洪瑞華-
38May-2010具有可反射光之黏著層的發光二極體晶片惲軼群; 陳文郎; 洪瑞華; WUU, DONG SING; 武東星-
39May-2012垂直導通式發光二極體的製作方法及其產品惲軼群; 陳文郎; 洪瑞華; 武東星-
40Nov-2010雙面粗化垂直導通式發光二極體及其製作方法高玉駿; 楊祺雄; 洪瑞華; 武東星-
41Oct-2011光電元件之磊晶基板的分離方法高玉駿; 楊祺雄; 武東星; 洪瑞華; 吳嘉誠; 顏呈穎-
42Jul-2010磊晶用基板的製造方法惲軼群; 陳文郎; 武東星; 洪瑞華; 吳嘉城; 林伯融-
43Jan-2012具雙面粗化垂直導通式發光二極體之製造方法及其產品惲軼群; 陳文郎; 洪瑞華; 武東星-
44Mar-2011堆疊式太陽能電池的製造方法及其製品高玉駿; 楊祺雄; 洪瑞華; 武東星; 曾明俊; 吳志宏; 趙志剛-
45Jan-2012具蝕刻通道的磊晶結構及其製造方法高玉駿; 楊祺雄; 林佳鋒; 戴俊傑; 王桂妙; 林明秀; 武東星-
46Jun-2012磊晶用基板及其製作方法高玉駿; 楊祺雄; 武東星; 洪瑞華; 林威廷-
47Apr-2012磊晶元件的製作方法高玉駿; 楊祺雄; 武東星; 洪瑞華-
48Jul-2010THE METHOD TO PRODUCE A LIGHT EMITTING DEVICE MODULE.惲軼群; 陳文郎; 武東星; 洪瑞華; 吳嘉城; 李君聖-
49Jul-2012具有高熱傳導率的發光晶片裝置郭雨嵐; 林發立; 洪瑞華; HORNG, RAY HUA; 武東星; 黃少華; 謝創宇; 林朝坤; WUU, DONG SING; HUANG, SHAO HUA; HSIEH, CHUANG YU; LIN, CHAO-KUN-
50Jul-2012具蝕刻停止層的磊晶結構及其製造方法高玉駿; 楊祺雄; 武東星; 洪瑞華; 蔡宗晏-
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