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12010Determination of Sinigrin in Vegetable Seeds by Online Microdialysis Sampling Coupled to Reverse-Phase Ion-Pair Liquid ChromatographyLin, T.H.; 黃振文; Huang, J.W.; Kumar, P.V.; Jen, J.F.; 鄭政峰-
22002Effect of ground Brassica seed meal on control of Rhizoctonia damping-off of cabbageChung, W.C.; 黃振文; Huang, J.W.; Huang, H.C.; Jen, J.F.; 鄭政峰-
32001Direct determination of sinigrin in mustard seed without desulfatation by reversed-phase ion-pair liquid chromatographyJen, J.F.; 黃振文; Lin, T.H.; Huang, J.W.; Chung, W.C.; 鄭政峰-
42008Histopathology comparison and phenylalanine ammonia lyase (PAL) gene expressions in Fusarium wilt infected watermelonsChang, P.F.L.; 黃振文; Hsu, C.C.; Lin, Y.H.; Chen, K.S.; Huang, J.W.; Liou, T.D.; 張碧芳-
52009Nature of Resistance to Methyl Benzimidazole Carbamate Fungicides in Fusarium oxysporum f.sp lilii and F-oxysporum f.sp gladioli in TaiwanChung, W.H.; 黃振文; Chung, W.C.; Ting, P.F.; Ru, C.C.; Huang, H.C.; Huang, J.W.; 鍾文鑫-
62003Purification and characterization of an antifungal chitinase in jelly fig (Ficus awkeotsang) achenesLi, Y.C.; 黃振文; Chang, C.T.; Hsiao, E.S.L.; Hsu, J.S.F.; Huang, J.W.; Tzen, J.T.C.; 曾志正-
72009Development of a molecular marker for specific detection of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp cubense race 4Lin, Y.H.; 黃振文; Chang, J.Y.; Liu, E.T.; Chao, C.P.; Huang, J.W.; Chang, P.F.L.; 張碧芳-
82009Development of a molecular method for rapid differentiation of watermelon lines resistant to Fusarium oxysporum f. sp niveumLin, Y.H.; 黃振文; Chen, K.S.; Liou, T.D.; Huang, J.W.; Chang, P.F.L.; 張碧芳-
92006New production method of convex microlens arrays for integrated fluorescence microfluidic detection systemsYang, H.; 黃振文; Shyu, R.F.; Huang, J.W.; 楊錫杭-
10Mar-1995梅白粉病的化學防治黃振文; 陳志弘; 鍾文全; 楊尚勳; 國立中興大學農學院
11Jun-2007利用農業廢棄物研製植物保護製劑產品黃振文; 國立中興大學農學院
12Dec-1992土壤添加物防治大粒種落花生莢果黑斑病之研究(2):石膏與其合成土壤添加物對落花生罹病及產量之影響陳世雄; 黃振文; 國立中興大學農學院
13Jun-1992土壤添加物防治大粒種落花生莢果黑斑病之研究(I):對落花生罹病率及產量之影響陳世雄; 黃振文; 國立中興大學農學院
142012作物有機栽培可用之病害防治資材(上)謝廷芳; 蔡志濃; 黃晉興; 安寶貞; 黃振文; 黃鴻章
152013作物有機栽培可用之病害防治資材(下)謝廷芳; 蔡志濃; 黃晉興; 安寶貞; 黃振文; 黃鴻章
16Dec-2009The+Effect+of+Tea+Seed+Pomace+on+Control+of+Cabbage+Seedling+Damping-off+Caused+by+Rhizoctonia+solani+AG-4Yang, Cheng-Wei; 楊正偉; Lin, Tsung-Chun; Huang, Jenn-Wen; 林宗俊; 黃振文; 國立中興大學農學院
171999Organic amendment of commercial culture media for improving control of Rhizoctonia damping-off of cabbageShiau, F.L.; 黃振文; Chung, W.C.; Huang, J.W.; Huang, H.C.-
182007Residue analysis of fungicide boscalid in cucumbers following applications of boscalid 50% water dispersible granuleChen, M.F.; 黃振文; Huang, J.W.; Chien, H.P.-
192005Inhibition of soil-borne plant pathogens by the treatment of sinigrin and myrosinases released from reconstructed Escherichia coli and Pichia pastorisChung, W.C.; 黃振文; Huang, H.C.; Chiang, B.T.; Huang, J.W.-
202010Development of the molecular methods for rapid detection and differentiation of Fusarium oxysporum and F. oxysporum f. sp niveum in TaiwanLin, Y.H.; 黃振文; Chen, K.S.; Chang, J.Y.; Wan, Y.L.; Hsu, C.C.; Huang, J.W.; Chang, P.F.L.-
212010Specific detection of benzimidazole resistance in Colletotrichum gloeosporioides from fruit crops by PCR-RFLPChung, W.H.; 黃振文; Chung, W.C.; Peng, M.T.; Yang, H.R.; Huang, J.W.-
222005Formulation of a soil biofungicide for control of dampincr-off of Chinese cabbage (Brassica chinensis) caused by Rhizoctonia solaniChung, W.C.; 黃振文; Huang, J.W.; Huang, H.C.-
232003Fungichromin: A substance from Streptomyces padanus with inhibitory effects on Rhizoctonia solaniShih, H.D.; 黃振文; Liu, Y.C.; Hsu, F.L.; Mulabagal, V.; Dodda, R.; Huang, J.W.; 劉永銓-
242010Development of a semiselective medium for detection of Mycosphaerella pinodes in soil, plant debris and seedChen, M.H.; 黃振文; Chung, W.C.; Huang, H.C.; Huang, J.W.-
252007Effects of nutrients on production of fungichromin by Streptomyces padanus PMS-702 and efficacy of control of Phytophthora infestansHuang, J.W.; 黃振文; Shih, H.D.; Huang, H.C.; Chung, W.C.-
262006New production method of convex microlens arrays for integrated fluorescence microfluidic detection systemsYang, H.; 黃振文; Shyu, R.F.; Huang, J.W.; 楊錫杭-
272011Application of antagonistic rhizobacteria for control of Fusarium seedling blight and basal rot of lilyChung, W.C.; 黃振文; Wu, R.S.; Hsu, C.P.; Huang, H.C.; Huang, J.W.-
282009Control of plant diseases with secondary metabolite of Clitocybe nudaChen, J.T.; 黃振文; Huang, J.W.-
292006Two new species of Kirschsteiniothelia from TaiwanChen, C.Y.; 黃振文; Wang, C.L.; Huang, J.W.-
302011Determination of Alachlor and Its Metabolite 2,6-Diethylaniline in Microbial Culture Medium Using Online Microdialysis Enriched-Sampling Coupled to High-Performance Liquid ChromatographyChen, C.Z.; 黃振文; Yan, C.T.; Kumar, P.V.; Huang, J.W.; Jen, J.F.; 鄭政峰-
312006Control of apothecia of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum by soil amendment with S-H mixture or Perlka (R) in bean, canola and wheat fieldsHuang, H.C.; 黃振文; Erickson, R.S.; Phillippe, L.M.; Mueller, C.A.; Sun, S.K.; Huang, J.W.-
322002Evaluation of onion cultivars for resistance to Aspergillus niger, the causal agent of black moldKo, S.S.; 黃振文; Huang, J.W.; Wang, J.F.; Shanmugasundaram, S.; Chang, W.N.-
331999Effect of film-forming polymers on control of lily leaf blight caused by Botrytis ellipticaHsieh, T.F.; 黃振文; Huang, J.W.-
342010Bioactive Saponin from Tea Seed Pomace with Inhibitory Effects against Rhizoctonia solaniKuo, P.C.; 黃振文; Lin, T.C.; Yang, C.W.; Lin, C.L.; Chen, G.F.; Huang, J.W.-
352000A formulated container medium suppressive to Rhizoctonia damping-off of cabbageHuang, J.W.; 黃振文; Huang, H.C.-
362011Deciphering the roles of fatty acids and oils in fungichromin enhancement from Streptomyces padanusZang, C.Z.; 黃振文; Chang, Y.N.; Chen, H.B.; Wu, J.Y.; Chen, C.I.; Huang, J.W.; Shih, H.D.; Liu, Y.C.; 劉永銓-
372005Analysis of insecticide clothianidin and its metabolites in rice by liquid chromatography with a UV detectorChen, M.F.; 黃振文; Huang, J.W.; Wong, S.S.; Li, G.C.-
382006Astrosphaeriella linguiformis, a new species on bambooChen, C.Y.; 黃振文; Huang, J.W.-
39Sep-2011Development+of+a+Medium+for+Detecting+Ophiostoma+querci+on+China+Fir+and+Its+ApplicationWu, Yi-Yan; 吳宜晏; Lin, Tsung-Chun; Jian, Israel Bau-Jen; Liao, Tien-Szu; Huang, Jenn-Wen; 林宗俊; 姜保真; 廖天賜; 黃振文; 國立中興大學農學院
401-Mar-2013Development of a Selective Medium for Detecting Ganoderma lucidum in Compost林竑廷; 林宗俊; 黃振文; Hung-Ting Lin; Tsung-Chun Lin; Jenn-Wen Huang; 國立中興大學農學院
Results 1-40 of 40 (Search time: 0.002 seconds).
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