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11985On Finding the Diameter of a Set of LinesY.T.Ching; D.T.Lee-
21980An O(n log n) Heuristic Algorithm for the Rectilinear Steiner Minimal Tree ProblemJ.M.Smith; D.T.Lee; J.S.Liebman-
3Jan-1984On 2-Dimensional Channel Assignment ProblemD.T.Lee; J.Y.T.Leung-
4Mar-1986Computational Complexity of Art Gallery ProblemsD.T.Lee; A.K.Lin-
5Aug-1989A New Approach to Topological Via MinimizationM.Sarrafzadeh; D.T.Lee-
6Jan-1983(g0, g1,..., gk)-Trees and Unary 0L SystemsD.T.Lee; C.L.Liu; C.K.Wong-
71986Computing the Largest Empty RectangleB.Chazelle; R.L.Drysdale; D.T.Lee-
8Jun-1981An On-Chip Compare/Steer Bubble SorterD.T.Lee; H.Chang; C.K.Wong-
91984On Maximum Empty Rectangle ProblemA.Naamad; W.L.Hsu; D.T.Lee-
10Feb-1984On a Circle-Cover Minimization ProblemC.C.Lee; D.T.Lee-
11Sep-1980Quintary Trees: A File Structure for Multidimensional Database SystemsD.T.Lee; C.K.Wong-
12Sep-1989On-Line Bin Packing in Linear TimeP.Ramanan; D.J.Brown; C.C.Lee; D.T.Lee-
13Jul-1982Medial Axis Transformation of a Planar ShapeD.T.Lee-
14Feb-1980Voronoi Diagrams in L1 (L∞) Metrics with 2-Dimensional Storage ApplicationsD.T.Lee; C.K.Wong-
15Oct-1980Two Dimensional Voronoi Diagrams in the Lp-metricD.T.Lee-
16Feb-1981Generalization of Voronoi Diagram in the PlaneD.T.Lee; R.L.Drysdale-
171981Record Allocation for Minimizing Expected Seek Delay TimeU.I.Gupta; D.T.Lee; J.Y.T.Leung; J.W.Pruitt; C.K.Wong-
18Apr-1983On Finding the Convex Hull of a Simple PolygonD.T.Lee-
191982Efficient Algorithms for Interval Graphs and Circular-arc GraphsU.I.Gupta; D.T.Lee; J.Y.T.Leung-
201989Rectilinear Shortest Paths with Rectangular BarriersRezende,; D.T.Lee; Y.F.Wu-
211981Finding Intersection of Rectangles by Range SearchD.T.Lee; C.K.Wong-
221986On a Circle Placement ProblemB.M.Chazelle; D.T.Lee-
23Sep-1983Dynamic Voronoi DiagramsI.G.Gowda; D.G.Kirkpatrick; D.T.Lee; A.Naamad-
241985Computing the Relative Neighborhood Graph in the L1-metricD.T.Lee-
25Jul-1981Number of Vias: A Control Parameter for Global Wiring of High Density ChipsD.T.Lee; S.J.Hong; C.K.Wong-
26Dec-1989Parallel Batched Planar Point Location on the CCCD.T.Lee; F.P.Preparata-
271981An O(n log n) Heuristic for Steiner Minimal Tree Problems on the Euclidean MetricJ.M.Smith; D.T.Lee; J.S.Liebman-
28Dec-1984Computational Geometry: A SurveyD.T.Lee; F.P.Preparata-
291986Generalized Delaunay Triangulation for Planar GraphsD.T.Lee; A.K.Lin-
30Sep-1982An Improved Algorithm for the Rectangle Enclosure ProblemD.T.Lee; F.P.Preparata-
311984Euclidean Shortest Paths in the Presence of Rectilinear BarriersD.T.Lee; F.P.Preparata-
32Aug-1982Ranking and Unranking of 2-3 TreesU.I.Gupta; D.T.Lee; C.K.Wong-
33Sep-1986Generating Binary Trees of Bounded HeightC.C.Lee; D.T.Lee; C.K.Wong-
34Jul-1985A Simple On-Line Bin Packing AlgorithmC.C.Lee; D.T.Lee-
35Apr-1986Computing the Visibility Polygon from an EdgeD.T.Lee; A.K.Lin-
36Mar-1983Ranking and Unranking of B-TreesU.I.Gupta; D.T.Lee; C.K.Wong-
37Dec-1983On the X-Y Convex Hull of a Set of X-Y polygonsT.M.Nicholl; D.T.Lee; Y.Z.Liao; C.K.Wong-
38Mar-1986Geometric Complexity of Some Location ProblemsD.T.Lee; Y.F.Wu-
39Feb-1984An Optimal Time and Minimal Space Algorithm for Rectangle Intersection ProblemsD.T.Lee-
401985The Power of Geometric Duality RevisitedD.T.Lee; Y.T.Ching-
41Jun-1980Two Algorithms for Constructing Delaunay TriangulationsD.T.Lee; B.J.Schacter-
42Dec-1982An Optimal Illumination Region Algorithm for Convex PolygonsD.T.Lee; Jr, C.B.Silio-
431984Graph Algorithms on a Tree-Structured Parallel ComputerD.Y.Yeh; D.T.Lee-
44May-1983Visibility of a Simple PolygonD.T.Lee-
45Jun-1982On k-Nearest Neighbor Voronoi Diagrams in the PlaneD.T.Lee-
461985The Power of Geometric DualityB.Chazelle; L.J.Guibas; D.T.Lee-
471983Maximum Clique Problem of Rectangle GraphsD.T.Lee-
48Jun-1989Bounded-Diameter Spanning Tree and Related ProblemsHo, Jan-Ming; D.T.Lee; C.H.Chang; C.K.Wong-
491984A Visibility Problem in VLSI Layout CompactionM.Schlag; F.Luccio; P.Maestrini; D.T.Lee; C.K.Wong-
501985Display of Visible Edges of a Set of Convex PolygonsD.T.Lee; I.M.Chen; Computational Geometry, Page(s) �249-265.-
Results 1-50 of 50 (Search time: 0.002 seconds).
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