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11972(Insect Biochem., 02:467-475)Isoprenol biosynthesis in the fly, Sarcophaga bullataR.D. Goodfellow; Y. S. Huang; H. E. Radtke; 國立中興大學食品暨生物科技學系
21973(Insect Biochem., 03:061-065)Studies on squalene biosynthesis in Sarcophaga bullata larvaeR. D. Goodfellow; H. E. Radke; Y. S. Huang; G. C. K. Liu; 國立中興大學食品暨生物科技學系-
31977(Proc. Soc. Exp. Biol. Med., 154:470-473)Cyclic fluctuation of plasma cholesterol level in female miniature swineS. Lussier-Cacan; E. Bolte; M. Bidallier; Y. S. Huang; J. Davignon; 國立中興大學食品暨生物科技學系-
41979(Can. J. Physiol. Pharmacol., 58:1381-1387)Cholesterol turnover in miniature swine with a portacaval shuntY. S. Huang; Lussier-Cacan, S.; Bidallier, M.; Tsay, L.H.; Rheault, M.J.; Davignon, J.; 國立中興大學食品暨生物科技學系
51978(Can. J. Neurol. Sci., 04:149-156)Plasma lipids and lipoproteins in Friedreich's ataxia and familial spastic ataxiaY. S. Huang; C. Nestruck; A. Barbeau; J. P. Bouchard; J. Davignon; 國立中興大學食品暨生物科技學系
61979(Can. J. Neurol. Sci., 06:291-294)Erythrocyte membrane lipids in Friedreich's ataxiaP. Draper; Y. S. Huang; D. Shapcott; B. Lemieux; M. Brenner; A. Barbeau; J. Davignon; 國立中興大學食品暨生物科技學系
71977(Arch. Intern. Med., 137:1429-1434)Diet and probucol in lowering cholesterol concentrationsJ. Lelorier; S. Dubreuil-Quidoz; S. Lussier-Cacan; Y. S. Huang; J. Davignon; 國立中興大學食品暨生物科技學系
81979(Can. J. Neurol. Sci., 06:275-283)Fatty acid profile of major lipid classes in plasma lipoproteins of patients with Friedreich's ataxia - demonstration of a low linoleic acid content most evident in the cholesterol-ester fractionJ. Davignon; Y. S. Huang; J. P. Wolf; A. Barbeau; 國立中興大學食品暨生物科技學系