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12011Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Micronization of Zeaxanthin from Moderately Thermophilic Bacteria Muricauda lutaonensis CC-HSB-11(T)Hameed, A.; 楊秋忠; Arun, A.B.; Ho, H.P.; Chang, C.M.J.; Rekha, P.D.; Lee, M.R.; Singh, S.; Young, C.C.; 張傑明; 李茂榮-
22011Evaluation of the optimal strategy for ex situ bioremediation of diesel oil-contaminated soilLin, T.C.; 楊秋忠; Pan, P.T.; Young, C.C.; Chang, J.S.; Chang, T.C.; Cheng, S.S.-
32011Flavobacterium macrobrachii sp nov., isolated from a freshwater shrimp culture pondSheu, S.Y.; 楊秋忠; Chiu, T.F.; Young, C.C.; Arun, A.B.; Chen, W.M.-
42011Salinicoccus sesuvii sp nov., isolated from the rhizosphere of Sesuvium portulacastrumKampfer, P.; 楊秋忠; Arun, A.B.; Busse, H.J.; Young, C.C.; Lai, W.A.; Rekha, P.D.; Chen, W.M.-
52011Allobacillus halotolerans gen. nov., sp nov isolated from shrimp pasteSheu, S.Y.; 楊秋忠; Arun, A.B.; Jiang, S.R.; Young, C.C.; Chen, W.M.-
62011Microbacterium arthrosphaerae sp nov., isolated from the faeces of the pill millipede Arthrosphaera magna AttemsKampfer, P.; 楊秋忠; Rekha, P.D.; Schumann, P.; Arun, A.B.; Young, C.C.; Chen, W.M.; Sridhar, K.R.-
72011Novosphingobium soli sp. nov., isolated from soilKampfer, P.; 楊秋忠; Young, C.C.; Busse, H.J.; Lin, S.Y.; Rekha, P.D.; Arun, A.B.; Chen, W.M.; Shen, F.T.; Wu, Y.H.; 沈佛亭-
82011Purification of algal anti-tyrosinase zeaxanthin from Nannochloropsis oculata using supercritical anti-solvent precipitationShen, C.T.; 楊秋忠; Chen, P.Y.; Wu, J.J.; Lee, T.M.; Hsu, S.L.; Chang, C.M.J.; Young, C.C.; Shieh, C.J.; 張傑明-
92011Glutamate wastewater as a culture medium for Azospirillum rugosum production and its impact on plant growthSingh, S.; 楊秋忠; Rekha, P.D.; Arun, A.B.; Hameed, A.; Shen, F.T.; Young, C.C.; 沈佛亭-
102011Pseudoteredinibacter isoporae gen. nov., sp nov., a marine bacterium isolated from the reef-building coral Isopora paliferaChen, M.H.; 楊秋忠; Sheu, S.Y.; Arun, A.B.; Young, C.C.; Chen, C.A.; Wang, J.T.; Chen, W.M.-
112011Gordonia humi sp. nov., isolated from soilKampfer, P.; 楊秋忠; Young, C.C.; Chu, J.N.; Frischmann, A.; Busse, H.J.; Arun, A.B.; Shen, F.T.; Rekha, P.D.; 沈佛亭-
122011Wastewater from monosodium glutamate industry as a low cost fertilizer source for corn (Zea mays L.)Singh, S.; 楊秋忠; Rekha, P.D.; Arun, A.B.; Huang, Y.M.; Shen, F.T.; Young, C.C.-
132011Virgibacillus soli sp. nov., isolated from mountain soilKampfer, P.; 楊秋忠; Arun, A.B.; Busse, H.J.; Langer, S.; Young, C.C.; Chen, W.M.; Syed, A.A.; Rekha, P.D.-
142011Jhaorihella thermophila gen. nov., sp nov., a moderately thermophilic bacterium isolated from a coastal hot springRekha, P.D.; 楊秋忠; Young, C.C.; Kampfer, P.; Martin, K.; Arun, A.B.; Chen, W.M.; Lai, W.A.; Chao, J.H.; Shen, F.T.; 沈佛亭-
152011Rapid detection and identification of the free-living nitrogen fixing genus Azospirillum by 16S rRNA-gene-targeted genus-specific primersLin, S.Y.; 楊秋忠; Shen, F.T.; Young, C.C.; 沈佛亭-
162011The flexibility of UV-inducible mutation in Deinococcus ficus as evidenced by the existence of the imuB-dnaE2 gene cassette and generation of superior feather degrading bacteriaZeng, Y.H.; 楊秋忠; Shen, F.T.; Tan, C.C.; Huang, C.C.; Young, C.C.; 黃介辰; 譚鎮中; 沈佛亭-
172011慣行農耕及永續農耕農業生態系統服務之評估及因應策略-慣行農耕及永續農耕土壤微生物相變遷及功能之影響評估及因應策略(I)楊秋忠; 行政院國家科學委員會; 國立中興大學土壤環境科學系(所)-
182011Effect of Multi-P-Solubilizing Microbes on the Production of Different Crops(II)楊秋忠; 羅朝村; 譚鎮中; 陳鴻基; 黃裕銘; 行政院農業委員會; 中興大學土壤環境科學系(所)-
192011Characterization of Plant Growth Promotion in Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria and Endophytic Bacteria under Long Term Various Fertilizations in the Paddy and Upland Cropping System(I)楊秋忠; 行政院國家科學委員會; 國立中興大學土壤環境科學系(所)-
202011Development of Multi-Function with High Quality for Biofilm Microbial Fertilizer and Establishment of a Platform for the Selection of Microbial New Species(II)楊秋忠; 行政院國家科學委員會; 國立中興大學土壤環境科學系(所)-
212011Development for the Technological Improvements of Deodorization and Product Quality of the Pig Dung Fast Treatment楊秋忠; 行政院國家科學委員會; 國立中興大學土壤環境科學系(所)-
Results 1-21 of 21 (Search time: 0.003 seconds).
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