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12006(Comp.Biochem.Physiol.(Pt.A),143:406-415)Short-term effects of hyposmotic shock on Na+/K+-ATPase expression in gills of the euryhaline milkfish,Chanos chanosY.M.Lin; C.N.Chen; T.Yoshinaga; S.C.Tsai; I.D.Shen; T.H.Lee; 國立中興大學生命科學系-
22009(Comp.Biochem.Physiol.(Part A),152:544-551)Differential responses in gills of euryhaline tilapia,Oreochromis mossambicus,to various hyperosmotic shocksP.J.Wang; C.H.Lin; L.Y.Hwang; C.L.Huang; T.H.Lee; P.P.Hwang; 國立中興大學生命科學系-
32009(J.Exp.Mar.Biol.Ecol.,375:041-050)Na+/K+-ATPase expression in gills of the euryhaline sailfin molly,Poecilia latipinna,is altered in response to salinity challengeW.K.Yang; J.R.Hseu; C.H.Tang; M.J.Chung; S.M.Wu; T.H.Lee; 國立中興大學生命科學系-
42010Elevated Na+/K+-ATPase responses and its potential role in triggering ion-reabsorption in kidneys for homeostasis of marine euryhaline milkfish (Chanos chanos) when acclimated to hypotonic fresh water.C.H.Tang; W.Y.Wu; S.C.Tsai; T. Yoshinaga; T.H.Lee; 國立中興大學生命科學系-
52008(The Journal of Experimental Biology,211:3750-3758)Branchial FXYD protein expression in response to salinity change and its interaction with Na+/K+-ATPase of the euryhaline teleost Tetraodon nigroviridisP.J.Wang; C.H.Lin; H.H.Hwang; T.H.Lee; 國立中興大學生命科學系
62007(J.Fish.Soc.Taiwan,34(1):087-100)Localization of chloride transporters in gill epithelium of the grass pufferfish,Takifugu niphoblesI.D.Shen; Y.H.Chiu; T.H.Lee; P.P.Hwang; 國立中興大學生命科學系
72008(Comp.Biochem.Physiol.(Pt.A),151:566-575)Differential expression of branchial Na+/K+-ATPase of two medaka species,Oryzias latipes and Oryzias dancena,with different salinity tolerances acclimated to fresh water,brackish water and seawaterC.K.Kang; S.C.Tsai; T.H.Lee; P.P.Hwang; 國立中興大學生命科學系-
82007(Comp.Biochem.Physiol.(Pt.A),147:521-528)The Effect of environmental salinity on the protein expression of Na+/K+-ATPase,Na+/K+/2Cl− cotransporter,cystic fibrosistransmembrane conductance regulator,anion exchanger 1,and chloride channel 3 in gills of a euryhaline teleost,Tetraodon nigroviridisC.H.Tang; T.H.Lee; 國立中興大學生命科學系-
92007(2007 International Conference of Comparative Physiology Biochemistry and Toxicology Abstract,p074)Environmental salinities alter protein abundance of Na+/K+-ATPase ,Cl-transporters,and carbonic anhydrase II in gills of a marine euryhaline teleost,Chanos chanosC.H.Tang; S.K.Chou; T.H.Lee; 國立中興大學生命科學系-
102006(APS Intersociety Meeting:Comparative Physiology 2006:Integrating Diversity in Virginia Beach Abstract, p051)Differential protein expression of Na+/K+-ATPase and chloride transporterin gills of the seawaterand freshwater-acclimated spotted green pufferfish,Tetraodon nigroviridisC.H.Tang; T.H.Lee; 國立中興大學生命科學系-
112007(2007 International Conference of Comparative Physiology Biochemistry and Toxicology Abstract,p081)Branchial FXYD protein expression and interaction with Na+/K+-ATPase is salinity-dependent in the euryhaline pufferfish,Tetraodon nigroviridisP.J.Wang; T.H.Lee; 國立中興大學生命科學系-
122008(8th International Congress on the Biology of Fish:Fish Biology Congress Abstract,p094)The responses of Na+/K+-ATPase and heat shock protein 90 in the marine euryhaline grass puffer,Takifugu niphobles,upon osmotic stressC.H.Tang; T.H.Lee; 國立中興大學生命科學系-
132008Differential expression of branchial Na+/K+-ATPase of two medaka species,Oryzias latipes and Oryzias dancena,acclimated to fresh water,brackish water,and seawaterC.K.Kang; S.C.Tsai; T.H.Lee; 國立中興大學生命科學系-
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