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1Mar-2004(Computer Standards & Interfaces, 24(2):073-084)Generalization of Proxy Signature Based on Elliptic CurvesChwei-Shyong Tsai; 蔡垂雄; M. S. Hwang; S. F. Tzeng; C. S. Tsai; 國立中興大學資訊管理學系-
22003(Informatica, 14(3):393-402)Improved Non-repudiable Threshold Proxy Signature Scheme with Known Signers蔡垂雄; Chwei-Shyong Tsai; C. S. Tsai; S. F. Tzeng; M. S. Hwang; 國立中興大學資訊管理學系
3Jul-2005(Applied Mathematics and Computation, 166(1):118-112)Cryptanalysis of an Authenticated Encryption Scheme Using Self-Certified Public Keys蔡垂雄; Chwei-Shyong Tsai; C. S. Tsai; S. C. Lin; M. S. Hwang; 國立中興大學資訊管理學系-
4Oct-2005(IEE Proceedings Vision, Image and Signal Processing, 152(5):611-615)Image Steganographic Scheme Based on Pixel-Value Differencing and LSB Replacement蔡垂雄; Chwei-Shyong Tsai; H. C. Wu; N. I. Wu; C. S. Tsai; M. S. Hwang; 國立中興大學資訊管理學系-
52003(IEEE International Conference on Information Technology: Research and Education (ITRE 2003), p282-p285)A New Secure Generalization of Threshold Signature Scheme蔡垂雄; Chwei-Shyong Tsai; M. S. Hwang; S. F. Tzeng; C. S. Tsai; 國立中興大學資訊管理學系
6Mar-2004(The 18th International Conference on Advanced Information Networking and Applications, p160-p163)On the Security of an Enhanced Authentication Key Exchange Protocol蔡垂雄; Chwei-Shyong Tsai; M. S. Hwang; T. Y. Chang; S. C. Lin; C. S. Tsai; 國立中興大學資訊管理學系-