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12009Surveillance of Endoparasitic Infections and the First Report of Physaloptera sp and Sarcocystis spp. in Farm Rodents and Shrews in Central TaiwanTung, K.C.; 賴政宏; Hsiao, F.C.; Yang, C.H.; Chou, C.C.; Lee, W.M.; Wang, K.S.; Lai, C.H.; 董光中; 周濟眾; 李衛民-
22001Susceptibility of mosquitoes in central Taiwan to natural infections of Dirofilaria immitisLai, C.H.; 賴政宏; Tung, K.C.; Ooi, H.K.; Wang, J.S.; 黃鴻堅; 董光中-
32003Cerebrospinal setariosis with Setaria marshalli and Setaria digitata infection in cattleTung, K.C.; 賴政宏; Lai, C.H.; Ooi, H.K.; Yang, C.H.; Wang, J.S.; 黃鴻堅; 董光中-
42000Serological survey and first finding of Neospora caninum in Taiwan, and the detection of its antibodies in various body fluids of cattleOoi, H.K.; 黃鴻堅; Huang, C.C.; Yang, C.H.; Lee, S.H.-
51999Natural mass infection by heterophyid metacercariae in aquacultured Japanese eel in TaiwanOoi, H.K.; 黃鴻堅; Wang, W.S.; Tu, C.Y.; Chang, H.Y.; Chen, C.I.-
62004An abortion storm in cattle associated with neosporosis in TaiwanHuang, C.C.; 黃鴻堅; Ting, L.J.; Shiau, J.R.; Chen, M.C.; Ooi, H.K.-
72006Survey of gastrointestinal parasitic infections in quarantined dogs in TaiwanHo, S.Y.; 黃鴻堅; Watanabe, Y.; Lee, Y.C.; Shih, T.H.; Tu, W.J.; Ooi, H.K.-
82010Reproduction of the Bath Sponge Spongia ceylonensis (Dictyoceratida: Spongiidae) from Penghu, TaiwanChung, I.F.; 李宗翰; Huang, Y.M.; Lee, T.H.; Liu, L.L.-
92009Intraspecific Relationships of Populations of the Brown Frog Rana sauteri (Ranidae) on Taiwan, Inferred from Mitochondrial Cytochrome b SequencesJang-Liaw, N.H.; 李宗翰; Lee, T.H.-
102008Phylogeography of Sylvirana latouchii (Anura, Ranidae) in TaiwanJang-Liaw, N.H.; 李宗翰; Lee, T.H.; Chou, W.H.-
112007Predictive value of serial measurements of sTREM-1 in the treatment response of patients with community-acquired pneumoniaChao, W.C.; 周寬基; Wang, C.H.; Chan, M.C.; Chow, K.C.; Hsu, J.Y.; Wu, C.L.-
122005A new species of freshwater crab (Decapoda : Brachyura : Potamidae) from Dongyin Island, Matsu, Taiwan, defined by morphological and molecular characters, with notes on its biogeographyShih, H.T.; 施習德; Chen, G.X.; Wang, L.M.-
132005Chimney building by male Uca formosensis Rathbun, 1921 (Crustacea : Decapoda : Ocypodidae) after pairing: A new hypothesis for chimney functionShih, H.T.; 施習德; Mok, H.K.; Chang, H.W.-
142008A new species of Geothelphusa Stimpson, 1857, from Taiwan (Crustacea : Brachyura : Potamidae) based on morphological and molecular evidence, with notes on species from western TaiwanShih, H.T.; 施習德; Naruse, T.; Yeo, D.C.J.-
152010Earthworm fauna of Eastern Taiwan, with descriptions of two new species (Oligochaeta: Megascolecidae)Wang, Y.H.; 施習德; Shih, H.T.-
162009Geothelphusa makatao sp nov (Crustacea: Brachyura: Potamidae), a new freshwater crab from an uplifted Pleistocene reef in TaiwanShih, H.T.; 施習德; Shy, J.Y.-
172004The inspection of the triggering mechanism for a hazardous mudflow in an urbanized territoryChen, H.; 游繁結; Chen, R.H.; Yu, F.C.; Chen, W.S.; Hung, J.J.-
182009Determining landslide susceptibility in Central Taiwan from rainfall and six site factors using the analytical hierarchy process methodWu, C.H.; 陳樹群; Chen, S.C.-
192005Rainfall duration and debris-flow initiated studies for real-time monitoringChen, C.Y.; 游繁結; Chen, T.C.; Yu, F.C.; Yu, W.H.; Tseng, C.C.-
202009Resilient capacity assessment for geological failure areas: examples from communities affected by debris flow disasterChen, S.C.; 陳樹群; Wu, C.Y.; Wu, T.Y.-
212006Landslides and rainfall characteristics analysis in Taipei City during the Typhoon Nari eventYu, F.C.; 游繁結; Chen, T.C.; Lin, M.L.; Chen, C.Y.; Yu, W.H.-
222004A landslide dam breach induced debris flow - a case study on downstream hazard areas delineationChen, C.Y.; 游繁結; Chen, T.C.; Yu, F.C.; Hung, F.Y.-
242008Valuing the potential economic impact of climate change on the Taiwan troutTseng, W.C.; 陳吉仲; Chen, C.C.; 曾偉君-
252011Measuring the innovation ability of Taiwan's food industry using DEAAgnieszka, M.Dadura; Lee, Tzong-Ru (Jiun-Shen); National Chung Hsing University,Department of Marketing; 國立中興大學行銷學系; Miao-zhen Luo-
262006The long-run relationship between defence expenditures and GDP in TaiwanLee, C.C.; 李建強; Chang, C.P.-
272001Mogoplistidae (Orthoptera : Grylloidea) of Taiwan with lectotype designations of Shiraki's speciesYang, J.T.; 楊正澤; Yen, F.S.-
282001Morphology and character evaluation of scales in scaly crickets (Orthoptera : Grylloidea : Mogoplistidae)Yang, J.T.; 楊正澤; Yen, F.S.-
292007A new species, Coleotroctellus huisunensis (Psocoptera : Troctopsocidae), from Taiwan, with a key to species of ColeotroctellusChan, M.L.; 楊正澤; Yang, J.T.-
302006The Bostrichidae (Coleoptera) of Taiwan: a key to species, new records, and a lectotype designation for Sinoxylon mangiferae ChujoLiu, L.Y.; 楊正澤; Beaver, R.A.; Yang, J.T.-
312004Island-based catchment-The Taiwan exampleChen, C.T.A.; Liu, J.T.; Tsuang, B.J.-
322008Parents' Attitudes toward the English Education Policy in TaiwanChang, Y.F.; 張玉芳-
332011Suppliers' willingness of customization, effective communication, and trust: a study of switching cost antecedentsYen, Y.X.; 王世澤; Wang, E.S.T.; Horng, D.J.-
352014Cumulative body burdens of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons associated with estrogen bioactivation in pregnant women: Protein adducts as biomarkers of exposureLin, Che; Chen, Dar-Ren; Wang, Shu-Li; Hsieh, Wei-Chung; Yu, Wen-Fa; Wang, Tzu-Wen; Tsai, Chen-His; Wei, Hz-Han; Tsuang, Ben-Jei; Lin, Po-Hsiung-
362010Stable isotopic characteristic of Taiwan's precipitation: A case study of western Pacific monsoon regionPeng, T.R.; 彭宗仁; Wang, C.H.; Huang, C.C.; Fei, L.Y.; Chen, C.T.A.; Hwong, J.L.-
37Mar-2014KPC-2-encoding plasmids from Escherichia coli and Klebsiella pneumoniae in TaiwanChen, Ying-Tsong; Lin, Jung-Chung; Fung, Chang-Phone; Lu, Po-Liang; Chuang, Yin-Ching; Wu, Tsu-Lan; Siu, L Kristopher-
382008Identification of the origin of salinization in groundwater using multivariate statistical analysis and geochemical modeling: a case study of Kaohsiung, Southwest TaiwanLu, H.Y.; 彭宗仁; Peng, T.R.; Liou, T.S.-
392014Geographical heterogeneity and influenza infection within householdsChao, Day-Yu; Cheng, Kuang-Fu; Hsieh, Ying-Hen; Li, Tsai-Chung; Wu, Trong-Neng; Chen, Chiu-Ying
40Jul-2012Using oxygen, hydrogen, and tritium isotopes to assess pond water’s contribution to groundwater and local precipitation in the pediment tableland areas of northwestern TaiwanPeng, Tsung-Ren; Huang, Chi-Chao; Wang, Chung-Ho; Liu, Tsung-Kwei; Lu, Wan-Chung; Chen, Kuan-Yu; Wei Chun Wang-
412014Differential diagnosis of Goatpox virus in Taiwan by multiplex polymerase chain reaction assay and high-resolution melt analysisChan, K.-W.; Lee, M.-L.; Yang, W.-C.; Wong, M.-L.; Hsu, W.-L.; Ho, C.-F.; Hsieh, Y.-C.; Wang, C.-Y.-
422008Assessment of terrestrial factors controlling the submarine groundwater discharge in water shortage and highly deformed island of Taiwan, western Pacific OceanPeng, T.R.; 彭宗仁; Chen, C.T.A.; Wang, C.H.; Zhanc, J.; Lin, Y.J.-
432010Identification of groundwater sources of a local-scale creep slope: Using environmental stable isotopes as tracersPeng, T.R.; 彭宗仁; Wang, C.H.; Hsu, S.M.; Wang, G.S.; Su, T.W.; Lee, J.F.-
442006Study of stable isotopes for highly deformed aquifers in the Hsinchu-Miaoli area, TaiwanLu, H.Y.; 彭宗仁; Peng, T.R.; Liu, T.K.; Wang, C.H.; Huang, C.C.-
452014The temporal trend of influenza-associated morbidity and the impact of early appearance of antigenic drifted strains in a Southeast Asian countryLian, Ie-Bin; Wu, Hong-Dar Isaac; Chang, Wan-Tzu; Chao, Day-Yu
462014Genotoxic Klebsiella pneumoniae in TaiwanLai, Yi-Chyi; Lin, Ann-Chi; Chiang, Ming-Ko; Dai, Yu-Han; Hsu, Chih-Chieh; Lu, Min-Chi; Liau, Chun-Yi; Chen, Ying-Tsong
472007Using hydrogen, oxygen, and tritium isotopes to identify the hydrological factors contributing to landslides in a mountainous area, central TaiwanPeng, T.R.; 彭宗仁; Wang, C.H.; Lai, T.C.; Ho, F.S.K.-
482013Aquibacter zeaxanthinifaciens gen. nov., sp. nov., a zeaxanthin-producing bacterium of the family Flavobacteriaceae isolated from surface seawater, and emended descriptions of the genera Aestuariibaculum and GaetbulibacterHameed, A.; Shahina, M.; Lin, S.-Y.; Lai, W.-A.; Hsu, Y.-H.; Liu, Y.-C.; Young, C.-C.-
492014Gramella oceani sp. nov., a zeaxanthin-producing bacterium of the family Flavobacteriaceae isolated from marine sedimentHameed, A.; Shahina, M.; Lin, S.-Y.; Liu, Y.-C.; Lai, W.-A.; Young, C.-C.-
502014Asymptomatic ratio for seasonal H1N1 influenza infection among schoolchildren in TaiwanHsieh, Ying-Hen; Tsai, Chen-An; Lin, Chien-Yu; Chen, Jin-Hua; King, Chwan-Chuen; Chao, Day-Yu; Cheng, Kuang-Fu
Results 1-50 of 214 (Search time: 0.002 seconds).