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12010Adaptive Inverse Hyperbolic Tangent Algorithm for Dynamic Contrast Adjustment in Displaying ScenesYu, C.Y.; 歐陽彥杰; Ouyang, Y.C.; Wang, C.M.; Chang, C.I.-
22008Band expansion-based over-complete independent component analysis for multispectral processing of magnetic resonance imagesOuyang, Y.C.; 歐陽彥杰; Chen, H.M.; Chai, J.W.; Chen, C.C.C.; Poon, S.K.; Yang, C.W.; Lee, S.K.; Chang, C.I.-
32006A new growing method for simplex-based endmember extraction algorithmChang, C.I.; 歐陽彥杰; Wu, C.C.; Liu, W.M.; Ouyang, Y.C.-
42008Independent component analysis for magnetic resonance image analysisOuyang, Y.C.; 歐陽彥杰; Chen, H.M.; Chai, J.W.; Chen, C.C.; Chen, C.C.C.; Poon, S.K.; Yang, C.W.; Lee, S.K.-
52006Neural networks based variable bit rate traffic prediction for traffic control using multiple leaky bucketOuyang, Y.C.; 歐陽彥杰; Yang, C.W.; Lian, W.S.-
62010Secure Adaptive Topology Control for Wireless Ad-Hoc Sensor NetworksHsueh, C.T.; 歐陽彥杰; Li, Y.W.; Wen, C.Y.; Ouyang, Y.C.; 溫志煜-
72009Secure authentication policy with evidential signature scheme for WLANOuyang, Y.C.; 歐陽彥杰; Hsueh, C.T.; Chen, H.W.-
82009Spectral derivative feature coding for hyperspectral signature analysisChang, C.I.; 歐陽彥杰; Chakravarty, S.; Chen, H.M.; Ouyang, Y.C.-
92010Quantitative Analysis in Clinical Applications of Brain MRI Using Independent Component Analysis Coupled With Support Vector MachineChai, J.W.; 歐陽彥杰; Chen, C.C.C.; Chiang, C.M.; Ho, Y.J.; Chen, H.M.; Ouyang, Y.C.; Yang, C.W.; Lee, S.K.; Chang, C.I.-
102000A mammography tele-consultation pilot system in TaiwanLo, C.S.; 歐陽彥杰; Yang, C.W.; Chung, P.C.; Ouyang, Y.C.; Lee, S.K.; Liao, P.S.-
112007Broadband multimedia sensor networks in healthcare applicationsChung, P.C.; 歐陽彥杰; Ouyang, Y.C.; Lee, S.K.; Chang, C.I.; Yang, C.W.-
122009Predictive cross-hexagon search algorithm for fast block motion estimationOuyang, Y.C.; 歐陽彥杰; Huang, L.J.; Chen, H.M.-
13Mar-2004改良式LMS演算法應用於TD-SCDMA系統之智慧型天線歐陽彥杰; 劉振翔; 陳鴻達; 工學院
14Mar-2006影像隱藏技術:利用小波轉換及向量化編碼法歐陽彥杰; 黃育銓; 工學院-
15Jan-1997在非同步傳送模式無阻礙交換器之競爭解決方法林修平; 歐陽彥杰; 工學院-
16Jul-1993在類神經網路記憶體上的改良Hamming Distance歐陽彥杰; Bhatti, A.Aziz; 工學院-
17Nov-2004適用於低位元率視訊壓縮之改良式物件方塊向量搜尋法歐陽彥杰; 劉宇倫; 工學院-
1830-Oct-2014Performance and Cost-Effectiveness Analyses for Cloud Services Based on Rejected and Impatient UsersYen-Chieh Ouyang; Yi-Ju Chiang; Ching-Hsien Hsu; 歐陽彥杰
Results 1-18 of 18 (Search time: 0.003 seconds).
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