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12002Measurement of gas exchange rates in plant tissue culture vesselsChen, C.C.; Chen, J.N.J.-
22010A recurrent self-evolving fuzzy neural network with local feedbacks and its application to dynamic system processingJuang, C.F.; 莊家峰; Lin, Y.Y.; Tu, C.C.-
32010Effects of Shugan-Huayu Powder, A Traditional Chinese Medicine, on Hepatic Fibrosis in Rat ModelCheng, C.C.; 董光中; Lin, N.N.; Lee, Y.F.; Wu, L.Y.; Hsu, H.P.; Lee, W.J.; Tung, K.C.; Chiu, Y.T.-
42010E4BP4 is a cardiac survival factor and essential for embryonic heart developmentWeng, Y.J.; 董光中; Hsieh, D.J.Y.; Kuo, W.W.; Lai, T.Y.; Hsu, H.H.; Tsai, C.H.; Tsai, F.J.; Lin, D.Y.; Lin, J.A.; Huang, C.Y.; Tung, K.C.-
52007Hepatoprotection of tea seed oil (Camellia oleifera Abel.) against CCl4-induced oxidative damage in ratsLee, C.P.; 顏國欽; Shih, P.H.; Hsu, C.L.; Yen, G.C.-
62006Cartap-induced cytotoxicity in mouse C2C12 myoblast cell line and the roles of calcium ion and oxidative stress on the toxic effectsLiao, J.W.; 廖俊旺; Kang, J.J.; Jeng, C.R.; Chang, S.K.; Kuo, M.J.; Wang, S.C.; Liu, M.R.S.; Pang, V.F.-
72009The efficacy of end-to-end and end-to-side nerve repair (neurorrhaphy) in the rat brachial plexusLiao, W.C.; 陳建榮; Chen, J.R.; Wang, Y.J.; Tseng, G.F.-
82007Human body posture classification by a neural fuzzy network and home care system applicationJuang, C.F.; 莊家峰; Chang, C.M.-
91999Analysis of volatile fatty acids in wastewater collected from a pig farm by a solid phase microextraction methodYo, S.P.; 尤少彬-
102008Independent component analysis for magnetic resonance image analysisOuyang, Y.C.; 歐陽彥杰; Chen, H.M.; Chai, J.W.; Chen, C.C.; Chen, C.C.C.; Poon, S.K.; Yang, C.W.; Lee, S.K.-
112010Large-area rice yield forecasting using satellite imageriesWang, Y.P.; 申 雍; Chang, K.W.; Chen, R.K.; Lo, J.C.; Shen, Y.-
122005Predicting rice yield using canopy reflectance measured at booting stageChang, K.W.; 申 雍; Shen, Y.; Lo, J.C.-
132012A simulation study of thin film tandem solar cells with a nanoplate absorber bottom cellChang, S.T.; Hsieh, B.F.; Liu, Y.C.-
142007The impact of energy consumption on economic growth: Evidence from linear and nonlinear models in TaiwanLee, C.C.; 李建強; Chang, C.P.-
152010An econometric analysis of SARS and Avian Flu on international tourist arrivals to AsiaMcAleer, M.; 張嘉玲; Huang, B.W.; Kuo, H.I.; Chen, C.C.; Chang, C.L.-
162003Exploration of the mutuality and variation correlating combined chlorine concentrations with other factors in the water distribution systemLee, L.Y.; 盧重興; Lu, C.S.; Chang, R.-
172006Analytical solutions for water flow passing over a vegetal areaHsieh, P.C.; 謝平城; Shiu, Y.S.-
182007Laminar surface water flow over vegetated groundHsieh, P.C.; 謝平城; Bolton, S.-
192001Pollutants in incineration flue gasWey, M.Y.; 魏銘彥; Ou, W.Y.; Liu, Z.S.; Tseng, H.H.; Yang, W.Y.; Chiang, B.C.-
202008A new approximate solution for chlorine concentration decay in pipesYeh, H.D.; 盧重興; Wen, S.B.; Chang, Y.C.; Lu, C.S.-
212008An investigation on information transmission between stocks of far eastern countries and their American depositary receiptsHsu, J.M.; 徐俊明; Tsai, L.H.-
222009Determining landslide susceptibility in Central Taiwan from rainfall and six site factors using the analytical hierarchy process methodWu, C.H.; 陳樹群; Chen, S.C.-
232011A method of short-circuiting comparison with mixing indexesTsai, David Dah-Wei; Ramaraj, Rameshprabu; Chen, Paris Honglay; National Chung Hsing University,Department of Soil and Water Conservation; Miao-zhen Luo-
242009Numerical simulations of flow motion and deposition characteristics of granular debris flowsLin, D.G.; 張光宗; Hsu, S.Y.; Chang, K.T.-
252007Study of landslides caused by the 1999 Chi-Chi earthquake, Taiwan, with multitemporal SPOT imagesLin, W.T.; 林昭遠; Chou, W.C.; Lin, C.Y.; Huang, P.H.; Tsai, J.S.-
262005Simulating runoff using the method of characteristics with unsteady rainfall eventsWu, C.M.; 陳樹群; Chen, S.C.-
272006Prediction of defluidization time of alkali composition at various operating conditions during incinerationLin, C.L.; 魏銘彥; Wey, M.Y.; Lu, C.Y.-
281998Operating parameters of autothermal pyrolysis of plastic waste in a fluidized bedWey, M.Y.; 魏銘彥; Lo, C.S.; Wu, S.Y.; Lee, Y.T.-
292007Application of fuzzy theory and PROMETHEE technique to evaluate suitable ecotechnology method: A case study in Shihmen Reservoir Watershed, TaiwanChou, W.C.; 林昭遠; Lin, W.T.; Lin, C.Y.-
302009Inhibition and promotion: The effect of earth alkali metals and operating temperature on particle agglomeration/defluidization during incineration in fluidized bedLin, C.L.; 魏銘彥; Kuo, J.H.; Wey, M.Y.; Chang, S.H.; Wang, A.S.-
312008Evaluations of land-ocean skin temperatures of the ISCCP satellite Retrievals and the NCEP and ERA reanalysesTsuang, B.J.; 莊秉潔; Chou, M.D.; Zhang, Y.; Roesch, A.; Yang, K.-
322009Estimating the impact of avian flu on international tourism demand using panel dataKuo, H.I.; 陳吉仲; Chang, C.L.; Huang, B.W.; Chen, C.C.; McAleer, M.; 張嘉玲-
332004Yield variability as influenced by climate: A statistical investigationChen, C.C.; 陳吉仲; McCarl, B.A.; Schimmelpfennig, D.E.-
342007Effects of pressure drop and superficial velocity on the bubbling fluidized bed incineratorWang, F.J.; 王豐政; Chen, S.; Lei, P.K.; Wu, C.H.-
352002A theoretical evaluation on the HNO3 artifact of the annular denuder system due to evaporation and diffusional deposition of NH4NO3-containing aerosolsChang, K.F.; 盧重興; Lu, C.S.; Bai, H.L.; Fang, G.C.-
362005ENSO impacts on regional water management: case study of the Edwards Aquifer (Texas, USA)Chen, C.C.; 陳吉仲; Gillig, D.; McCarl, B.A.; Williams, R.L.-
372005Ground heat flux determination according to land skin temperature observations from in situ stations and satellitesTsuang, B.J.; 莊秉潔-
382003Quantification on the source/receptor relationship of primary pollutants and secondary aerosols by a Gaussian plume trajectory model: Part III-Asian dust-storm periodsTsuang, B.J.; 莊秉潔; Lee, C.T.; Cheng, M.T.; Lin, N.H.; Lin, Y.C.; Chen, C.L.; Peng, C.M.; Kuo, P.H.; 鄭曼婷-
392006Elevation dependent management of the Edwards aquifer: Linked mathematical and dynamic programming approachChen, C.C.; 陳吉仲; McCarl, B.A.; Williams, R.L.-
402006Estimating the impacts of government interventions in the international rice marketChen, C.C.; 陳吉仲; McCarl, B.A.; Chang, C.C.-
412010Who Are the Potential Smokers of Smuggled Cigarettes?Chen, H.F.; 鄭蕙燕; Chen, S.H.; Lee, J.M.; Jeng, H.Y.-
422010Phylogeny of Glaucosomatidae inferred from molecular evidenceLiu, S.H.; 葉文斌; Yeh, W.B.; Mok, H.K.-
432007Investigation on correlation between pulse velocity and compressive strength of concrete using ANNsTang, C.W.; 林宜清; Lin, Y.C.; Kuo, S.F.-
442009Segmenting ideal morphologies of sewer pipe defects on CCTV images for automated diagnosisYang, M.D.; 楊明德; Su, T.C.-
452009Resource-constrained scheduling for continuous repetitive projects with time-based production unitsHsie, M.; 謝孟勳; Chang, C.J.; Yang, I.T.; Huang, C.Y.-
462007Thermal - and laser-induced order-disorder switching of Ag-doped fast-growth Sb70Te30 phase-change recording filmsHsu, Y.S.; 何永鈞; Her, Y.C.; Cheng, S.T.; Tsai, S.Y.-
472005Structural and magnetic properties of ion-beam deposited NiFe/Co-oxide bilayersLin, K.W.; 林克偉; Lin, F.T.; Tzeng, Y.M.; Guo, Z.Y.-
482001Calculations of wave transformation across the surf zoneTsai, C.P.; 蔡清標; Chen, H.B.; Hsu, J.R.C.-
492005X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and magnetic force microscopy studies of ion-beam deposited Ni80Fe20/Co-oxide bilayersLin, K.W.; 林克偉; Lin, F.T.; Tzeng, Y.M.-
502005Numerical predictions on the dynamic response of a suspension bridge with a trapezoidal cross-sectionFang, F.M.; 方富民; Li, Y.C.; Chen, C.C.; Liang, T.C.; Chen, J.H.-
Results 1-50 of 204 (Search time: 0.001 seconds).