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12015Comparisons of Logistic regression, Instability index method and Support vector machine for landslide susceptibility mapping in the Jing-Shan River upstream Watershed詹勳全; 温祐霆; Yu-Ting Wen; 水土保持學系所
22015Woody Debris And Sediment Trapping Efficiency Of Three Types Check Dams Experimental Analysis陳樹群; 黃揮凱; Hui-Kai Huang; 水土保持學系所
32015Flow Field and Fluvial Bed of Different Bent Plants Distribution under Sediment Supply陳樹群; 李津甫; Jin-Fu Li; 水土保持學系所
42015Analysis and Investigation of SWAT Model – Case Study of Laishe Creek WatershedLi-Ling Lin; 林俐玲; 鍾閔光; Ming-Kuang Chung; 水土保持學系所
52015Seepage-induced stability and mechanical analyses of slopes stabilized using tied-back retaining piles under rainfall conditions林德貴; 陳家棟; Jia-Dong Chen; 水土保持學系所
62015Mechanical and deformation analyses of pile foundation for supporting structure of off-shore wind turbine at Changhua coast in TaiwanDer- Guey Lin; 林德貴; 黃智民; Jhih-Min Huang; 水土保持學系所
72013A Study on Analysing Landslide Volumn by Spatial Interpolation Method林俐玲; 陳勝全; Sheng-Chuan Chen; 水土保持學系所
82015Benefit Evaluation of Hydroseeding with Mixed Substrates in Medium Altitude Area.Shin-Hwei Lin; 林信輝; 吳建德; Jian-De Wu; 水土保持學系所
92015Dynamic delineation of potential landslide areas in a watershedChao-Yuan Lin; 林昭遠; 黃文彥; Wen-Yen Huang; 水土保持學系所
102008Restoration of Luciola ficta Olivier Hibitats with Different Water Sources梁昇; 劉志偉; Chih-Wei Liu; 水土保持學系所
112015A Study on the Mechanical Properties and Slope Stability of Gravel Deposits Using the Discrete Element Method張光宗; 吳振偉; Chen-Wei Wu; 水土保持學系所
122015Analysis of accuracy for UAV-derived topography from a GoPro camera.蕭宇伸; 白絜成; Chieh-Cheng Pai; 水土保持學系所
132014The Seed Germination Mechanism of Woody Plants Used for Hydroseeding林信輝; 謝政諺; Cheng-Yen Hsieh; 水土保持學系所
142015A Study of Optimal Route Planning for Mountainous Roads Using Environmental IndexChao-Yuan Lin; 林昭遠; 蕭宇展; Yu-Chan Hsiao; 水土保持學系所
152015A study of screening the agricultural pollution hotspots and the treatment strategies for a watershedChao-Yuan Lin; 林昭遠; 林明育; Ming-yu Lin; 水土保持學系所
162014Numerical Evaluations on the Stability of You-Ye-Lin Landslide under Rainfall Conditions林德貴; 張勝堤; Sheng-Ti Chang; 水土保持學系所
172015Investigation and Study on Safety Assessment of Geological Sensitive Areas -A Landslides of Geological Sensitive Areas at Nantou City as an Example.Shin-Hwei Lin; 林信輝; 張函儒; Han-Ju Chang; 水土保持學系所
182015Study on the Applicability of Hydroseeding Substrates in Low Altitude Areas林信輝; 林澔江; Hao-Chiang Lin; 水土保持學系所
192014Assessment of Outdoor Classrooms for the Elementary Schools Using Environmental Education Competence IndicatorsChao-Yuan Lin; 林昭遠; 王智; Zhi Wang; 水土保持學系所
202015Soil and Water Conservation Area Determination and Management of Keelung Uhrshawan Historic SitePing-Cheng Hsieh; 謝平城; 趙曉民; Hsiao-Min Chao; 水土保持學系所
212014Evaluation Method of Watershed Restoration Efficiency -A Case History of Mei-RiverDer-Guey Lin; 林德貴; 鍾鳴峰; Ming-Feng Chung; 水土保持學系所
222015Rainfall monitoring and seepage induced slope stability analyses of You-Ye-Lin Landslide林德貴; 洪祖健; Tzu-Jian Hung; 水土保持學系所
232014Greenhouse gas emission methods to evaluate the different treatments of kitchen waste陳鴻烈; 廖英洲; Ying-Chou Liao; 水土保持學系所
242014A study on water resource protection strategy in rural regeneration villages of Tainan City詹勳全; 蔡祐銓; Yu-Chuan Tsai; 水土保持學系所
252014Three-Dimensional Analysis of Piled-Raft Foundation in Deep Excavation of Taipei MetropolitanDer-Guey Lin; 林德貴; 陳欣佑; Sin-Yu Chen; 水土保持學系所
262014Integrated Assessment of Habitat Attributes and Species In Freeway Facilities - A Case Study on the Ecopond of Ailan InterchangeShin-Hwei Lin; 林信輝; 葉姿莉; Tzu-Li Yeh; 水土保持學系所
272015Hydraulic Mechanics and Topography of Bending Vegetation in different Density陳樹群; 陳葉宏; Ye-Hong Chen; 水土保持學系所
282014A Study of Landslide Susceptibility Analysis vs rainfall at Lao-nong River Watershed陳文福; 梁方瑋; Fang-Wei Liang; 水土保持學系所
292014Application of Instability Index Method on Landslide Potential Analysis on Da-an River Basin陳文福; 黃璿宇; Hsuan-Yu Huang; 水土保持學系所
302014A study on the characteristics of the seismic signal induced by slope erosion and landslide馮正一; 俞佳成; Chia-cheng Yu; 水土保持學系所
312015Application of fire risk analysis for wildfire management at Dadu terraceChao-Yuan Lin; 林昭遠; 莊翌琳; Yi-Lin Chuang; 水土保持學系所
322014Prototype Field Experimental Analysis of Natural Dam Failure Behavior陳樹群; 王 強; Chiang Wang; 水土保持學系所
332014Application of the Logistic Regression Method in Landslide Susceptibility Mapping-Using Chenyulan Stream Watershed as an example陳文福; 區悅生; Yue-Sheng Ou; 水土保持學系所
342015Field Experimental Analysis of Twin Dam Failure Processes陳樹群; 曾馥敏; Fu-Min Tseng; 水土保持學系所
352015A study of screening the priority sites for water storage at Dadu terrace using environmental index林昭遠; 曾雪芬; Hsueh-Fen Tseng; 水土保持學系所
362014Survey and Analysis of Potential Disasters at Dongyang Landslide area, Fengyuan District, TaichungHsun-Chuan Chan; 詹勳全; 李勇祥; Yung-Hsiang Li; 水土保持學系所
372014Discussion on the Vibration Signal of Landslide Dam Failure馮正一; 王偉銓; Wei-Chiuan Wang; 水土保持學系所
382014Analysis of Landslide Susceptibility along the Route No.21Kuang-Tsung Chang; 張光宗; 趙逸幃; Yi-Wei Chao; 水土保持學系所
392014Accuracy analyses of environmental topography obtained from unmanned aerial vehicle system(UAS) – A Case Study in the campus of National Chung Hsing University蕭宇伸; 蘇柏軒; Bo-Hsien Su; 水土保持學系所
402015The Analysis of Landslide Susceptibility in Shenmu by BGR and NIR Photographs Derived from UAV蕭宇伸; 莊大賢; Da-Xian Zhuang; 水土保持學系所
412015Forecasting Typhoon Rainfall and Groundwater Level by Artificial Neural Network and Multiple Regression AnalysisPing-Cheng Hsieh; 謝平城; 童偉安; Wei-An Tong; 水土保持學系所
422015The study on quality evaluation of unmanned aerial vehicle-associated digital surface model by set ground control points詹勳全; 顏志憲; Chih-Hsien Yen; 水土保持學系所
432014Experimental study of Flow Fields and Local Scour near Rigid Emergent Vegetation Patch詹勳全; 柯柏睿; Bo-Ruei Ke; 水土保持學系所
442014A Study on Array and Source of Multi-channel Analysis of Surface Wave Method馮正一; 王上維; Shang-Wei Wang; 水土保持學系所
452015Characteristics of seismic signal and self-potential of slope failureZheng-Yi Feng; 馮正一; 林博翔; Bo-siang Lin; 水土保持學系所
462014Suitability of Teaching Materials Related to Soil and Water Resources in the Textbooks of Current Grade 3-9 Curriculum Using Content AnalysisChao-Yuan Lin; 林昭遠; 孫錦進; Chin-Chin Sun; 水土保持學系所
472015Hydraulic analysis of a 2-D water flow down a slopePing-Cheng Hsieh; 謝平城; 徐培原; Pei-Yuan Hsu; 水土保持學系所
482014Analysis of surface water flow over multi-layered soilsPing-Cheng Hsieh; 謝平城; 林彥廸; Yen-Ti Lin; 水土保持學系所
492015The Study of Soil Residual Water Content MeasurementsLi-Ling Lin; 林俐玲; 林湘芸; Xiang-Yun Lin; 水土保持學系所
502014Analysis on the Numerical Model for Solitary Waves Passing through the Fixed Floating謝平城; 陳彥錡; Yan-Chi Chen; 水土保持學系所
Results 1-50 of 213 (Search time: 0.003 seconds).