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12014A study on the characteristics of the seismic signal induced by slope erosion and landslide馮正一; 俞佳成; Chia-cheng Yu; 水土保持學系所
22014Discussion on the Vibration Signal of Landslide Dam Failure馮正一; 王偉銓; Wei-Chiuan Wang; 水土保持學系所
32014A Study on Array and Source of Multi-channel Analysis of Surface Wave Method馮正一; 王上維; Shang-Wei Wang; 水土保持學系所
42015Characteristics of seismic signal and self-potential of slope failureZheng-Yi Feng; 馮正一; 林博翔; Bo-siang Lin; 水土保持學系所
52014Influences of the Social and Enviromental Factors on the Vegetation Index of the Great Taichung Area.Zheng-Yi Feng; 馮正一; 劉月媚; Yueh-Mei Liu; 水土保持學系所
62014Study of Vegetation Trends in Large-scale Landslide Watersheds Using the Long-term Vegetation Index馮正一; 林洋丞; Yang-Cheng Lin; 水土保持學系所
72014A Study on the Relationship between NDVI and Weather Factors in Xindian Watershed, TaiwanZheng-Yi Feng; 馮正一; 林郁媚; Yu-Mei Lin; 水土保持學系所
82015A Study on the Signals of Vibration and Electrical Field of Landslide Induced by Seepage馮正一; 林柏辰; Po-Chen Lin; 水土保持學系所
92015Self-Potential Variations After Loading on Physical Model SlopesZheng - Yi Feng; 馮正一; 宋偉銓; Wei - Chuan Song; 水土保持學系所
102012應用希爾伯特黃轉換法於高速鐵路列車震動 訊號分析之研究馮正一; Zheng-yi Feng; 歐金賢; Ou, Chin-hsien; 水土保持學系所-
112013研擬顆粒流與連體數值耦合方法模擬山崩產生之震動訊號馮正一; Zheng-yi Feng; 林群富; Lin, Qun-Fu; 水土保持學系所-
122012堰塞壩潰決行為之試驗探討馮正一; 高崧木; Kao, Sung-Mu; 水土保持學系所-
132013台灣嘉義地區植生指標與土地利用之關連性研究馮正一; 張家銘; Chang, Chia-ming; 水土保持學系所-
Results 1-13 of 13 (Search time: 0.002 seconds).
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