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12015Dynamic delineation of potential landslide areas in a watershedChao-Yuan Lin; 林昭遠; 黃文彥; Wen-Yen Huang; 水土保持學系所
22015A Study of Optimal Route Planning for Mountainous Roads Using Environmental IndexChao-Yuan Lin; 林昭遠; 蕭宇展; Yu-Chan Hsiao; 水土保持學系所
32015A study of screening the agricultural pollution hotspots and the treatment strategies for a watershedChao-Yuan Lin; 林昭遠; 林明育; Ming-yu Lin; 水土保持學系所
42014Assessment of Outdoor Classrooms for the Elementary Schools Using Environmental Education Competence IndicatorsChao-Yuan Lin; 林昭遠; 王智; Zhi Wang; 水土保持學系所
52015Application of fire risk analysis for wildfire management at Dadu terraceChao-Yuan Lin; 林昭遠; 莊翌琳; Yi-Lin Chuang; 水土保持學系所
62014Suitability of Teaching Materials Related to Soil and Water Resources in the Textbooks of Current Grade 3-9 Curriculum Using Content AnalysisChao-Yuan Lin; 林昭遠; 孫錦進; Chin-Chin Sun; 水土保持學系所
72015Application of Grid Rational Algorithm for Predicting Hydrograph (GRAPH) Model in Suspended Load Estimation for a WatershedChao-Yuan Lin; 林昭遠; 張力文; Li-Wen Zhang; 水土保持學系所
82013旗山溪集水區道路沿線崩塌潛勢之研究林昭遠; Chao-Yuan Lin; 鄧亞恬; Teng, Ya-Tien; 水土保持學系所-
92013因應氣候變遷上游集水區水土資源保育策略之研究林昭遠; Chao-Yuan Lin; 鄭旭涵; Jeng, Jero-Hertz; 水土保持學系所-
102013因應氣候變遷集水區水源涵養區位之優選與營造林昭遠; Chao-Yuan Lin; 林忠明; Lin, Jung-Ming; 水土保持學系所
112012以小林村莫拉克風災為例論述林地經營策略之研究林昭遠; Chao-Yuan Lin; 洪婉萍; Hung, Wan-Ping; 水土保持學系所-
122012台中市都會區綠地變遷之探討林昭遠; Chao-Yuan Lin; 王欣弘; Wang, Hsin-Hong; 水土保持學系所-
132013因應極端氣候土石流潛勢溪流預警系統建置之研究林昭遠; Chao-Yuan Lin; 陳韋利; Chen, We-Li; 水土保持學系所-
142013以米堤飯店土砂災害判例探討土石流相關保險條款之適宜性林昭遠; Chao-Yuan Lin; 吳昱甫; Wu, Yu-Fu; 水土保持學系所-
152012集水區崩塌地植生復育影響因子及治理區位優選之研究林昭遠; Chao-Yuan Lin; 林于筌; Lin, Yu-Chuan; 水土保持學系所-
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