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12018牛樟芝與香杉芝菌絲體乙醇萃取物對骨質疏鬆症之影響及胚芽乳酸桿菌發酵藥用菇類菌絲體多醣產物之抗發炎活性毛正倫; Jeng-Leun Mau; 林宜儒; I-Ju Lin; 食品暨應用生物科技學系所
22018脈衝照射之舞菇黃豆對骨質疏鬆症之影響及胚芽乳酸桿菌發酵菇類多醣產物之抗發炎活性毛正倫; 郭芷瑜; Chih-Yu Kuo; 食品暨應用生物科技學系所
32018Lignosus rhinocerus, Agaricus bisporus and other edible and medicinal mushrooms: Comparison of functional components and minerals毛正倫; Jeng-Leun Mau; Yu-Chang Lo; 羅宇昌; 食品暨應用生物科技學系所
42017Fermentation of Pleurotus eryngii polysaccharides by Lactobacillus plantarum and its physiological activities毛正倫; Hsin-Yu Liu; 劉心愉; 食品暨應用生物科技學系所
52017Preparation of 10-Oxo-trans-8-decenoic Acid Containing Extract from Agrocybe cylindracea and Its Physiological Activities毛正倫; Jeng-Leun Mau; Siao-Fang Gu; 古曉芳; 食品暨應用生物科技學系所
62017Quality Evaluation of Soybean Bread毛正倫; Jeng-Leun Mau; Ying-Mai Cheng; 鄭盈玫; 食品暨應用生物科技學系所
72017Chemical composition of Pleurotus eryngii submerged-fermented soybean milk毛正倫; Jeng-Leun Mau; Hsin-Yi Chien; 簡欣儀; 食品暨應用生物科技學系所
82017Evaluation of Fractions from Antrodia salmonea Mycelium on Glucoregulation Enzymes and Antioxidant Activity毛正倫; Jeng-Leun Mau; Pei-Hsuan Wu; 吳沛瑄; 食品暨應用生物科技學系所
92018Effect of ethanolic extracts from Antrodia salmonea mycelium on invasion and metastasis in cancer cell毛正倫; Jeng-Leun Mau; Hsuan-Hui Wu; 吳宣慧; 食品暨應用生物科技學系所
102017Effects of Grifola frondosa fermented-soybean irradiated by intense pulsed light on obesity, aging and osteoporosis毛正倫; Rao-Chi Chien; 簡嬈祺; 食品暨應用生物科技學系所