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12018梅精複方對高脂/膽固醇飲食誘導倉鼠高血脂之降血脂作用與分子機制探討顏國欽; 鍾千慧; Qian-Hui Zhong; 食品暨應用生物科技學系所
22017Evaluation of Hsian-tsao (Mesona procumbens Hemsl.) extracts on improvement of skin ulcer in diabetic mice顏國欽; Siao-Ling Fan; 范筱翎; 食品暨應用生物科技學系所
32018銀髮族機能性食品開發及食材質地軟化調整技術之研究顏國欽; 劉席綸; Hsi-Lun Liu; 食品暨應用生物科技學系所
42018苦茶油經由調節腸道菌相減緩醋酸誘導大鼠腸炎之研究顏國欽; 吳純菁; Chun-Ching Wu; 食品暨應用生物科技學系所
52017Immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory effects of camellia oil顏國欽; Chia-Ying Lin; 林佳瑩; 食品暨應用生物科技學系所
62017Replacing part of cubed pork fat in Chinese style sausage by different cubed vegetable oils顏國欽; Meng-Ju Lee; 李孟儒; 食品暨應用生物科技學系所
72017Regulatory effect of ursolic acid on cell death of pancreatic cancer cells顏國欽; Ji-Hua Lin; 林季樺; 食品暨應用生物科技學系所
82017Effect of camellia oil on improvement of ethanol-induced gastrointestinal mucosal injury and regulation of gut microbiota顏國欽; Wei-Ting Li; 李瑋婷; 食品暨應用生物科技學系所
92018Sensory quality of Taiwan's commercial red grape wines manufactured by unfermented blend and fermented using sensory evaluation and instrument and understanding the liking drivers of wine flavor for Taiwan's consumers顏國欽; Hung-Kun Nien; 粘宏堃; 食品暨應用生物科技學系所