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-Assessing Polyphenol Components and Antioxidant Activity during Fermented Assam Tea Ball ProcessingPimpinan Somsong ; Chalat Santivarangkna ; Pimsiri Tiyayon ; Chi-Ming Hsieh ; Warangkana Srichamnong 
-Assessing the Amenity Value of Forest Ecosystem Services: Perspectives from the Use of Sustainable Green SpaceWan-Yu Liu ; Yen-Yu Lin ; Han-Shen Chen ; Chi-Ming Hsieh 
-Assessing the Recreational Value of a National Forest Park from Ecotourists' Perspective in TaiwanWan-Yu Liu ; Pin-Zheng Chen ; Chi-Ming Hsieh 
-Can Fitness Education Programs Satisfy Fitness Professionals' Competencies? Integrating Traditional and Revised Importance-Performance Analysis and Three-Factor TheoryGordon Chih Ming Ku ; Chi-Ming Hsieh 
-Consumers' perceptions towards Thai rice A cross-cultural comparison between easterners and westernersPimpinan Somsong ; Regina C. McNally ; Chi-Ming Hsieh 
-Determinants of Actual Purchase Behavior in Farmers' MarketsBi-Kun Tsai ; Ku-Yuan Lee ; Chi-Ming Hsieh ; Pimpinan Somsong 
-Determinants of the Public Health Promotion Behavior: Evidence from Repurchasing Health Foods for Improving Gastrointestinal Tract FunctionsKu-Yuan Lee ; Chien-Yu Wei ; Min-Hua Wu ; Chi-Ming Hsieh -
-Effects of Social Support on the Stress-Health Relationship: Gender Comparison among Military PersonnelChi-Ming Hsieh ; Bi-Kun Tsai 
-Environmental Consciousness and Green Customer Behavior: The Moderating Roles of Incentive MechanismsChung-Te Ting ; Chi-Ming Hsieh ; Hsiao-Ping Chang ; Han-Shen Chen 
-Examining the Moderating Effects of Work–Life Balance between Human Resource Practices and Intention to StayHsiao-Ping Chang ; Chi-Ming Hsieh ; Meei-Ying Lan ; Han-Shen Chen 
-Identification of the relationship between urbanization and bird nest migration using buffer and similarity analysesWan-Yu Liu ; Yen-Hsiang Huang ; Chi-Ming Hsieh 
-Impacts of Educational Agritourism on Students' Future Career Intentions: Evidence from Agricultural Exchange ProgramsTang-Ping Chen ; Ku-Yuan Lee ; Pegdwende Moise Kabre ; Chi-Ming Hsieh 
-The Impacts of Different Climate Change Scenarios on Visits toward the National Forest Park in TaiwanWan-Yu Liu ; Yen-Hsiang Huang ; Chi-Ming Hsieh