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-Characterization of aluminum gallium oxide films grown by pulsed laser depositionShuo-Huang Yuan ; Sin-Liang Ou ; Chien-Ming Chen ; Shiau-Yuan Huang ; Bo-Wen Hsiao ; Dong-Sing Wuu 
-Enhanced Deep-Ultraviolet Responsivity in Aluminum-Gallium Oxide Photodetectors via Structure Deformation by High-Oxygen-Pressure Pulsed Laser DepositionShuo-Huang Yuan ; Dong-Sing Wuu ; Shiau-Yuan Huang ; Sin-Liang Ou -
-Formation of ZnO/Zn0.5Cd0.5Se Alloy Quantum Dots in the Presence of High Oleylamine ContentsYi-An Chen ; Kuo-Hsien Chou ; Yi-Yang Kuo ; Cheng-Ye Wu ; Po-Wen Hsiao ; Po-Wei Chen ; Shuo-Huang Yuan ; Dong-Sing Wuu 
-Impact of thermal-induced sapphire substrate erosion on material and photodetector characteristics of sputtered Ga2O3 filmsHui Li ; Shuo-Huang Yuan ; Tsun-Min Huang ; Hsuan-Jen Chen ; Fu-Hsing Lu ; Sam Zhang ; Dong-Sing Wuu 
-Improved Performance of Deep Ultraviolet Photodetector From Sputtered Ga2O3 Films Using Post-Thermal TreatmentsHui Li ; Po-Wei Chen ; Shuo-Huang Yuan ; Tsun-Min Huang ; Sam Zhang ; Dong-Sing Wuu 
-Influence of oxygen on sputtering of aluminum-gallium oxide films for deep-ultraviolet detector applicationsPo-Wei Chen ; Shiau-Yuan Huang ; Chao-Chun Wang ; Shuo-Huang Yuan ; Dong-Sing Wuu 
-Process Integration and Interconnection Design of Passive-Matrix LED Micro-Displays With 256 Pixel-Per-Inch ResolutionShuo-Huang Yuan ; Shih-Siang Yan ; Yu-Shiuan Yao ; Chung-Cheng Wu ; Ray-Hua Horng ; Dong-Sing Wuu 
-Quasi-Single-Crystalline ZnGa2O4 Films via Solid Phase Epitaxy for Enhancing Deep-Ultraviolet PhotoresponsePo-Wei Chen ; Shiau-Yuan Huang ; Shuo-Huang Yuan ; Yi-An Chen ; Po-Wen Hsiao ; Dong-Sing Wuu -