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-Dual-acting antibacterial porous chitosan film embedded with a photosensitizerZi-Jun Liu ; Shu-Ching Lin ; Pei-Yuan Lee ; Ying-Ting Lin ; Zi-Lun Lai ; Cheng-Chung Chang ; Gou-Jen Wang 
-Enhancement in the solar efficiency of a dye-sensitized solar cell by molecular engineering of an organic dye incorporating N-alkyl-attached 1,8-naphthalamide derivativeManik Chandra Sil ; Li-Syuan Chen ; Chin-Wei Lai ; Cheng-Chung Chang ; Chih-Ming Chen 
-Enhancement of power conversion efficiency of dye-sensitized solar cells for indoor applications by using a highly responsive organic dye and tailoring the thickness of photoactive layerManikChandra Sil ; Li-Syuan Chen ; Chin-Wei Lai ; Yu-Hsin Lee ; Cheng-Chung Chang ; Chih-Ming Chen -
-Organic small molecule for detection and photodegradation of mitochondrial DNA mutationsChien-Hui Su ; Jyun-Wei Chen ; Li-Da Chen ; Jui-Chih Chang ; Chin-San Liu ; Cheng-Chung Chang ; Gou-Jen Wang 
-Structural Basis for Targeting T:T Mismatch with Triaminotriazine-Acridine Conjugate Induces a U-Shaped Head-to-Head Four-Way Junction in CTG Repeat DNAChing-Ming Chien ; Pei-Ching Wu ; Roshan Satange ; Cheng-Chung Chang ; Zi-Lun Lai ; Lauren D. Hagler ; Steven C. Zimmerman ; Ming-Hon Hou