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-(IEEE YUFORIC 2001 Youth Forum in Computer Science and Engineering:p125-p126)An Improvement of Proxy Multi-Signature SchemeM. S. Hwang; C. C. Lee; I. C. Lin-
-(J Virol., 83(11):5796-5805Suppression of Bamboo mosaic virus accumulation by a putative methyltransferase in Nicotiana benthamiana.C. W. Cheng; Y. Y. Hsiao; H. C. Wu; C. M. Chuang; J. S. Chen; C. H. Tsai; Y. H. Hsu; Y. C. Wu; C. C. Lee; M. Meng-
-(Quarterly Journal of Forest Research,25(3):001-010)The turnover of soil organic matter and flux of soil carbon dioxide at Guandaushi forest ecosystemC. C. Lee; C. C. Tan; D. R. Wu-
-台北陽明山仰德集水區土石流災害消減措施之設計及施工鄭皆達; J. D. Cheng; 高欣平; 李錦浚; C. C. Lee; H. P. Kao