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-A Cloud-Based Authentication Protocol for RFID Supply Chain SystemsIuon-Chang Lin; Hung-Huei Hsu; Chen-Yang Cheng-
-A fair reputation system for use in online auctionsIuon-Chang Lin; Hao-Ju Wu; Shu-Fen Li; Chen-Yang Cheng
-A Multipurpose Key Agreement Scheme in Ubiquitous Computing EnvironmentsChin-Chen Chang; Iuon-Chang Lin; Chia-Chi Wu
-An RSA-Like Scheme for Multiuser Broadcast Authentication in Wireless Sensor NetworksChen-Yang Cheng; Iuon-Chang Lin; Shu-Yan Huang
-Case study of physical internet for improving efficiency in solar cell industry林詠章; Iuon-Chang Lin; Chen-Yang Cheng-
-DDoS攻擊與SYN Flood偵測之研究彭志翔; Peng, Chih-Hsiang-
-Developing a Personal Information Inventory Tracking and Managing System曾令嫻; Ling-Hsien Tseng
-Inspection of Enterprise human resource system personal information security – an Instance of a company's HR system in central賴芳敏; Fang-Min Lai
-A Study of Data Perturbation in Outsourced Databases for Preserving Privacy楊立誠; Li-Cheng Yang
-The study of NFC wallet陳正豪; Cheng-Hao Chen
-The Study on Mobile Application Recommendation Mechanisms何于凡; Yu-Fan Ho
-區塊鏈於日誌資料之數位證據保全謝孟璆; Meng-Chiu Hsieh
-影響教育機構導入BS 10012認證之關鍵因素楊姍姍; Yang, Shan-Shan-
-應用類神經網路預測排球攔網位置研究與開發陳建勳; Chen, Chien-Hsun-
-排球裁判訓練系統之研究及開發吳庭光; Wu, Ting-Kuang-
-異質性感測網路及多使用者廣播鑑別機制安全架構之研究黃書彥; Huang, Shu-Yan-
-雲端行動商務安全之研究江小琪; Chiang, Hsiao-Chi-
-雲端行動商務安全之研究江小琪; Chiang, Hsiao-Chi