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-(Anal. Biochem., 228(2): 355-357)Resolution of uncertainties in restriction maps of cosmid clones by "sequence stitching"K. B. Choo; C. M. Chen; C. N. Shen; L. C. Au-
-(Cancer Letters, 93(2):249-253)Jun-B oncogene aberrations in cervical cancer cell linesK. B. Choo; C. J. Huang; C. M. Chen; C. P. Han; L. C. Au-
-(J. Med. Virol., 44(2):206-211)Analysis of deletion of the integrated HPV16 sequences in cervical cancer:a rapid multiplex PCR approachC. M. Chen; M. P. Shyu; L. C. Au; H. W. Chu; W. T. K. Cheng; K. B. Choo