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-Efficient Algorithms for Interval Graphs and Circular-arc GraphsU.I.Gupta; D.T.Lee; J.Y.T.Leung-
-An Optimal Solution for the Channel-Assignment ProblemU.I.Gupta; D.T.Lee; J.Y.T.Leung-
-Ranking and Unranking of 2-3 TreesU.I.Gupta; D.T.Lee; C.K.Wong-
-Ranking and Unranking of B-TreesU.I.Gupta; D.T.Lee; C.K.Wong-
-Record Allocation for Minimizing Expected Seek Delay TimeU.I.Gupta; D.T.Lee; J.Y.T.Leung; J.W.Pruitt; C.K.Wong-