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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Text
-An Empirical Study to Explore the Relationships between Diffusion of Innovations and Customer Values on Taiwan''s Mobile Communication CompaniesHu, Ke-Jen; 扈克仁-
-Exploring the spreading behavior of the message sources, message context and network connection speed across genderChen, Jin-rung; 陳進榮-
-The Process of a Firm Adopts the Technology Innovation Types: the Perspective of Product Life CycleHung, Szu-Ming; 洪賜銘-
-The Relationship with structural bond strategy, customer benefit and Loyalty: A Study with Different Relationship Phase盧柏豪-
-A study of how to influence customers' behavioral intention of using legitimate online music by using different retention strategies詹婉貞; CHAN, WAN-CHEN-
-A study of online legitimate music user's loyalty楊依函; Yang, Yi-Han-
-A Study of the growth and development progress of New Biotechnology Companies-An Example of the Maxluck Biotechnology Company陳冠廷; Chen, Guan-Tyng-
-A Study on Story-Form Advertising and Customer Characteristics陳香君; Chen, Hsiang-Chun-
-A study on the knowledge sharing behavior on blogs and forums張展嘉; Chang, Chan-Chia-
-不同時期下忠誠度與顧客價值關係Huang, Yi-Fan; 黃翊帆-
-利用虛擬環境創造一個綁住顧客的服務創新-以台灣積體電路公司為例朱丕中; Chu, Pei-Chung-
-在網路上對於不同消費者的4P行銷策略Chen, Yi-Wen; 陳義文-
-在顧客轉換管道的購物行為下如何留住顧客周思妤; Chou, Szu-Yu-
-如何鼓勵消費者使用合法線上音樂Nieh, Min-En; 聶憫恩-
-故事型廣告之研究-以搜尋品、經驗品為例郭懿筑; Kuo, Yi-Chu-
-產品如何說故事? 以資訊不對稱之產品分類為例Lee, Yu-Jen; 李友仁-
-網路上資訊分享行為之影響因素蕭伊婷; Hsioa, Yi-Ting-