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-Studies on the Specific Proteins of Sesame Oil Bodies during Formation and Germination(III)曾志正-
-Study of Oil Bodies and Oleosins of Gymnosperms and Other Lower Organisms曾志正-
-The Study of Structure and Function of the 3' UTR of Bamboo Mosaic Virus Genomic RNA (III)蔡慶修-
-The Study of the Relationship between the Noncoding Region of Bamboo Mosaic Virus Rna and Its Replication蔡慶修-
-The Study of the RNA-Dependent RNA Polymerase of Bamboo Mosaic Virus(II)蔡慶修-
-Study on the Genomic and Antigenic Variability of Begomoviruses in Taiwan (III)胡仲祺-
-Study on the Mechanism of E3 RING Finger Genes and NAC-Like Genes and Their Application in Controlling Cell Differentiation from Various Plant Species (II)楊長賢-
-Study on the Mechanisms of Replication and Encapsidation of Satellite RNAs of Cucumber Mosaic Virus (II)胡仲祺-
-Vaccine Development for Infectious Bursal Disease (II)王敏盈; 李龍湖-
-中台灣奈米技術科學與工程核心設施計畫-子計畫II:中興大學部分(I)徐堯煇; 何孟書; 林寬鋸-
-中台灣奈米技術科學與工程核心設施計畫-子計畫二:中興大學部分(II)徐堯煇; 林寬鋸; 何孟書-
-中台灣奈米技術科學與工程核心設施計畫-子計畫二:中興大學部分(III)徐堯煇; 何孟書; 林寬鋸-
-以雞傳染性華氏囊炎病毒結構蛋白VP2所形成之似病毒粒子為載體開發多價次單位疫苗王敏盈; 李龍湖-
-動物用疫苗-開發防治台灣高病原性華氏囊病毒所引起之華氏囊炎的口服性疫苗王敏盈; 李龍湖-