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-Human Amniotic Fluid Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Combination with Hyperbaric Oxygen Augment Peripheral Nerve RegenerationPan, H.C.; 何素鵬; Chin, C.S.; Yang, D.Y.; Ho, S.P.; Chen, C.J.; Hwang, S.M.; Chang, M.H.; Cheng, F.C.-
-Interaction of Omeprazole and Clarithromycin with Helicobacter pylori in Gastric Mucosa MicroenviromentYen-Chun Peng; 彭彥鈞
-Maduramicin Ammonium (cygro) 對紐西蘭白兔之毒性試驗何麗玲; 何素鵬; 王渭賢-
-Neuroprotective Effect of Atorvastatin in an Experimental Model of Nerve Crush InjuryPan, H.C.; 何素鵬; Yang, D.Y.; Ou, Y.C.; Ho, S.P.; Cheng, F.C.; Chen, C.J.-
-A new detection technique for fluoroquinolone-conjugated proteins by high performance liquid chromatography with UV/fluorescence detectorsHung, S.W.; 何素鵬; Shih, C.W.; Chen, B.R.; Tu, C.Y.; Ling, Y.F.; Tsou, L.T.; Ho, S.P.; Wang, W.S.-
-Pharmacokinetic and depletion studies of sarafloxacin after oral administration to eel (Anguilla anguilla)Ho, S.P.; 何素鵬; Cheng, C.F.; Wang, W.S.-
-Post-injury regeneration in rat sciatic nerve facilitated by neurotrophic factors secreted by amniotic fluid mesenchymal stem cellsPan, H.C.; 何素鵬; Cheng, F.C.; Chen, C.J.; Lai, S.Z.; Lee, C.W.; Yang, D.Y.; Chang, M.H.; Ho, S.P.-
-Pulmonary toxicity of thuringiensin administered intratracheally in Sprague-Dawley ratsTsai, S.F.; 廖俊旺; Liu, B.L.; Liao, J.W.; Wang, J.S.; Hwang, J.S.; Wang, S.C.; Tzeng, Y.M.; Ho, S.P.; 何素鵬-
-Quinolone類藥物治療魚類疾病之藥物動力學研究 (I) 溫度、酸鹼簡茂盛; 王渭賢; 何素鵬-
-Role of oxidative stress in thuringiensin-induced pulmonary toxicityTsai, S.F.; 何素鵬; Yang, C.; Liu, B.L.; Hwang, J.S.; Ho, S.P.-
-Sodium diethyldithiocarbamate、靈芝及interleukin-2對小白鼠脾臟細 胞免疫活性的影響葉修如; Yea, Shiou Ru-
-Species diversity and substrate utilization patterns of thermophilic bacterial communities in hot aerobic poultry and cattle manure compostsWang, C.M.; 邱繡河; Shyu, C.L.; Ho, S.P.; Chiou, S.H.; 何素鵬-
-三氯松抗慈鯛指環蟲之藥效及對吳郭魚急毒性研究江啟煌; Chang, Chii-Hwang-
-三氯松抗慈鯛指環蟲之藥效試驗何素鵬; 江啟煌; 王渭賢; 洪信雄-
-(中華民國獸醫學會雜誌第24期,p122-p127)飼料中 clenbuterol 之檢測龔培森; 何素鵬; 許瑜芬; 劉敏主; 林士鈺; 王渭賢-
-(中華民國獸醫學會雜誌第26卷第1期,p043-p055)Salinomycin對紐西蘭白兔的毒性及人工混合感染兔腸型球蟲之藥效何素鵬; 何麗玲; 董光中; 王渭賢-
-冬蟲夏草對大白鼠血糖、膽固醇與三酸甘油酯之影響陳佑欣; Chen, Yu-Hsin-
-利用局部淋巴結分析(LLNA)偵測納乃得、谷速松及混合農藥之皮膚過敏性林宜慧; Lin, Yi-Hui-
-利用染色體微陣列分析產前診斷的標記染色體黃閔輝; Min-Hui Huang
-台灣中部地區隱球菌之流行病學調查陳建禎; Chen, Chien-Chan-