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-(International Journal of Food Microbiology, 102: 185-194)Antagonistic activity against Salmonella infection in vitro and in vivo for two Lactobacillus strains from swine and poultryHeng-Chih Tsai; Hsien-Yee Hsih; Hsueh-Hui Chiu; Yung-Yu Lai; Jenn-Hua Liu; B. Yu; Hau-Yang Tsen-
-(Journal of Applied Microbiology, 102:022-031)Immune effect of heat-killed multistrain of Lactobacillus acidophilus against Salmonella typhimurium invasion to miceWen-Hsin Lin; B. Yu; Hwang Wen-Zhe; Lin Chien-Ku; Tsen Hau-Yang-
-(The Journal of Applied Poultry Research, 13:178-182)Effects of Multiple-Enzyme Mixtures on Growth Performance of Broilers Fed Corn-Soybean Meal DietsB. Yu; T. K. Chung-
-Lactobacillus reuteri Pg4最適醱酵及乾燥條件之探討汪昭期; 余碧-
-(Poult. Sci, 43:424-431)Effect of source of protein and enzyme supplementation on protein digestibility and chyme characterisitcs in broilersB.Yu; Tiger; T. T. Lee; P. W. S. Chiou-
-(Poult. Sci, 48(4):507-514)Evaluation of an intestinal Lactobacillus reuteri strain expressing rumen fungal xylanase as a probiotic for broiler chickens fed a wheat-based DietJ. R. Liu; S.F. Lai; B. Yu-
-Studies on Transferring High Value Protein Genes into Rice陳良築; 尤進欽; 許文輝; 楊秋英; 陳俊麟; 曾夢蛟; 楊明德; 詹明才; 王強生; 余碧-
-Study on the probiotic characteristics of transgenic β-glucanase modified Lactobacillus reuteri Pg4F. S. Hsiao; F. H. Liu; W. S. Chiou; B. Yu-
-Tuf 基因序列用於乳酸菌之分子鑑定與定量及其與16S rRNA基因在雙歧桿菌親緣性分析之比較許勝傑; Sheu, Sen-Je-
-(World's Poultry Science Journal,Supplemen:p546-p547)The probiotic characteristics of beta-glucanase transformed Lactobacillus reuteri Pg 4B. Yu; J.R. Liu; W.S. Chiou-
-不同來源及含量之非澱粉多醣類對肉雞脂質代謝之影響李珮芸; 余碧-
-不同來源及含量之非澱粉多醣類對肉雞腸道生理與脂質代謝之影響李珮芸; Lee, Pei Yun-
-不同因子對乳酸桿菌於肉雞腸道上皮細胞吸附能力之影響紀世昌; 余碧-
-不同蛋白質來源對乳牛泌乳性能之影響吳錫勳; Wu, Xi Xun-
-(中畜會誌第32卷第1期, p001-p014)非植酸磷含量與植酸酶添加對台灣小型土雞生長,骨骼性狀與磷排出率之影響余碧; 祝書賢; 詹雲清; 鐘道強
-(中畜會誌第33卷第4期, p235-p248)Studies on the protein and carbohydrate fractions of feedstuffs for ruminantsP. W. S.Chiou; F. M. Chih; B. Yu; C. R. Chen-
-(中畜會誌第33卷第4期, p249-p258)酵素與益生菌在飼料應用效果之評估余碧-
-(中畜會誌第33卷第4期 , p301-p308)保護劑對乳酸桿菌Lactobacillus reuteri Pg 4貯存性之影響汪昭期; 余碧-
-(中畜會誌第33期(增刊):p071)麩醯胺對離乳仔豬腸道發育與生長性能之影響許晉賓; 李錦足; 黃憲榮; 張仲彰; 王治華; 余碧-
-(中畜會誌第33期(增刊):p077)大豆過敏性蛋白質檢測方法:蛋白質膠體電泳與免疫墨漬法之應用陳啟禎; 邱文石; 余碧-