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-Genetic variation of the lambda A and lambda C protein encoding genes of avian reovirusesShen, P.C.; 劉宏仁; Chiou, Y.F.; Liu, H.J.; Song, C.H.; Su, Y.P.; Lee, L.H.-
-hnRNP A1 and Lamin A/C mediate nucleocytoplasmic shuttling of the nonstructural protein p17 of avian reovirus王昱揚; Yu-Yang Wang
-Immunogenicity of the envelope GP3 protein of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus displayed on baculovirusWang, Z.S.; 劉宏仁; Xu, X.G.; Liu, H.J.; Li, Z.C.; Ding, L.; Yu, G.S.; Tong, D.W.-
-Intracellular cleavage of sigma A protein of avian reovirusJi, W.T.; 劉宏仁; Lin, F.L.; Wang, Y.C.; Shih, W.L.; Lee, L.H.; Liu, H.J.-
-Molecular evolution of avian reovirus: evidence for genetic diversity and reassortment of the S-class genome segments and multiple cocirculating lineagesLiu, H.J.; 劉宏仁; Lee, L.H.; Hsu, H.W.; Kuo, L.C.; Liao, M.H.-
-Novel post-translational modifications of the hemagglutinin and neuraminidase proteins of avian influenza virus expressed by Kluyveromyces lactisTsai, S.M.; 劉宏仁; Chiang, Y.C.; Chin, L.T.; Liu, H.J.; Wang, C.Y.; 王之仰-
-Nucleocytoplasmic shuttling mechanisms of the matrix (M) protein of bovine ephemeral fever virus林怡均; Yi-Jyun Lin
-Production and analysis of monoclonal antibodies against the fiber protein of canine adenovirus and the HN protein of canine parainfluenza virus毛詩婷; Shin-Ting Mao
-Production and analysis of monoclonal antibodies against the S1 protein of canine coronavirus and Lig.B protein of Leptospira interrogans and epitope mapping of VP2 protein of canine parvovirus蔡承軒; Cheng-Hsuan Tsai
-&Quot;Characterization of Routes of Avian Reovirus Cell Entry and the Roles of Ampk-Mapk P38, Small G Protein and Autophagy in Virus Replication&Quot;劉宏仁-
-Rapid characterization of avian reoviruses using phylogenetic analysis, reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction and restriction enzyme fragment length polymorphismLiu, H.J.; 劉宏仁; Lee, L.H.; Shih, W.L.; Li, Y.J.; Su, H.Y.-
-Regulation of Avian Reovirus Replication and Cleavage of Sigma a by Ubiquitin-Proteasome System and Cleavage of sigma A劉宏仁-
-Research and Development of a Poultry Multivalent Vaccine Using Fowl Poxvirus as a Vector李龍湖; 劉宏仁; 王敏盈-
-Research and Development of a Poultry Multivalent Vaccine Using Fowl Poxvirus as a Vector (III)李龍湖; 王敏盈; 劉宏仁-
-Secreted expression of the VP2 protein of very virulent infectious bursal disease virus in the methylotrophic yeast Pichia pastorisWu, P.C.; 劉宏仁; Su, H.Y.; Lee, L.H.; Lin, D.T.; Yen, P.C.; Liu, H.J.-
-Sequence and phylogenctic analysis of p10-and p17-encoding genes of avian reovirusHsu, H.W.; 劉宏仁; Su, H.Y.; Huang, P.H.; Lee, L.H.; Liu, H.J.-
-The sequence and phylogenetic analysis of avian reovirus genome segments M1, M2, and M3 encoding the minor core protein mu A, the major outer capsid protein mu B, and the nonstructural protein mu NSSu, Y.P.; 劉宏仁; Su, B.S.; Shien, J.H.; Liu, H.J.; Lee, L.H.-
-Sequence and phylogenetic analysis of interleukin (IL)-1 beta-encoding genes of five avian species and structural and functional homology among these IL-1 beta proteinsWu, Y.F.; 邱繡河; Liu, H.J.; Chiou, S.H.; Lee, L.H.; 劉宏仁-
-Structural and Functional Analysis of Avian Reovirus Genome Segment M1 and Its Encoded Protein μa (II)李龍湖; 劉宏仁; 王敏盈-
-Structural and Functional Analysis of Avian Reovirus Genome Segment M1 and Its Encoded Protein μA (III)李龍湖; 劉宏仁; 王敏盈-