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-Side chain dendritic polyurethanes with shape-memory effectTsai, C.C.; 吳宗明; Chang, C.C.; Yu, C.S.; Dai, S.A.; Wu, T.M.; Su, W.C.; Chen, C.N.; Chen, F.M.C.; Jeng, R.J.; 鄭如忠; 戴憲弘-
-Silver nanoparticles in multiwalled carbon nanotube-Nafion for surface-enhanced Raman scattering chemical sensorTsai, Y.C.; 吳宗明; Hsu, P.C.; Lin, Y.W.; Wu, T.M.; 蔡毓楨-
-Solvent-induced crystallization in poly(ethylene terephthalate) during mass transport: Mechanism and boundary conditionHao, O.Y.; 吳宗明; Lee, W.H.; Wen, O.Y.; Shiue, S.T.; Wu, T.M.-
-Structural Analysis of Injection-Molded Biodegradable Polylactide-Based Nanocomposites吳宗明-
-Surface characterization and barrier properties of plasma-modified polyethersulfone/layered silicate nanocompositesWu, T.M.; 吳宗明; Yang, S.H.-
-Surface characterization and properties of plasma-modified cyclic olefin copolymer/layered silicate nanocompositesWu, T.M.; 吳宗明; Wu, C.W.-
-Synthesis and characterization of biodegradable poly(L-lactide)/layered double hydroxide nanocompositesChiang, M.F.; 吳宗明; Wu, T.M.-
-Synthesis and characterization of conductive polypyrrole with improved conductivity and processabilityWu, T.M.; 吳宗明; Chang, H.L.; Lin, Y.W.-
-Synthesis and characterization of conductive polypyrrole/multi-walled carbon nanotubes composites with improved solubility and conductivityWu, T.M.; 吳宗明; Chang, H.L.; Lin, Y.W.-
-Synthesis and characterization of externally doped sulfonated polyaniline/multi-walled carbon nanotube compositesLin, Y.W.; 吳宗明; Wu, T.M.-
-Synthesis and characterization of hollow polyaniline microtubes and microbelts with nanostructured walls in sodium dodecyl sulfate micellar solutionsWu, T.M.; 吳宗明; Lin, Y.W.-
-Synthesis and montmorillonite-intercalated behavior of dendritic surfactantsTsai, C.C.; 吳宗明; Juang, T.Y.; Dai, S.H.A.; Wu, T.M.; Su, W.C.; Liu, Y.L.; Jeng, R.J.; 鄭如忠; 戴憲弘-
-Synthesis, characterization, and electrical properties of polypyrrole/multiwalled carbon nanotube compositesWu, T.M.; 吳宗明; Lin, S.H.-
-Synthesis, characterization, and properties of monodispersed magnetite coated multi-walled carbon nanotube/polypyrrole nanocomposites synthesized by In-Situ chemical oxidative polymerizationWu, T.M.; 吳宗明; Yen, S.J.; Chen, E.C.; Chiang, R.K.-
-Synthesis, structure, and catalytic studies of mixed lithium-magnesium and sodium-magnesium complexes: Highly isospecific initiators for polymerization of methyl methacrylateHsueh, M.L.; 林助傑; Ko, B.T.; Athar, T.; Lin, C.C.; Wu, T.M.; Hsu, S.F.; 吳宗明-
-Thermal degradation kinetics of biodegradable poly (3-hydroxybutyrate)/layered double hydroxide nanocompositesWu, T.M.; 吳宗明; Hsu, S.F.; Shih, Y.F.; Liao, C.S.-
-Water bamboo husk reinforced poly(lactic acid) green compositesWang, K.H.; 吳宗明; Wu, T.M.; Shih, Y.F.; Huang, C.M.-
-不同劑量γ-ray照射聚乳酸微結構與特性研究王國雄; Wang, Kuo-Hsiung-
-二次非線性規則樹枝狀高分子合成及光電特性之研究陳永忠; Chen, Yung-Chung-
-二氧化錫/聚苯胺/摻氮石墨烯量子點之奈米複合材料之性質研究及電化學感測分析許維方; Wei-Fang Hsu