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-Sputtering deposition of titanium nitride thin films with different morphologies using air as a reactive gas葉仁琇; Yeh, Jen-Hsiu-
-Stress relaxation-induced phase transformation in chromium nitride filmsChen, H.Y.; 呂福興; Lu, F.H.-
-Stripping of Cr and CrN thin films by electrochemical methods張政誌; Zhang, Zheng-zhi-
-Structure, mechanical properties and high temperature oxidation of Ti-Si-N and Ti-Al-Si-N thin films synthesized by a cathodic arc deposition processYang, Sheng-Min; 楊勝閔-
-Surface electrochemical impedance in situ monitoring of cell-cultured titanium with a nano-network surface layerHuang, H.H.; 呂福興; Pan, S.J.; Lu, F.H.-
-SUS310不�袗�之抗氧化包覆擴散塗層研究劉佳杰; Liu, Jia Jie-
-Synthesis of barium titanate films by plasma electrolytic oxidation at room electrolyte temperatureWu, C.T.; 呂福興; Lu, F.H.-
-Synthesis of barium titanate films on Ti-coated substrates by anodic oxidationChan, Pei-Shuan; 詹佩諠-
-Synthesis of Functional Oxide Films on Conductive Nitride-Coated Substrates by Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation呂福興-
-Synthesis of Nano-Structured Anodic Oxides over Conductive Nitride Films by Anodic Oxidation呂福興-
-Synthesis of nano-structured TiO2 film by anodic oxidation楊于紹; Yang, Yu -Shao-
-Synthesis of nano-structured TiO2 films on flexible substrates by anodic oxidation劉厥揚; Liu, Cheng-Yang-
-Synthesis of SrTiO3 films on different morphologies and resistivities of TiN/Si by a hydrothermal- galvanic couple method林佳君; Lin, Chia-Chun-
-Synthesis of TiO2 Thin Films by Electrochemically Anodic Oxidation黃冠誌-
-X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy analyses of titanium oxynitride films prepared by magnetron sputtering using air/Ar mixturesChan, M.H.; 呂福興; Lu, F.H.-
-XPS analyses of TiN films on Cu substrates after annealing in the controlled atmosphereLu, F.H.; 呂福興; Chen, H.Y.-
-The Young's modulus of chromium nitride filmsChen, H.Y.; 呂福興; Tsai, C.J.; Lu, F.H.-
-二氧化鈦與銅在高溫之反應研究方復宣; Fang, Fuxuan-