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-Analysis of comformation change at the N domain of XpsE protein by utilizing fluorescence probes魏昭然; Wei, Chao-Jan-
-Biochemical Characterization of RuvB-like DNA Helicases in Arabidopsis thaliana蕭崇仁; Chung-Jen Hsiao
-Characterization and functional identification of rice pollen-specific OsCPK and its potential downstream substrate蔡曉倩; Shiao-Chien Tsai
-Characterization of Oncidium 'Gower Ramsey' Transcriptomes using 454 GS-FLX Pyrosequencing and Their Application to the Identification of Genes Associated with Flowering TimeChang, Y.Y.; 呂維茗; Chu, Y.W.; Chen, C.W.; Leu, W.M.; Hsu, H.F.; Yang, C.H.; 楊長賢; 朱彥煒-
-Cloning and Analysis of Rice Embryogenesis-Related Genes(I)呂維茗-
-Confocal microscopic dissection and characterization of lignin-related gene expressions in a rootless rice mutant曹莎; Sha Tsao
-Fine Mapping and Trait Characterization of rolts in Rice黃文宏; Huang, Wen-Hung-
-FT同源基因在開花與非開花植物中調控開花時間之功能性分析侯程景; Hou, Cheng-Jing-
-Functional characterization of a NCED gene from Phaius tankervilliae林立; Li Lin
-I.水稻OSCK基因靜默轉殖植物之分析 II.水稻OIP基因表現模式之分析童嬿融; Tung, Yen-Jung-
-Increase efficiency of Agrobacterium-mediated plant transformation鄭淞尹; Sung-Yin Cheng
-Investigation of Roles for exoPG1 and exoPG2 in Pollen Development/Elongation of Oryza sativa洪婕瑜; Chieh-Yu Hung
-Investigation of Roles of Osck1 and Its Downstream Substrate in the Mature Pollen of Rice呂維茗-
-OIP30, a RuvB-Like DNA Helicase 2, is a Potential Substrate for the Pollen-Predominant OsCPK25/26 in RiceWang, C.W.; 呂維茗; Chen, W.C.; Lin, L.J.; Lee, C.T.; Tseng, T.H.; Leu, W.M.-
-OSTF1: A HD-GL2 family homeobox gene is developmentally regulated during early embryogenesis in riceYang, J.Y.; 呂維茗; Chung, M.C.; Tu, C.Y.; Leu, W.M.-
-Rice functional genomics study with T-DNA insertion mutants-Functional analysis of a disease susceptible mutant M0023454沈盟倪; Shen, Meng-Ni-
-Sesame oleosin and prepro-2S albumin expressed as a fusion polypeptide in transgenic rice were split, processed and separately assembled into oil bodies and protein bodiesLee, T.T.T.; 呂維茗; Leu, W.M.; Yang, H.H.; Chen, B.C.M.; Tzen, J.T.C.; 曾志正-
-Significance of XpsE, F Proteins in TypeII Secretion Pathway of Xanthomonas campestris呂維茗-
-XpsE Walker B motif中保留性胺基酸重要性之分析余適伶; Yu, Shi-Ling-
-XpsE, ATP以及XpsL三者間相互作用機制的探討薛聖潔; Shiue, Sheng-Jie-