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-(1995年書法論文研討會論文集, p柒001-p柒019)北宋尚文氛圍中書風尚意的內涵陳欽忠 -
-(1997年書法學術研討會論文集, p捌001-p捌019)從銘刻文化與文學滲透看書法的人文價值陳欽忠 -
-(2001年佛學與人生學術研討會論文集-生命教育與社會關懷, p037-p047)從《維摩詰經》看菩薩之社會關懷-眾生病,則菩薩病Liu, Chin-Hsien; 劉錦賢 -
-(2006經學與文化學術研討會論文集,p191-p204)宦官與東漢時期的經學江乾益 -
-(2009書法與當代社會國際學術研討會:書法研討會論文集, p008-p018)當代書法的人文關懷陳欽忠 
-A+Comaprison+of+the+Chinese+and+Japanese+Language+Current+in+Explaining+and+Publicizing+of+Imperial+EdictsYasuki, Abe; 阿部泰記
-Belief and Intellectual Milestones: The Example of Richard Hakluyt and The principall navigations, voiages and discoveries of the English nation
-The Bible And/In/As Literature
-Blood Mary邢玥
-Change in Time, Change through Adjustments, and Change as History - On the Conception of “Change” in the Records of the Grand Historian陳詠琳; Chen Yong-Lin
-Chou Haimen on Confucianism and Buddhism葉守桓; Ye Shou-Huan
-A Doubt on Xunzian Idea of 'Human Nature is Good'Siu Chun-Sing; 蕭振聲
-The Expression of Self-life Expectations in the Weird Novel Xie DuoHuang Tung-Yang; 黃東陽
-The Interpretation of JiuGong: The case of Dun Jia and Geomancy許仲南; Hsu Chung-Nan
-No Baseless Praise and Not Varnishing Error - Description of Double-faced Xiang Yu in Biographic Sketch of Xiang Yu of the Record of History朱孟庭; Chu Meng-Ting
-Novelists and Poets Probing Literature and Religion
-The 'Omniscience' discourse in the life insights of Wang Yan's Records of Obscure MysticHuang Tung-Yang; 黃東陽