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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Text
-Belief and Intellectual Milestones: The Example of Richard Hakluyt and The principall navigations, voiages and discoveries of the English nation
-The Bible And/In/As Literature
-Blood Mary邢玥
-Change in Time, Change through Adjustments, and Change as History - On the Conception of “Change” in the Records of the Grand Historian陳詠琳; Chen Yong-Lin
-Chou Haimen on Confucianism and Buddhism葉守桓; Ye Shou-Huan
-A Doubt on Xunzian Idea of 'Human Nature is Good'Siu Chun-Sing; 蕭振聲
-The Expression of Self-life Expectations in the Weird Novel Xie DuoHuang Tung-Yang; 黃東陽
-The Interpretation of JiuGong: The case of Dun Jia and Geomancy許仲南; Hsu Chung-Nan
-No Baseless Praise and Not Varnishing Error - Description of Double-faced Xiang Yu in Biographic Sketch of Xiang Yu of the Record of History朱孟庭; Chu Meng-Ting
-Novelists and Poets Probing Literature and Religion
-The 'Omniscience' discourse in the life insights of Wang Yan's Records of Obscure MysticHuang Tung-Yang; 黃東陽
-On the ancestor worship in 205-206rd Baoshan bamboo strips of Chu stateJeng Wen-Shin; 鄭雯馨
-On the Buddhist Language Studies via Document ContextChu Chia-Ning; 竺家寧
-On the Relation between "The Metaphysical Dao" and "Wu-wei Practice" in the First Chapter of the LaoziSiu Chun-Sing; 蕭振聲
-A Preliminary Approach to the Language Framing of Chinese Myths
-Revival and Innovation of Classical Chinese : On the regeneration and creativeness of Zhang Tai Yan's viewpoint of traditional-written form language黃翠芬; Huang Tsui-Feng
-Shan Shili and Laocoon--with the discussion on the mythological viewpoints of the late Ching scholars
-Sidelights on Zhong XiangHan Bi-Chyn; 韓碧琴
-A Study of death ('Zu' and 'Zang'), the names of Feudals Lords and their alliance with Lu in Chun QiuChen Wen-Ju; 陳溫菊
-The study of sixth of Advices written by Cheng Wang in Dance with musical instruments written by Zhou Gong on The Tsinghua University Warring States Bamboo Manuscripts(III)Chi Hsiu-Sheng; 季旭昇