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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Text
-Shan Shili and Laocoon--with the discussion on the mythological viewpoints of the late Ching scholars
-Sidelights on Zhong XiangHan Bi-Chyn; 韓碧琴
-A Study of death ('Zu' and 'Zang'), the names of Feudals Lords and their alliance with Lu in Chun QiuChen Wen-Ju; 陳溫菊
-The study of sixth of Advices written by Cheng Wang in Dance with musical instruments written by Zhou Gong on The Tsinghua University Warring States Bamboo Manuscripts(III)Chi Hsiu-Sheng; 季旭昇
-The study of Special art fonts in Ji Zhuan Gu Wen Yun HaiLin Sheng-Feng; 林聖峯
-The Research of The Buddha's The Research of The Buddha's Mother Sutra and Related Literary and Art Tradition in Dunhuang;《佛母經》及其相關文藝作品研究Lin, Jen-Yu; 林仁昱 -
-Transforming Outmoded Customs Make All under Heaven Peaceful: the Construction Process of the Barbecue Custom in Mid-Autumn Festival陳峻誌; Chen Chun-Chih
-The unusual ethnics in the legends of indigenous peoples
-When Standard Chinese Meets Chinese of Different: In the case of Xie Bingying and Zhong MeiyinKhor Boon Eng(Xu Wen-Rong); 許文榮
-「X+子」詞彙化與語法化過程鄭縈; 魏郁真
-一代疏鑿手 - 元好問詩論的文學主張
-三傳異義辨舉隅李建福 -
-《上博八‧蘭賦》釋讀高榮鴻; Rong-Hong Gao
-不入流的智慧, p.p.187Chang, How-Ching; 張火慶 -