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-(Extended Abstracts of ICSFS-7,p361)Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon X-ray Detector For Medical ApplicationsY. L. Jiang; L. S. Chuang; H. L. Hwang-
-(Extended Abstracts of ICSFS-7,p445)P type a-SiC:H Window Layer Deposited by Novel Boron-atom-treatment methodY. L. Jiang; Y. H. Shing; S. H. Lee; H. L. Hwang-
-(Extended Abstracts of the 2Oth Conference onSolid State Devices and Materials,p239-p242)Evidence of Resonant Tunneling in a-Si:H/a-Sil-xCx:H SuperlatticeY. L. Jiang; H. L. Hwang; C. E. Nebel; G. H. Bauer-
-Fabrication of amorphous silicon/amorphous silicon germanium NI1PI2N infared position detectors江雨龍等
-The I-V Characteristics of p/i/n a-Si:H Solar Cell with the I layer Deposited with Pulse Modulation RF PowerY. L. Jiang; C. C. Kuo-
-(IEDMS 1998,D1-9:314)A Novel Design and Fabrication of Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon X-ray Detectors for Medical Imaging ApplicationsS. S. Fann; Y. L. Jiang; J. C. Wu; H. L. Hwang-
-(IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices,36(12):2816-2820)Field-Drifting Resonant Tunneling Through a-Si:H/a-Sil-xCx:H Quantum Wells at Different Locations of the i-Layer of a p-i-n StructureY. L. Jiang; H. L. Hwang-
-(IEEE,Transactions on Electron Devices,50(2):341-346)Operating principles and performance of a novel a-si:h p-i-n based x-ray detector for medical image applicationsS. S. Fann; Y. L. Jiang; H. L. Hwang
-The influence of silicon nanocrystals embedded in amorphous silicon solar cells on the photodegradation effectsYeu-Long Jiang; Jr-Yuan Shiu; Chao-Hsien Tseng; Peng-Tzong Kuo; Zhen-You Lin; Pei-TzongShih-
-(International Conference on Optics and Photonics and Photonics,pSat-S49-03)The influence of hydrogen dilution ratios on the protocrystalline silicon/amorphous silicon multilayers solar cellsShih-Chieh Lin; Yeu-Long Jiang; Tai-Chao Kuo; Chia-Chou Chang-
-(International Conference on Optics and Photonics and Photonics,pSat-S49-04)Effects of variation of structural phase on the performance of silicon thin-film solar cellShih-Han Hsu; Yeu-Long Jiang; Tai-Chao Kuo; Wei-Che Hung-
-(Japanese Jorunal of Applied Physcis,27(12):L2434-2437)Field-Drifting Resonance Tunneling Through a-Si:H/a-Sil-xCx:H Double Barrier in the p-i-n StructureY. L. Jiang; H. L. Hwang
-(Jpn. J. Appl. Phys,42(8B):L999-L1001)Rapid energy transfer annealing for the crystallization of amorphous siliconY. L. Jiang
-(Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. Part l,34(2B):927-931)Very Low Temperature Deposition of Polycrystalline Silicon Films Fabricated by Hydrogen Dilution With Electron Cyclotron Resonance Chemical Vapor DepositionK. C. Wang; K. L. Cheng; Y. L. Jiang; T. R. Yew; H. L. Hwang
-(Jpn. J. Appl. Phys.,41:4519-4520)Ultra-Shallow Junction Formation using Implantation through Capping Nitride Layer on Source/Drain ExtensionL. J. Hsien; Y. L. Chan; T. S. Chao; Y. L. Jiang; C. Y. Kung
-(Jpn. J. Appl. Phys.,42(12A):L1416-L1418)Fast Grain Growth of Metal-Induced Lateral Crystallization of Amorphous Silicon Using Rapid Energy Transfer AnnealingYeu Long Jiang; Chi Lin Chen; Chiung Wei Lin; Shun Fa Huang
-(Jpn. J. Appl. Phys.,42(12B):L1498-L1500)Rapid and Efficient Recrystallization and Activation of Implanted Phosphorus Doping in Laser-annealed Polysilicon vy Rapid Energy Transfer AnnealingYeu Long Jiang; Chi Lin Chen; Chiung Wei Lin; Shun Fa Huang
-(Knowledge Bridge,41:002-003)a-Si/a-SiGe NI1PI2N structure and its used for infrared-light position detectorYeu Long Jiang-
-Light emitting properties from nc-Si embedded in SiNX filmsYeu-Long Jiang; Pei-Tzong Shih; Chao-Hsien Tseng; Zhen-You Lin; Peng-Tzong Kuo-
-Manipulating the Spatial Distribution of Silicon-Hydrogen Bonds of a-Si:H by a-Si:Hx/a-Si:Hy SuperlatticeYeu-Long Jiang-