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-Development of Miniaturized Microbial Fuel Cell System and Its Performance Enhancement Study楊錫杭-
-Development of Scattering Dots Auto-Deployment Strategy for High Uniformity Light Guide Plate韓斌-
-Effects of Surface Morphologies of Array Roughening on the Characteristcs of Light Emitting Diodes洪瑞華-
-Fabrication Technology for Ultra Thin/Super Thermal Dissipation Solid State Lighting(II)洪瑞華-
-First-Principle Studies in New Epitaxial Group-IV Semiconductor Heterostructures based on Si, Sn, and Ge劉柏良-
-First-Principle Studies of Compound Semiconductors for Next Generation Blue/Green/Uv Lighting劉柏良-
-Mechanism and Properties Investigation of Novel Grain Boundary Migration, Internal Friction, Elastic-Plastic Deformation, Cyclic and Temperature Dependent Creep of Nanocrystallize Thin Films林明澤-
-A Miniature Wind Generator Based on Pressure Fluctuation in Karman Vortex Street王東安; 魏憲鴻-
-Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting from Vortex-Induced Vibrations王東安-
-Study on the Spectral Switches and Its Application韓斌-
-Study on Thin Film Blue Leds with Optimum Light Extraction and Thermal Dissipated Substrate for High Voltage Dc Driving Applications洪瑞華-
-Tunable Wavelength LED and VCSEL Fabrication and Investigation Using Electrostatically Suspended Mirror (II)洪瑞華-
-Using New Measurement Methods for the Study of Novel Plastic Deformation Recovery, Inhomogeneous and Viscoelastic Mechanical Properties of Thin Film(III)林明澤-