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-Haemoglobin in normal and neoplastic canine mammary glandsChang, S.C.; 王孟亮; Chen, H.F.; Chou, M.H.; Wang, H.C.; Su, H.Y.; Wong, M.L.; 張仕杰-
-Increased survival in dogs with malignant mammary tumours overexpressing HER-2 protein and detection of a silent single nucleotide polymorphism in the canine HER-2 geneHsu, W.L.; 徐維莉; Huang, H.M.; Liao, J.W.; Bong, M.L.; Chang, S.C.; 廖俊旺; 張仕杰-
-Mammary carcinoma with sebaceous differentiation in a dogChang, S.C.; 廖俊旺; Liao, J.W.; Wong, M.L.; Lai, Y.S.; Liu, C.I.; 張仕杰-
-Melanoma antigen-A在犬正常及間質來源腫瘤組織的表現陳音竹; Chen, Yin-Chu-
-Mesojejunoileac liposarcoma with intrahepatic metastasis in a dogChang, S.C.; 廖俊旺; Liao, J.W.; 張仕杰-
-Mouse Mammary Tumor Virus-Like Nucleotide Sequences in Canine and Feline Mammary TumorsHsu, W.L.; 張照勤; Lin, H.Y.; Chiou, S.S.; Chang, C.C.; Wang, S.P.; Lin, K.H.; Chulakasian, S.; Wong, M.L.; Chang, S.C.; 徐維莉; 張仕杰-
-mTOR信號傳遞路徑在犬貓軟組織及骨頭肉瘤的表現蕭慧貞; Hsiao, Hui-Chen-
-Nasal infestation with the leech Dinobdella ferox in a domestic shorthair catChang, S.C.; 董光中; Cheng, F.P.; Tung, K.C.; Yang, C.H.; Lee, W.M.; 張仕杰; 鄭豐邦; 李衛民-
-Neokyotorphin對犬乳腺瘤細胞及鼠纖維母細胞增殖之影響李宣儒; Lee, HsuanJu-
-Osteociastic-like giant cell tumour in a catChang, S.C.; 廖俊旺; Liao, J.W.; Liu, C.I.; Wong, M.L.; Cheng, F.P.; 張仕杰; 鄭豐邦-
-Pancreatic acinar cell carcinoma with intracranial metastasis in a dogChang, S.C.; 廖俊旺; Liao, J.W.; Lin, Y.C.; Liu, C.I.; Wong, M.L.; 張仕杰-
-Prognostic factors associated with survival two years after surgery in dogs with malignant mammary tumors: 79 cases (1998-2002)Chang, S.C.; 張天傑; Chang, C.C.; Chang, T.J.; Wong, M.L.; 張照勤; 張仕杰-
-Single nucleotide variation in exon 11 of canine BRCA2 in healthy and cancerous mammary tissueHsu, W.L.; 張天傑; Huang, Y.H.; Chang, T.J.; Wong, M.L.; Chang, S.C.; 徐維莉; 王孟亮; 張仕杰-
-Spontaneous Rhabdomyosarcoma in a Young Sprague-Dawley RatChang, S.C.; 宣詩玲; Inui, K.; Lee, W.C.; Hsuan, S.L.; Chien, M.S.; Chen, C.H.; Chang, S.J.; Liao, J.W.; 廖俊旺; 簡茂盛; 張仕杰-
-以乳鐵蛋白輔助治療貓淋巴球漿細胞性口炎洪一平; Hung, Yi-Ping
-以冷光化學免疫試驗偵測各種腫瘤患犬之α型胎兒蛋白受體血清量莊正瑋; Chuang, Cheng-Wei
-偵測分化抗原在犬口腔黑色素瘤的表現及架構一個Melan-A表現質體熊祐興; Hsiung, Yu-Hsing-
-偵測犬惡性腫瘤中黑色素細胞抗原-A(MAGE-A)轉錄物與蛋白質的表現陳昭燕; Chen, Chao-Yen-
-利用突變特異性擴增系統偵測貓多囊性腎病與應用RIFLE分級評估犬隻急性腎衰竭預後李雅珍; Lee, Ya-Jane-
-副痘病毒在鼻咽癌及犬乳腺腫瘤細胞的溶瘤角色鄭茜尹; Chien-I Cheng