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-Rate coefficient and mechanism of the gas phase OPSCN -> OPNCS isomerization: a density functional theory studyJalbout, A.F.; 張家銘; Chang, C.M.; Galano, A.; Solimannejad, M.-
-A simple rule for determining ferromagnetism based on direct exchange energiesJalbout, A.F.; 張家銘; Chang, C.M.-
-A Study of Upland Productivity in Taiwan Farmlands-Diagnosis and Improvement of Soil Internal Drainage, Compaction, and Strong AcidityTseng, Kuo-Jin; 曾國珍-
-Study on the Effect of Fungicide Mixtures on Microbial ToxicityYun-Hsi Hsieh; 謝昀羲
-Synthesis of lithiophorite in high alkaline conditionsYang, D.S.; 張家銘; Wang, M.K.; Chang, C.M.; Sheu, H.S.; Hwang, B.J.-
-Transport modeling of copper and cadmium with linear and nonlinear retardation factorsChang, C.M.; 張家銘; Wang, M.K.; Chang, T.W.; Lin, C.; Chen, Y.R.-
-Unified linear predicting models for the essential reactions of metal ions in aquatic and surface systemsChang, C.M.; 張家銘-
-A unified model for predicting the mononuclear first- to fifth-order and the polynuclear hydrolysis constants of metal cationsChang, C.M.; 張家銘; Jalbout, A.F.; Wang, M.K.; Lin, C.-
-Xanthomonas campestris pv. campestris 合成胞外多醣所需基因orf482 之特性張家銘; Chang, chai-ming-
-不同碳含量對Fe-Cr-C硬面合金顯微結構及磨耗特性之研究張家銘; Chang, Chia-Ming-
-中文人名擷取張家銘; Chang, Jia-Ming-
-以質量平衡與重金屬毒性評估方法研究灌溉水質標準限值廖行一; Liao, Xing-Yi-
-以電子屬性為基礎建立有機化合物半效應濃度之定量構效關係Wu, Fang-Wei; 吳芳瑋-
-低分子量有機酸影響金屬離子氧化還原反應之密度泛函理論計算王雅真; Wang, Ya-Jen-
-分子-磁性二合一新模型應用於紅壤中林裕偉; Lin, Yu-Wei-
-利用CFD技術預測高爐爐床與高爐流道侵蝕狀況張家銘; Chang, Chia-Ming-
-利用混合式分群基因演算法解決台語文轉音系統中一詞多音的問題張家銘; Chang, Chia-Ming-
-台灣嘉義地區植生指標與土地利用之關連性研究張家銘; Chang, Chia-ming-
-台灣垃圾焚化處理之區域合作策略研究-以大台北地區為例王仲卿; Wang, Chungching-
-台灣遊戲產業發展之危機與轉機Chia-Ming Chang; 張家銘