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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Text
-The Cognition and Attitudes of University Librarians in Taiwan Toward Scholarly Communication張莉慧; Li-Hui Chang
-Constructing Bibliographic Relationships of Journal Collections Through FRBR Model胡麗珠; Li-Chu Hu
-Developing Data Curation Service in the Academic Libraries: A Feasibility Study in Basic Medical Sciences李勇德; Yong-De Li
-Digital Archives of Taichung Buddhist Lotus Society周玟觀 ; 張慧銖; 江乾益 ; 張清泉-
-Electronic resources,Academic libraries,Reengineering,Organizational structure,Reorganization張慧銖
-A Feasibility Study on the Implementation of Taiwan''s Professional Competencies Certification for Catalogers王嵐渝; Lan-Yu Wang
-FRBR之探討張慧銖; Chang, Hui-Chu-
-Metadata對於組織電子期刊之適用性探討張慧銖; Chang, Hui-Chu
-MODS&MADS發展與應用Chang, Hui-Chu; 張慧銖-
-OPAC 的危機與轉機張慧銖; Chang, Hui-Chu-
-A Study of the Characteristics of Douban Tags and the Feasibility of Using Douban Tags to Supplementing the List of Chinese Subject Terms蘇士勛; Shih-Hsun Su
-Study on the Relationship between E-books Access and User Tasks in the University Libraries曾昱嫥; Yu-Chuan Tseng
-Using Social Return on Investment to Evaluate the Public Library Improvement Project許雅嵐; Ya-Lan Hsu
-Web 2.0 與新世代的圖書館服務Chang, Hui-Chu; 張慧銖-
-中文醫學主題詞對檢索效能影響初探張慧銖; Chang, Hui-Chu-
-中文電子資源的現況與發展張慧銖; Chang, Hui-Chu-
-中興大學文學院教師研究力評鑑指標計畫焦點座談會主持人張慧銖; Chang, Hui-Chu-
-主題分析張慧銖; Chang, Hui-Chu-
-主題分析:標題張慧銖; Chang, Hui-Chu-