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-Exploring organizational culture for information security managementChang, S.E.; 張樹之; Lin, C.S.-
-Exploring Smart Phone Based Marketing Application for Retail Business葉宜璇; Yeh, Yi-Hsuan-
-The implementation of a secure and pervasive multimodal Web system architectureChang, S.E.; 張樹之; Minkin, B.-
-Integrated Cloud Storage Architecture for Enhancing Service Reliability, Availability and Scalability蘇文祺; Wen-Chi Su
-Location-based services for tourism industry: An empirical study張樹之; Chang, S.E.; Hsieh, Y.J.; Chen, C.W.; Liao, C.K.; Wang, S.T.-
-Migrating Enterprise Information Services to the Cloud: A Qualitative Empirical Study邱國銘; Kuo-Ming Chiu
-The Opportunity and Strategy of Service Innovation-A Case of Chunghwa Telecom''s MOD Service.吳立智; Wu, Li-Chih-
-Organizational factors to the effectiveness of implementing information security managementChang, S.E.; 張樹之; Ho, C.B.; 何建達-
-Personal Data Management: An Architectural Framework for Personal Cloud Mobile Application王聖文; Sheng-Wen Wang
-A Research on Optimized Voice-enabled Web SystemChen, Yenwei; 陳彥維-
-A Study of Product Platform Planning for Mass CustomizationYeh, Ming-Chu; 葉明衢-
-A Study on the Service Quality, Relation Marketing, Relation Quality and Customer Loyalty楊良基; Yang, Liang-Chi-
-A user study of accessing web applications via voice cellular phone: a model comparison approachChang, S.E.; 張樹之; Chen, S.Y.; Liu, Y.H.-
-A virtual enterprise based information system architecture for the tourism industryChang, S.E.; 張樹之; Chou, Y.C.-
-Voice enabling mobile financial services with multimodal transformationChang, S.E.; 張樹之-
-A web-feed based asynchronous dictionary service and its applications to mobile learning童敬惠; Tung, Ching-Huei-
-一個可增強商務功能與企業服務之網路供餵系統及其應用 (II)張樹之-
-一種非干擾式顧客滿意度偵測方法與其應用之研究Jang, Yu-Teng; 張譽騰-
-互動式數獨遊戲方法及其系統張譽騰; 張樹之-