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-Field Trials of Grafted Tomato Using Eggplant RootstockWoo-Nang Chang; 張武男; Yu-Sung; Shun-Fa Tai; 宋妤; 戴順發
-GA3 及FW-450對甜椒除雄效果之研究李文汕; Li, Wen-Shan-
-GA3, ABA與MH-30對洋蔥儲藏力增進之影響蘇愛雲; A. Y. Su; 張武男; W. N. Chang
-GA[feb0]對臺南1 號洋葱抽苔開花之影響黃彩容; 謝麗芬; 張武男
-Growth and Development of Tomato Plug Seedling of Different Ages and Raised at Two ElevationsShin-Hao Wu; 吳心浩; Woo-Nang Chang; Wen-Shann Lee; 李文汕; 張武男
-Improving Intensive Vegetable Seedling Production and Cultural System張武男-
-Improving of Production Technique in Plug Seedling張武男-
-Influence Effect of the Seed Viability and the Cotyledon Height on Seed Germination and the Seedling Growth.Woo-Nang Chang; 張武男; Yu Sung; Pang-Kong Huang; 宋妤; 黃泮宮
-Influence of Plant Density on Growth and Yield of Tomato in Bag CultureWoo-Nang Chang; 張武男; Yu Sung; Ing-Chih Lin; 宋妤; 林英志
-Influence of Plug Size on Growth of Pak-choi (Brassica campestris L.)許佳玲; Chia-Ling Hsu; 李文汕; 張武男; Wen-Shann Lee; Woo-Nang Chang
-Microclimate Changes under Non-Woven Fabric Floating Row Cover陳邦華; Bang-Hwa Chen; 陳加忠; 張武男; Chia-Chung Chen; Woo-Nang Chang
-Physical and Chemical Properties of Several Local Available Growth Media林深林; Shen-Lin Lin; 張武男; 黃錦河; Wu-Nan Chang; Kim-Ho Ng
-Production of Virus-free Shallot (Allium cepa var. ascalonicum) by Shoot Apex Culture陳宥庄; Yu Chuang Chen; 李文汕; 張武男; Wen Shann Lee; Woo Nang Chang
-Studies of Available Water for Five Organic Media葉士財; Shih-Tsai Yeh; 林深林; 張武男; Sheng-Lin Lin; Woo-Nang Chang
-Studies on Genetic Behavior and Breeding of Sweet Pepper (IV). Early Generation Heterosis and Inbreeding Depression張武男; W, N, Chang; 鍾維榮; W, J, Chung
-Study on Mushroom (Agaricus bisporus(Lange)Imbach.) Multivation in Cargo Container劉兆烘; Chao Hong Liu; 彭金騰; 李文汕; 張武男; Jin Torng Peng; Wen-Shann Lee; Woo-Nang Chang
-Study on the Cell Type and Plug Design for Improving Pan Root and Growth of Chinese Cabbage Seedling黃亮白; Linag-Pai Huang; 宋妤; 張武男; Yu Sung; Woo-Nang Chang
-Use of Transplantor in Vegetable Production宋妤; Yu Sung; 張武男; Woo-Nang Chang
-Using Morphological Traitson Cultivar Identification of Capsicum annuum L.宋妤; Cheng-Chieh Lin; 林政潔; 張武男; Woo-Nang Chang; Yu Sung
-Water Lock 保水劑對三種蔬菜穴盤苗生育之研究辜瑞雪; Ko, Swee-Suak-