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-The Firm's Optimal Strategic Combination of Coupon, Rebate and Price Advertising王承緯; Wang, Cheng-Wei-
-The Impact of Dark Side of Relationship Factors on Relationship Performance - The Social Exchange Theory Perspective黃識銘; Huang, Shyh-Ming-
-The impact of inter-firm market orientation on inter-firm learning & innovation capability: The moderating effect of network capabilityChen, Yi-Ying; 陳怡穎-
-The Impact of Introducing the Internet channel on Vertical Strategic InteractionChen, Ching-Hong; 陳青宏-
-The impact of relationship memory on innovation capability: moderating effect of market orientation and learning orientation鄭元芬; Cheng, Yuan-Fen-
-The Impact of Social Capital and Relationship Tension on relationship Performance - Environmental Uncertainty as Moderator張子建; Chang, Tzu-Chien-
-A research of cooperative networks- network position, competence and advantage.Luo, Jian-Yuan; 羅健源-
-A Study of Marketing Intellectual Capital-Perspectives of Relationship Learning and Capability-Based View方世榮-
-A Study of Service Encounter and Service Brnad Equity- Relationship Quality as Mediator高育民@20050815; gao, yu-min-
-A Study of the Determinants of Manufacturer''s Long-Term Orientation in Industrial MarketsTsai, Jung-Chan; 蔡榮展-
-不對稱關係對企業間關係品質之影響郭宏宗; Kuo, Hung-Tsung-
-主動與被動市場導向對創新能力之影響─以策略導向為調節變數林香吟; Lin, Hsiang-Yin-
-人力資本、社會資本與服務創新能力之關聯性—以動態能力之觀點歐珏竹; Ou, Chueh-Chu-
-人際型服務接觸與科技型服務接觸對關係利益之影響簡競宇@20040621; Chien, Ching-Yu-
-人際網絡、企業網絡與信任之關係莊純綺@20070630; chunchi, chuang-
-以張力觀點探討關係黑暗面Liu, Hsin-Chih; 劉欣芷-
-以權力不對稱關係探討企業夥伴關係黑暗面吳佳蓉; Wu, Chia-Rong-
-以行銷觀點探討智慧資本林佳蓁; Lin, Chia-Chen-
-供應商關係風險於食品安全議題之研究曾科瑋; Tseng, Ke-Wei-
-供應鏈夥伴關係之研究∼以鋼鐵棒線加工業為例∼吳秀霞; Wu, Hsiu-Hsia-