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-Effective analysis of gaseous formaldehyde based on a platinum-deposited screen-printed edge band ultramicroelectrode coated with Nafion as solid polymer electrolyteChou, C.H.; 曾志明; Chang, J.L.; Zen, J.M.-
-Effects of Different Ions and Compost on Movement of Paraquat in Soils Using Chemically Modified ElectrodeYang, Ting-Hao; 楊庭豪-
-An efficient and selective photocatalytic system for the oxidation of sulfides to sulfoxidesZen, J.M.; 曾志明; Liou, S.L.; Kumar, A.S.; Hsia, M.S.-
-Electrocatalytic oxidation and sensitive detection of cysteine on a lead ruthenate pyrochlore modified electrodeZen, J.M.; 曾志明; Kumar, A.S.; Chen, J.C.-
-Electrocatalytic oxidation and trace detection of amitrole using a Nafion/lead-ruthenium oxide pyrochlore chemically modified electrodeZen, J.M.; 曾志明; Kumar, A.S.; Chang, M.R.-
-Electrocatalytic oxidation of cysteine on a nafion-ruthenium oxide pyrochlore chemically modified electrodeZen, J.M.; 曾志明; Kumar, A.S.; Chen, J.C.-
-Electrocatalytic oxidation of hypoxanthine on a Nafion/lead-ruthenium oxide pyrochlore modified electrodeZen, J.M.; 曾志明; Lai, Y.Y.; Ilangovan, G.; Kumar, A.S.-
-Electrocatalytic reduction and determination of dissolved oxygen at a preanodized screen-printed carbon electrode modified with palladium nanoparticlesYang, C.C.; 曾志明; Kumar, A.S.; Zen, J.M.-
-Electrochemical behavior of lead-ruthenium oxide pyrochlore catalyst: redox characteristics in comparison with that of ruthenium dioxideZen, J.M.; 曾志明; Kumar, A.S.; Chen, J.C.-
-An electrochemical cell coupled with disposable screen-printed electrodes for use in flow injection analysisHsu, C.T.; 曾志明; Chung, H.H.; Lyuu, H.J.; Tsai, D.M.; Kumar, A.S.; Zen, J.M.-
-Electrochemical formation of Prussian blue in natural iron-intercalated clay and cinder matrixesZen, J.M.; 曾志明; Kumar, A.S.; Chen, H.W.-
-Electrochemical impedance study and sensitive voltammetric determination of Pb(II) at electrochemically activated glassy carbon electrodesZen, J.M.; 曾志明; Chung, H.H.; Hangovan, G.; Kumar, A.S.-
-Electrochemical investigation of glucose sensor fabricated at copper-plated screen-printed carbon electrodesKumar, A.S.; 曾志明; Zen, J.M.-
-Electrochemical sensing applications based on an azo/hydrazo functional group containing polymelamine modified screen printed carbon electrode and electrogenerated chlorine assisted immobilization of 2,8-dihydroxyadenine柯山度; KRISHNAN SENTHILKUMAR
-An electrochemical sensor based on a clay-coated screen-printed electrode for the determination of arbutinShih, Y.; 曾志明; Zen, J.M.-
-Electrochemical study of hydroxylation of resorcinol and sensing β2-agonist using preanodized screen-printed carbon electrode翁千翔; Chian-Shiang Wong
-An electrochemically preanodized screen-printed carbon electrode for achieving direct electron transfer to glucose oxidaseYang, T.H.; 曾志明; Hung, C.L.; Ke, J.H.; Zen, J.M.-
-Elimination of the copper-zinc interference at mercury film electrodes by a Nafion/clay modifiedZen, J.M.; 曾志明; Lin, H.Y.; Yang, H.H.-
-An enzymeless electrochemical sensor for the selective determination of creatinine in human urineChen, J.C.; 曾志明; Kumar, A.S.; Chung, H.H.; Chien, S.H.; Kuo, M.C.; Zen, J.M.-
-Evaluation of Subchronic Toxicity of Pet Food Contaminated with Melamine and Cyanuric Acid in RatsChen, K.C.; 曾志明; Liao, C.W.; Cheng, F.P.; Chou, C.C.; Chang, S.C.; Wu, J.H.; Zen, J.M.; Chen, Y.T.; Liao, J.W.; 廖俊旺; 周濟眾; 張仕杰; 鄭豐邦-