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-The design of a single-chip tool monitoring system for on-line turning operationTseng, P.C.; 曾柏昌; Teng, W.C.-
-Design of Deformable Clamping Structural for A 2-axis-head Brake劉俊宏; Liu,Chun-Hung
-The design of free surface interpolator for CNC machiningTseng, P.C.; 曾柏昌; Hon, J.Y.-
-Fe- Al2O3真空燒結磁性磨料特性研究鄭振瑤; Zheng, Zhen-Yao-
-Fe-Al2O3真空燒結磁性磨料特性研究鄭振瑤; Zheng, Zhen-Yao-
-Luminescence properties of mechanically nanoindented ZnSeYau, W.H.; 曾柏昌; Tseng, P.C.; Wen, H.C.; Tsai, C.H.; Chou, W.C.-
-Nanoscratch study of ZnO thin films deposited using radio frequency magnetron sputteringYau, W.H.; 曾柏昌; Tseng, P.C.; Lian, D.-
-Nd:YAG雷射加工鋁合金表面微結構對塑膠射出結合性之參數探討葉時彰; Yeh, Shih-Chang-
-The neural-fuzzy thermal error compensation controller on CNC machining centerTseng, P.C.; 曾柏昌; Chen, S.L.-
-On-line Ceramic Cutting Tool Flank Wear Monitoring in Hard Turning朱永哲; Yung-Che Chu
-Optimal Die Design on High-Strength Stainless Steel Wire Drawing詹明縉; Ming-Chin Chan
-Optimization of Inclined Surface Die Grinding Parameters Assisted with Robotic Machining王志遠; Chih-Yuan Wang
-PC-Based 物料存取自動化系統曾柏昌-
-The Process Parameters Study for Release Film peeling machine陳建智; Chien-Chih Chen
-S50C中碳鋼精銑削刀具壽命之研究楊忠祥; Yang, Zhong-Xiang
-Spatially resolved, laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy, development, and application for the analysis of Al and Si in nickel-based alloysTsai, S.J.J.; 曾柏昌; Chen, S.Y.; Chung, Y.S.; Tseng, P.C.-
-A Study of Grinding Burn Monitoring Using Multi-Sensor Fusion吳品叡; Pin-Ray Wu
-A Study of Grinding Wheel Wear Monitoring by Using Multi-Sensor Fusion楊博仁; Bo-Ren Yang
-A study of high-precision CNC lathe thermal errors and compensationTseng, P.C.; 曾柏昌; Ho, J.L.-
-SUS304不銹鋼面銑毛邊生成之研究蔡吉隆; Tsai, Chi-Lung-