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-The Analysis and Application of Consumer-Oriented Marketing Concepts in Designing E-store's Functions: An Example of E-store in Selling Agricultural ProductsChung, Hsiu-Hsin; 鐘秀欣-
-The Analysis of Current State and Price Criteria for Agricultural Transportation Industry in TaiwanLee, Cheu-Yi; 李俊億-
-Application of Fuzzy Theory to Develop Criteria and Indicators of Forest Ecosystem Management in Taiwan李宗儒; 劉曼貞; 李久先; Yian-Ming Yen-
-An application of strategic matrix莊麗華; Zhuang, Li Hua-
-Applications of Value Chain Management on the Wholesale Flowers Markets李宗儒-
-Apply Grey Analysis, Regression Analysis, and TRIZ to Develop the Strategies of the Medical Tourism Industry in Taiwan-From Japanese Consumer Viewpoint林千惠; Lin, Chien-Hui-
-Challenges to Smallholders' Sector Towards Globalization:Taiwan Case李宗儒-
-An Empirical Study on Establishing a Marketing DSS of Agricultural Products with Maximizing Profit李宗儒-
-The Feasibility Study of Promotion Activities in Farmers' Markets with Regional Agricultural Products李宗儒-
-The Key Factors to Develop Branding for Taiwan Manufacturers by Applying Supply Chain Management Concept-Examples of Taiwan Sewing Machine Manufacturers段宗瑜; Tuan, Tsung-Yu-
-Measuring Performance and Risk of Biotechnology Industry in Taiwan葉哲君; Yeh, Che-Chun-
-(Proceeding of the 2003 Annual Meeting of the Midwest Decision Sciences Institute,p036-p038)Benchmarking Analysis of the Basic Agriculture Organization李宗儒; 黃靜瑜-
-(Proceeding of the 29th Annual Meeting of the Western Decision Sciences Institute,p089-p091)The Application of Matrix Strategic Model to Formulate Strategies-A Case of Agricultural Products Distribution Center李宗儒-
-Spa的意義與發展概況李宗儒; 簡嘉凌-
-A Study of Agricultural Management Information System in Europe Marketing Information System for Agricultural Wholesale Markets and Related Organizations in Europe as Examples李宗儒-
-A Study of Determining the Types of Business Shops in Commercial Zones and Its Marketing Strategies徐巧瑩; Singhavolakul, Naiyarat-
-A study of optimal assignment model for Taiwan tobacco industryZhang, Wen Mei; 張文美-
-A Study of Optimal Location and Distribution Centers and Their Sizes gor Farmers''Association Supermarkets in TaiwanWu, Eva; 吳昭君-
-A Study of Vehicle Routing Problems with Load-Blancing and Total DistanceWong, Chi Hwa; 翁基華-
-A study on critical success factors of cold storage distibution centers鄭正鑫; Cheng, Cheng-Sing-