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-Effect of Chemotherapy on the Virus-Elimination in Green Onion 'Lan Yang No.1' and 'Tao Yuan No.3'.謝叔娟; Su-Chuan Shieh; 李文汕; Wen-Shann Lee
-Effect of Culture Solution Formula and the Reagent Level to the Growth in Lettuce and Pak-Choi李郁淳; Yu-Chung Lee; 李文汕; Wen-Shann Lee
-Effect of Light Quality on Photosynthesis and Carbohydrate Contents of Tomato Seedlings紀佳慧; Chia-Hui Chi; 李文汕; Wen-Shann Lee
-Effect of Plastic Mulch Colors on Growth of Pak-choi (Brassica campestris L.)黎香云; Thi Huong Van Le; 李文汕; 張武男; Wen-Shann Lee; Woo-Nang Chang
-Effects of Different Preceding Crops on the Emergence and Growth of Leafy Vegetables in Cruciferae.卓文君; Wen-Chun Cho; 李文汕; Wen-Shann Lee
-Effects of Seedling Ages and Low Temperature Treatments on Growth and Yields in Tomatoes (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.)許啟誠; Chi-Cheng Hsu; 李文汕; 張武男; Wen-Shann Lee; Woo-Nang Chang
-GA3 及FW-450對甜椒除雄效果之研究李文汕; Li, Wen-Shan-
-Growth and Development of Tomato Plug Seedling of Different Ages and Raised at Two ElevationsShin-Hao Wu; 吳心浩; Woo-Nang Chang; Wen-Shann Lee; 李文汕; 張武男
-Influence of Plug Size on Growth of Pak-choi (Brassica campestris L.)許佳玲; Chia-Ling Hsu; 李文汕; 張武男; Wen-Shann Lee; Woo-Nang Chang
-Production of Virus-free Shallot (Allium cepa var. ascalonicum) by Shoot Apex Culture陳宥庄; Yu Chuang Chen; 李文汕; 張武男; Wen Shann Lee; Woo Nang Chang
-Studies on Simplified Nutrition Management in Soilless Culture of Cucumber 'Sia Di' (Cucumis sativus L.) Growth and Development詹惠雯; Hui-Wen Chan; 李文汕; Wen-Shann Lee
-Studies on Soilless Culture of Cucumbers李文汕-
-Studies on Soilless Medium Film Culture Technique in Pak-choi 'San Feng' (Brassica campestris L. Chinensis Group)黃敏奇; Min-Chi Huang; 李文汕; Wen-Shann Lee
-Study on Mushroom (Agaricus bisporus(Lange)Imbach.) Multivation in Cargo Container劉兆烘; Chao Hong Liu; 彭金騰; 李文汕; 張武男; Jin Torng Peng; Wen-Shann Lee; Woo-Nang Chang
-Study on the Culture Techniques of Organic Leafy Vegetable李文汕; 陳鴻基-
-Study on the Fertilizing Management of Leafy Vegetables李文汕-
-不同整枝方式對茄子生育與產量之影響Chen-Yang Tai; 戴振洋; Wen-Shann Lee; Woo-Nang Chang; 李文汕; 張武男
-不同海拔穴盤苗齡對番茄生育之影響吳心浩; Wu, Shin-Hao-
-乙烯處理時間及溫度對不同成熟階段番茄果實轉色及品質之影響徐瑋君; Hsu, Wei-Chun-
-介質對番茄台中亞蔬四號穴盤苗及其定植後初期生育之影響薛佑光; Yow-Guang Hseuh; 李文汕; 張武男; Wen-Shann Lee; Woo-Nang Chang